This article is about Daisy's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Champions!. For the character in general, see Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy
The Princess of Sarasaland.
Universe Super Mario
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Champions!
Official Debut Super Mario Land (1989)
Availability Default
Final Smash Overgrow
Home Stage  ???

Princess Daisy (often referred to as Daisy) is a character from the Super Mario series. Daisy is a recurring character in the spinoff games and is usually paired with Princess Peach. Daisy is a newcomer to Super Smash Bros. series as a main playable character. She has four costumes, one based on her sport outfit, another based on her original appearance, one resembling her Strikers gear and one that resembles her usual attire.


Daisy's moves and attacks are highly based around sports, flowers and crystals.

Ground attacksEdit


  • Neutral Attack  - Flower Jab: Daisy performs a quick jab with a flower effect
  • Neutral Combo - Beat Up: Daisy does two jabs and then continuously slaps
  • Dash Attack - Baseball Catch: Daisy dives in front of her as if trying to catch a baseball
  • Forward Tilt - Crystalised Punch: Daisy's punches with her hand cover in sharp, orange crystals
  • Up Tilt - Keepie Uppie: Daisy does kewpie uppies as if juggling a football
  • Down Tilt - Flower Kick: Daisy kicks downwards with a flower effect

Smash AttacksEdit

  • Forward Smash - Baseball Bat Swing: Daisy swings a baseball bat
  • Up Smash - Rhythmic Ribbon: Daisy twirls a orange ribbon above her
  • Down Smash - Crystal Smash: Daisy punches the ground causing sharp, orange crystals to emerge from the ground around her

Aerial attacksEdit

  • Neutral Aerial - Flower Flip: Daisy does a flip with a flower effect
  • Forward Aerial - En garde!: Daisy thrusts épée in front of her
  • Back Aerial - Backhand: Daisy swings a tennis racket turning her around
  • Up Aerial - Flower Arc: Daisy swipes her hand in an arc with a flower effect
  • Down Aerial - Volleyball Spike: Daisy slams a volleyball down to the ground

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

  • Pummel - Golf Club: Daisy whacks the held fighter with a golf club
  • Up Throw - Slam Dunk: Daisy jumps in the air with held fighter and then slams them into the ground as if performing a slam dunk
  • Forward Throw - Hammer Throw: Daisy swings the held enemy around and lets go as if holding an olympic hammer
  • Back Throw - Discus: Daisy throws the opponent behind her as if throwing a discus
  • Down Throw - Crystal Force: Daisy creates sharp, orange crystals and slams the held enemy into them

Special MovesEdit

  • Neutral Special - Baseball: Daisy throws a baseball
  • Side Special - Crystal Rupture: Daisy hits the ground in front of her causing a rupture and sharp, orange crystals to emerge
  • Up Special - Flower Jump: Daisy jumps into the air and twirls with flowers surrounding her
  • Down Special - Flower Bed: Daisy creates a bed of flowers around her that slow enemies down and increase her attack power. Also slows Daisy down and makes her highly vulnerable
  • Final Smash - Overgrow: Daisy creates flowers and vines that cover the entire stage dealing damage to anyone touching them


  • Daisy waves and then says "Hi I'm Daisy!"
  • Daisy stretches and then yells "I'm the best!"
  • Daisy twirls and then says "Yeah, Daisy!"


  • 1st Entrance -  A giant, orange flower blooms with Daisy inside
  • 2nd Entrance - Daisy appears, lying on a bed of flowers


A  remix of Daisy's Theme from Mario Strikers Charged  plays while she does one of the following animations:

  • Daisy spins around with flowers surrounding her and then winks
  • Daisy blows kisses and says "I'm the winner!"
  • Daisy creates a crystal sculpture of herself and shouts '"That's right!"


Dress DaisyEdit

This costume is Daisy's usual attire and most important costume. It has 3 colour variations. The outfit uses her normal stats.

  • Normal
  • Cyan (based on her alternate colour in Strikers)
  • Red & White (inspired by the fire flower power up)

Retro DaisyEdit

An outfit inspired by Daisy's original look from the games she made her debut in. It has 3 colour variations. This costume makes Daisy slightly lighter and floatier but decreases her strength.

  • Normal
  • Pink (based on Peach)
  • Cyan (based on Rosalina)

Sporty DaisyEdit

A costume designed to resemble Daisy's appearance in most of the sports games such as Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Hoops 3-on-3. It has 3 colour variations. This outfit increases her speed but makes her less floaty.

  • Normal
  • Cyan (based on her alternate colour in Strikers)
  • White and Red (based on White Mage's appearance in Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Striker DaisyEdit

An outfit that pays tribute to the Mario Strikers series. This costume is based on Daisy's football gear and has 3 colour variations.  The outfit makes Daisy's attack improve but also makes her heavier giving her lower jumps than normal.

  • Normal
  • Cyan (alternate gear colour in Strikers)
  • Yellow