Assist characters come from Assist Trophies that appear on the stage, considering they are turned on. There are four types of assists: Offensive, which use they're powers to attack opponents, defensive, which will protect the player, item, which spawn items, and accidental, which may hurt the opponents as well as the one who summoned him/her. There are also assists that will do random events each time.

Default Assist Trophies

There are 10 default assists.

Sample Character Series Assist_Type Description_of_the_Assist
File:131px-KamekNSMBW.png Kamek Yoshi Random Once summoned, Kamek will fly on his broom to the top of the stage and will do one of three things: Cast a fire spell on opponents, conjur up a helpful item for the summoner, or create an earthquake that hurts everyone, even the summoner!
120px-Chilly Chilly Kirby Offensive These icy enemies are now assists! Once summoned, Chilly will charge up and then unleash an Ice Storm attack with great range. This will freeze all opponents hit by it.
75px-Jimmy T. WWM Jimmy T. Wario Random Jimmy T. appears on a multicolored dance floor with his little kitten friends from Smooth Moves. Any opponents caught in Jimmy T.'s barrier will start dancing. He is a semi-common assist.
89px-Dr Eggman Olympic Games Doctor Eggman Sonic the Hedgehog Offensive Eggman is a semi-rare assist. He appears in his Egg Car. He will float around the stage, firing missiles like crazy! The knockback the missiles cause to the opponents depends on the size of the missile.
File:120px-Dixiekongbig.png Dixie Kong Donkey Kong Item Dixie is a common assist. One summoned, Dixie will reach into the barrel next to her and start throwing out banana peels. These banana peels work just like the item, people slip on them.
73px-LeonAssault170px-PantherAssault1 Leonand Panther Starfox Offensive Leon and Panther appear back to back, and then they hop off and land into they're Arwings. Once in they're Arwings, they begin to rapidly shoot the stage from the background. Leon's shots are quick but deal less damage, and Pather's shots are slow but deal more damage. They are a rare assist.
Ridley - Nintendo All-Stars Ridley Metroid Offensive Ridley is one of the largest assist trophies in the game. Once summoned, he will roar, and then fly to the background of the stage, spitting out large fireballs, which deal burning damage to opponents. He is a rare assist.
100px-GenoSMWWii Geno Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Offensive Geno will leap to one side of the stage and blue aura will form around his hand, and he will unleash a powerful Geno Beam attack. He isn't really that common.
83px-JewelMan Jewel Man Mega Man Defensive Once summoned, Jewel Man will create a barrier of jewels around the summoner until he leaves, protecting the summoner from all projectile attacks. He is a semi-rare assist.
File:131px-SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png Boom Boom Mario Offensive He is a semi-rare assist. One summoned, Boom Boom will walk around a bit, then unleash into a powerful spin attack, dealing major damage to anyone hit by it.

Unlockable Assists

Sample Character Series Assist_Type Description_of_the_Assist How_to_Unlock
ROB R.O.B. Gyromite Accidental R.O.B. will analyze the stage, then lay mines onto the ground. Anyone who touches these mines will cause them to explode, dealing lots of damage. Collect 50 different trophies.
File:131px-Wiggler Walking.png Wiggler Mario Defensive Wiggler acts like Wobbuffet in Brawl, except after taking a strong hit, Wiggler turns red and will chase after the attacker. Play as Bowser Jr. 10 times.
85px-Rosalinasmg2 Rosalina Mario Defensive Once summoned, a Luma will appear next to Rosalina, and she will send two Lumas around the summoner to block all attacks. Clear Classic Mode with Peach and Daisy.
120px-Ledd Ledd Legend of Zelda Item Ledd will burrow underground and come back up, throwing out a Zelda series item. Clear Classic Mode with Tetra.
111px-Cactuarsportsmix Cactuar Final Fantasty Offensive Cactuar launches needled all around the stage, paralyzing opponents, and then dashes straight into them, dealing major knockback. Collect 100 different trophies.
120px-Brockonix Brock Pokemon Item Once summoned, Brock will reach into his bag and put out some Pokeballs onto the stage, each one containing a rock or ground type Pokemon. Clear Classic Mode with Pikachu and Ash.
68px-Shadow02 Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Offensive Shadow will use his Chaos Control to slow down the opponents, making it easier to attack them. He is a semi-rare assist. TBA...



A Pokeball.

Pokeballs are just like assist trophies, only smaller, rounder, and release Pokemon instead of characters. Just like assist trophies, the Pokemon can be offensive, defensive, item, or accidental. Some are locked, and are unlocked in a random order.
Sample Pokemon Move_Used Description_of_Pokemon Status
Meowth Meowth Pay Day Meowth chucks multiple coins forward in the direction of the opponent. This deals little damage, thus leading to Meowth being a common one. Default
006Charizard Charizard Flamethrower Charizard will fly all around the stage, spewing flames wherever every few seconds. Default
129Magikarp Magikarp Splash Magikarp... just... flops around... yeah, that's it. Default
103px-057Primeape Dream Primeape Close Combat Primeape works just like Knuckle Joe does in SSBB. Default
150Mewtwo Mewtwo Psychic Mewtwo is the rarest Pokemon to get. Mewtwo's psychic attack can have numerous different effects, so you never know what'll happen! Locked
85px-310Manectric Manectric Discharge Manectric swarms itself with electrical volts. Any opponents who come near Manectric get zapped with damage. Locked