Collision Course is the Story Mode of Super Smash Bros. Channel.

Level 1: Dreamland Meadows

It was a peacful day in the valley of Dreamland, and Kirby was enjoying a little nap after lunch. But his nap is interrupted by an unknown world suddenly cutting into Dreamland. Kirby decides to investigate this new world. This first section of the level is also a tutorial. (Playable Characters: Kirby)

Kirby made his way to the intruding world, which was dark and full of lava. Instantly, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros., and many other enemies block the entrance from Kirby, leaving him no choice but to fight them if he wishes to continue. (Playable Characters: Kirby; # of Enemies: 30)

Kirby now made it into the castle, where he found a huge feast lying on a table. Kirby was awestruck at the sight of so much delicious food. But at the same table, Bowser was also enjoying the feast, while he explained the plan to an unknown person over a radio. Bowser soon noticed Kirby devouring his food, and did not take liking to the pink puffball. (Playable Characters: Kirby; Opponent: Bowser)

Bowser was close to defeat. He then thought, then offered Kirby his feast as a distraction, as he left the room right after Kirby began eating. Bowser commanded his troops outside to take over the new world.

Level 2: The Jungle


Rocky Dino Rampardos.

On DK Island, a red Arwing had to make an emergency landing. Wolf came out of the Arwing, dragging out a tied up Daisy who has been muzzled. Wolf took her over his shoulder and carried her off, with her kicking all the way. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong was napping in a hammock until he heard muffled screams. He saw Wolf carrying Daisy and decided it would be best to follow them. (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong)

Wolf set Daisy down for a second to unlock the gateway to a hideout. But DK managed to take Daisy and untie her. Wolf noticed this and pulled out his blaster and prepared for a fight. (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Princess Daisy; Opponent: Wolf O'Donnell)

Wolf's blaster got knocked out of his hand from the fight. DK beat his chest and Daisy prepared to beat him up some more. But Wolf came prepared. He leaped to the top of the cliff and held out a whistle, blowing into it. At this, a large, rock-headed Pokemon came out. Wolf gave a motion for the Pokemon to take care of them. (Playable Characters: Donkey Kong, Princess Daisy; Boss: Rampardos)

The Rampardos retreated and Wolf glanced down upon the two. Daisy leaped onto DK's back and they leaped up the cliff after Wolf. Meanwhile, Diddy had just returned to the treehouse. He goes inside, but doesn't find DK. Instead he finds a letter from the Black Knight, saying unless they surrender, he will chop down the jungle tree by tree. This makes Diddy panic and run out searching for DK.

After clearing this level, during the first part, search for a hidden door. Go through the door, and a cinematic will show King Boo appearing and sticking out his tongue while laughing. After the cinematic, the player's character will appear in a one-on-one match with King Boo in the Luigi's Mansion stage. Defeating King Boo will make him playable in Story Mode.

Level 3: Mushroom Kingdom

Mario recieved a letter from Peach, telling him she has been kidnapped. Again. Luigi enters in a panic, showing his letter from Daisy that also says she has been kidnapped. Mario suggests that they find Yoshi. (Playable characters: Mario, Luigi)

Yoshi was running from an army of Eggman's robots. He then came across the Mario brothers. The robots went past them and found an imobilized Link. The robots began to carve link out. (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi; # of Enemies: 30)

Link broke out of his imobilized state and drew his sword at the three, then retracted it, recognizing Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. Link had no memory of what happened before his imobilization, except for a mysterious dragon-like figure. The three decided to help him return to Hyrule. (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Link)

An airship is found, and the four chase after it. Mario goes to leap onto it's anchor, but a sword sliced down, preventing him from doing so. The figure holding the sword was Ike, although his colors looked as if he were corrupted. Ike's sword glew with firey rage. (Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Link; Opponent: Evil Ike)

Ike had suffered nearly what happened to Link, as he remembered nothing. Mario offers Ike to team up with them, however, Ike refuses the offer and runs off, leaping down a hill and running off some more as the four just watch him leave.

Level 4: Highlands

A Pikachu was sleeping on a rock. Suddenly, something crash landed not far from the Pikachu's napping area, causing him to wake up. He noticed the smoke and decided to investigate. (Playable Characters: Pikachu)

Tails was already at work trying to fix up his Tornado. The Pikachu came up to him, as was a dark figure, the Black Knight, watching over them. Suddenly, the Black Knight released a stream of dark magic, hitting Tails. Pikachu prepared to fight the Black Knight, but for some reason, Tails blocked the little yellow mouse's way. The Black Knight laughed and warped away using more dark magic. (Playable Characters: Pikachu; Opponent: Evil Tails)

After getting some sense knocked back into him, Tails remembered the Tornado and ran up to it. It's engine's battery was on empty. Pikachu used his Thunderbolt attack to give it more energy, and the two hop into the plane to find that mysterious black knight. But while in the Tornado, various flying enemies come to attack! Tails sets the tornado for autopilot and prepares to assist Pikachu fight. (Playable Characters: Pikachu, Tails; # of Enemies: 50)

The autopilot began to fizzle and smoke out. Tails hurried back to the cockpit and tried to fix everything, but the plane was slowly going down.

Level 5: City 1

It was quiet in the city, as seen from the city's hero, Spiderman. Everything seemed too peacful. Until that moment enemies from the Legend of Zelda series started attacking. Spidey knew what to do. (Playable Characters: Spiderman)

After battling his way through enemies, Spiderman's spider senses tingled, and he quickly dogded a fully charged Mega Buster from an evil Megaman. Megaman prepared to fight Spidey. (Playable Characters: Spiderman; Opponent: Evil Megaman)

Megaman had some sense knocked back into him.