Super Smash Bros. Channel is a game by made AdamGregory03 (tbc).


See here: Super Smash Bros. Channel/Collison Course

Playable Characters

Super smash bros. channel roster

The full roster with all characters unlocked.

All representitives from Brawl return, except for Olimar, ROB, the EarthBound characters, and Pokémon Trainer. Each character has a moveset.

Unlockable Characters

Unlocking critique: See How to Unlock Characters in Super Smash Bros. Channel.

Downloadable Characters

Channel Downloadable

The icons for the downloadable characters.

These characters are downloadable via connecting to Wi-Fi. They have no role in the story whatsoever, but you can play as them in story mode, so long as you've already beaten it.


See here: Super Smash Bros. Channel/Stages

Other Gameplay Modes

  • Group
    • Single Battle: A single battle, you can do as many as you want in a row.
    • Special Brawl: Stamina setting, heavy setting, metal setting, etc.
    • Tournament: Select you're character and start the tournament of fights!
  • Solo
    • Training Mode: Basically just what it sounds like.
    • Classic Mode: Same as in all other Smash Bros. games.
    • All-Star Mode: Fight them in order!
    • Events: Matches with some sort of kooky gimmicks.
    • Story Mode: See above.
    • Boss Rush Mode: Face the bosses in Collision Course in a random order.


  • At first, AdamGregory03 was thinking about making the third Fire Emblem character Roy, returning him from Melee, until he replaced the idea with the Black Knight.
  • It has been confirmed that Miis will have customizable movesets.
  • There are many different trophies that the player can obtain. Here is the list.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog-represented downloadable character was originally going to be Dr. Eggman, however he had to be cut because he was already an assist. He was replaced by Jet.

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