Under the stage's music, bolded songs must be unlocked.

Final Destination

  • SSBM! Sta- Final Destination

    The Final Destination.

    Series: Super Smash Bros.
  • Size: Medium

It's just a flat stage. Nothing more. No hazards. But it is the stage you fight Master Hand on in Classic Mode! So THAT must be worth something or other, right?

Final Destination's music

Toadstool Castle

  • Peach castle

    Toadstool Castle.

    Series: Mario
  • Size: Medium

Players fight on top of the roof, so it's just like the stage from Melee. Except that Bowser's airship can be seen in the background at times.

Toadstool Castle's music

Toad's Factory (downloadable)

  • Series: Mario Kart
  • Size: Medium

This stage is only available after downloading Toad. You fight on a good-sized platform inbetween two convayer belts. Also at times some karts will drive through, so be sure to watch out!

Toad's Factory Music

Waluigi Pinball

  • WarioInUnknownKartMK7
    Series: Mario Kart
  • Size: Large

Waluigi Pinball is one of the longest tracks in Mario Kart history, aside from Rainbow Road. Here, players fight on a platform taking place in the middle of the track. The only hazard here are giant pinballs that damage you if you touch them.

Waluigi Pinball's music

Honeyhive Galaxy

  • SMGHoneyhive
    Series: Mario
  • Size: Small

The fight takes place at the top of the planet seen in the picture. Players fight upon the purple flowers (like the flower platforms in Super Mario Galaxy) over a shallow pond. The Queen Bee appears in the background watching the fight.

Honeyhive Galaxy's music


  • Series:
    Donkey Kong
  • Size: Small

The fight takes place upon the bridge and the ledges next to it, and if you're lucky, you'll get to see it snow in this stage! Only two hazards are in this stage: One is the bridge will fall apart if it is attacked enough times, only to be repaired later. The other one is Bleak will throw snowballs.

K3's music

Golden Temple

  • 640px-GoldenTemple65

    Golden Temple.

    Series: Donkey Kong
  • Size: Large

The stage starts out inside the Golden Temple itself. Then, the golden banana in the background will start to glow, and then a flash of white light will commence. The players will then find themselves fighting on top of giant, floating fruit, with a platform like the one in the picture. Here, Tiki Goons root on the fight in the background. The only hazards are that the fruit sometimes disappears.

Golden Temple's music

How to unlock Golden Temple

  • Clear Classic Mode on normal difficulty or higher with both DK and Diddy.

Yoshi's Island

  • Yoshi island captura
    Series: Yoshi
  • Size: Medium

Perhaps this is one of the best Yoshi's Island stages there is in Smash history. I mean, a wide-open grassy area next to a lake and platforms that go in circles like a merry-go-round? That's fun with a capital F! And watch out for friendly Fly Guys offering food!

Yoshi's Island's music

Luigi's Mansion

  • 640px-Mansion

    Luigi's Mansion.

    Series: Luigi's Mansion
  • Size: Large

Players will fight inside the mansion. Boos are rooting on the fight from the background, as well as some of the ghosts from the Luigi's Mansion game! If you're not careful and attack the supporting beams, the mansion will crumble apart! But it only takes a few minutes before the mansion sets itself back up again. (Spooky, right?)

Luigi's Mansion music

How to unlock Luigi's Mansion

  • Unlock King Boo.


  • Skyloft 2 SS


    Series: The Legend of Zelda
  • Size: Medium

The players and opponents appear on the ground of the stage. Soon into the battle, Fi appears and warps you and you're opponents to the top of the Goddess Statue, and the rest of the fight takes place up there. In the background, you can see the Crimson Loftwing, along with two other Loftwings, flying in the background.

Skyloft's music

Dragon Roost Caverns

  • Series:
    800px-Dragon roost room
    The Legend of Zelda
  • Size: Small

The Dragon Roost Caverns is a smaller stage with only one main platform, and a second platform attached to the main one. The only hazards here are the spikes and the torches. The torches aren't really hazards, but they can be picked up and thrown.

Dragon Roost Caverns' music

Wily's Castle

  • Series:
    Mega Man
  • Size: Large

Here we are, the catle of Dr. Wily! Players can even fight on top of the castle's entrance! The hazards are a random robot master from the classic series will allow the castle to attack.

Wily's Castle music

Milky Way Wishes

  • KSSU MWW Start
    Series: Kirby
  • Size: Small

Welcome to Outer Space! Here, players fight on a large Warp Star that is flying with Nova in the background. There is only one hazard here, and that is the meteors that will sometimes crash down on the star.

Milky Way Wish's music

How to unkock Milky Way Wishes

  • Collect 270 different trophies.

Quilty Square (downloadable)

  • Series:
    742px-Quilty Square
  • Size: Medium

This stage is only available after downloading Prince Fluff. The stage's layout is exactly like in the picture here. And there aren't any patterns, but sometimes you can see Fangora flying in the background.

Pokemon Stadium 3

  • NoImageAvailable
    Series: Pokemon
  • Size: Medium

Well hey, here's a third Pokemon stadium, this time in the Unova region! At first the stage starts out like the previous two, but it can turn out into a stage themed after steel, psychic, dark, rock, and grass types!

Pokemon Stadium 3's music

Kawawii Island

  • Series:
    48808 gg17 1
    Go Vacation
  • Size: Large

On Kawawii Island, there are four resorts, which means four different stages in one. The Beach Resort has you fighting on a boat out at sea, and if you're lucky, you may see some dolphins! The City Resort has you fighting in a skate park, the Mountain Resort has you fighting on a cliff with a waterfall, and the Snow Resort is slippery, and fighters can pick up and throw snowballs.

How to unlock Kawawii Island

Tropical Resort

  • 711px-Tropical Resort - Screenshot - (1)

    Tropical Resort.

    Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Size: Medium

Ah, the Tropical Resort. It's such a... tropical... resort, I guess. You fight on a large platform with two jump-through platforms. In the background are the Wisps rooting on the fight. Hazards are spikes, and sometimes Egg Pawns will appear on the sides to attack the fighters.

Tropical Resort's Music

How to unlock Tropical Resort

  • Clear Classic Mode with any Sonic character on hard difficulty or higher.

Metal City/Night Chase (Downloadable)

  • Series:
    Sonic Riders
  • Size: Small

This stage is only available after downloading Jet the Hawk. It is unique because both Metal City and Night Chase have something different about them. In Metal City, some standard vehicles are seen in the background, while in Night Chase, there are instead taxis, buses, etc. They also have different locations where the spikes pop up. Did I mention there are spikes earlier? Oops.

Metal City/Night Chase's Music

Brawl Stages

These stages return from Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

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