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"Ninjas" have good speed and agility, but low attack. They usually have medium range attacks and don't weigh as much as "Fighters" and "Swordsmen".

"Ninjas" are only powerful when used with a good strategy.


"Princesses" have have low speed, attack, and agility, but can stay in the air for longer than any other characters. They usually have short range attacks and weigh the least of all character types.

"Princesses" are favored by female players.


"Swordsmen" have low agility, medium speed, and high attack. Their attacks are usually short range, although most "Swordsmen" have one long range or medium range attacks.

"Swordsmen" are good on small stages.


"Fighters" have medium speed, attack, and agility. They tend to use medium range attacks, and weigh more than other characters.

"Fighters" are the easiest to use.

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