<Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel
Welcome to the upate page for Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel! We will update every weekday at around 4:00 P.M. with some exeptions. We will also update if a character will get announced that week.

UOTD: Dry Bones is an alt. costume for Koopa Troopa! Now you can have a battle between Dry Bowser and Dry Bones. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Dry Bowser's an alt?

DryBones SMB

Sand Ocean. Wait what's that? Oh it's only a brand new F-Zero stage, that's all! It was hinted back when Capt. Falcon was going to be unlockable in the unlockable section. Well, this stage will work unlike any other F-Zero stage. Yes, you will fight on one veichile for MOST of the time but after all 5 laps you will actually fight on the podium that says the top 3 racers, with some cameos of other F-Zero racers.

Sandocean01 l

Blood Falcon rushes into the fight! Blood falcon will mark F-Zero's 3rd and FINAL rep! He will take Ganondorf's pervious moveset because Sakurai mained Ganondorf and since we decided to give Ganondorf a new moveset, we still made Falcondorf return to the battle!


I would like to announce that the roster we have now is the final roster.... until DLC! After DLC we will have at least 10 new characters. The second DLC character will be revealed on Halloween! MWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH...
Ok so that wasn't to exciting... so here's a new Devil's World stage! The Devil will move the screen constantly so be careful.

Devil&#039;s World

Jack from Animal Crossing will make an appearence as a brand new assist trophy! He will turn all opponents into Jack looks alikes to confuse the players. While this may not be news to the people who read the assist trophy list, here's the new twist! After a random amount of time Jack will move all of the players around, cousing even MORE confusion!

Jack NL

Lavendar Town will make an appearence as a brand new stage! Well it's bland at first, different ghost pokemon will appear and will alter the stage someway and somehow. Like turning the stage upside down, making everyone in slow motion, and much more. There is a new stage boss, Confagrigus. Getting to close to him will turn you into a mummie, which will make you take double the damage and deal 6% less damage. More info will be released on the stage boss on Oct. 24.


Screen PokémonRed-LavenderTown

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