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Picture Name Series How he/she works
Gold Bro
Hammer Bros. Super Mario When the Hammer Bros. appear, they will throw a bunch of hammers either close to each other or far away. One hammer will do 5% of damage, and each Hammer Bro. can throw up to 24 hammers! On rare occasion, the Hammer Bros. might be gold, throwing coins that refill 5% of damage.
Wiggler Super Mario The peaceful creature will simply walk around the stage, until you attack him! After attacking, he will become angry and charge at the opponent that attacked him. If not attacked, his only harm is you can bounce off him.
LakituAssist Lakitu Super Mario When Lakitu appeares(in 8-Bit form) he will throw down up to 30 8-Bit Spinies. He can easily be knocked out by being attacked.
ChainChompWiiUAssist Chain Chomp Super Mario When Chain Chomp appeares he will be stuck on a chain, unable to escape. He will try to bite other players near by! If he is released from his chain by it being attacked it will go off stage and K.O. anyone(including the person that released him) will recieve 40%-80% of damage!
Boo2 Boo Super Mario When Boo appears he will turn invisable then take an item from a random opponent. If no one has an item it will take one off the stage and can even make a Pokemon turn against the player that released it. If there are no other items on the stage the Boo will give the player another Assist Trophy.
PiranhaPlantDS Piranha Plants Super Mario When summoned, 10 pipes will spwan, but only 5 Piranaha Plants. Each time a plant goes in it's pipe, it will come out another one. There is a small chance a Venus Fire Trap will appear.
Bob-Omb Buddy Boy Bob-Omb Buddy Super Mario When he appears, he will just stand there and any opponent that goes right in front of him will fall into a cannon, and gets shot out! He will disappear after 15 seconds if no one falls in the cannon.
Wart by Tom
Wart Super Mario When Wart appears, he will spit out bubbles that normally do damage, but every so often capture an opponent and it takes them off screen!
Count Bleck Super Mario When he appears, he will open a black hole and any opponent near the black hole will get sucked in and when Count Bleck closes the vortext, player inside will take a bunch of damage, until Count Bleck opens the vortext again.
Motley Bossblob Super Mario When he appears, he will do his signature laugh and transform into his bossblob form, and will rage around the stage, spliting into little bobs and haveing Motley in the middle, where if he's attacked, he'll go back into his blob form faster. He also spawns double cherries onto the stage.
Cranky Kong DK When Cranky Kong appears he's in his rocking chair and he will wack anyone with his cane if they come within' range. If anyone touches his rocking chair the player will take 5% damage.
Tiny Kong DK When Tiny Kong appears she will use the Konga Bongos to make giant shock waves! It works like Donkey Kong's old final smash!
578px-Squawks - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Squawks the Parrot DK When Squawks appears he will start shooting a bunch of eggs from his beak and will bring a puzzle piece to the player which will either heal the player, give them an extra jump for 15 sec, or will give them temporary extra strength.
640px-Stork and Babies Artwork - Yoshi&#039;s New Island
The Stork Yoshi When The Stork appears, it will latch onto the player who released it and gives them 15 jumps for 15 sec.
Poochyffff Poochy Yoshi After being summoned, he will charge around the stage, biting opponents! If your an opponent and you jump on him for to long, he will charge extremly fast off the stage, giving the opponent almost no time to get off!
AshleyAnarchy Ashley Wario After being summoned, she will create a big purple cloud that when inside causes random effects.
9-Volt WarioWare Smooth Moves 9-Volt Wario When 9-Volt appears, he will be playing on a Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, or DS. Based on what game and what level he's playing, enimies from that stage will appear!
Jimmy T. Wario When he appears, he will start dancing and any player within' range will start constantly taunting and even if you hit them out of range they will still keep taunting and their only action is jumping.
Kat & Anna Wario When Kat & Anna appear they will fly into the air followed by slicing through the air simultaneously.
Tingle SSB3M
Tingle The Legend of Zelda Has 1 of 6 effects
Flys away on it's balloon, doing nothing
Turns on fire causing everyone to have Super Spicy Curry.
Drops a bunch of hammers and maybe even a golden hammer!
Makes a flower shower zooming in on the player who released him.
Throwing a bunch of Banana Peels making for a slippery ground.
Allows tripping to occur a lot.
Alfonzo The Legend of Zelda When Alfonzo appears he will say "Leave it to me!" He will then drive the engin of the train across the stage.
Fi Icon SSB5
Fi The Legend of Zelda When she appears she will transform into the Goddess Sword and when the player uses A attacks they will attack with it, which will do 20% damage per swipe.
ALBW Ravio
Ravio The Legend of Zelda When he appears, he will demonstraight all of the items he sells, each one will have an effect on the opponents.
377px-Hyrule Warriors Artwork Darunia
Darunia The Legend of Zelda When he appears, he will have a giant group of gorons charge at the opponents, doing great damage!
Knuckle Joe Kirby When he appears, he will rapidly punch at the player, which will rack up insane damage quick!
255px-NiDL Nightmare Wizard
Nightmare Kirby When he appears, he turn the stage pitch black making it impossible for anyone to see, including the CPUS.
KRTDL Magolor
Magolor Kirby When he appears, he will charge up a ball of magic that will become bigger as the player gets more damaged, and it will be released after 15 sec. If the player is K.O. Magolor's ball will grow to maxiumum power for when you take 100% damage.
Adeleine Kirby When she appears, she will paint a Mariel that will come to life and will rage around the stage.
Rick Kirby When he appears, he will have the player ride on toop of him, making them slightly faster, have more traction on ice, and can let anyone wall-jump for 15 sec. He isn't to much of an upgrade, but can definatly help.
Metroid Metorid When it appears, it will travel around the stage and suck some percentage out of the opponents.
Mother Brain Metorid When she appears, she will grow and shoot beams and rings at opponents!
Adam Malkovich
Adam Metorid When he appears, he will lock the opponents attacks for 8 sec. meaning they can only use their special moves in that direction, which can often screw the opponent up.
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon When he appears, he will release 6 pokeballs into the air that will all help the player that summoned him. There is a 1 in 20 chance a Master Ball will appear, and a 1 in 100 chance he will throw all Master Balls!
Jeff Earthbound When he appears, he will launch bottle rockets into the air that will target an opponent.
Starman clay
Starman Earthbound When he appears, he will teleport across the stage, using PSI Magnet a to attack.
Masked Man Earthbound When he appears, he will fly around and use his Techno-Sword and gun to attack. He also might also use PSI Healing that will heal the player that released him.
ACK Mabel
Mabel Animal Crossing When she appears, she will give the player a different shirt that can increase power, speed, traction, jump height, or size for 10 sec. This assist trophy can't appear if you're on Town & Shopping Center if Mabel's there!
ACK Kapp&#039;n Kapp'n Animal Crossing When he appears, he will make the stage flood, and ride across it on a really fast boat. He will come back a second time! He could also make it a road, having him drive the bus! It gives him more upward range, but doesn't come back a second time! This assist trophy can't appear on Tortimar Island if Kappn's there!
Jack NL
Jack Animal Crossing When he appears, he will give all opponents pumpkin heads and shirts so in 3-4 player battles the players will get confused. He will also switch the players around every once and a while! The player number won't appear either. If it's a 2 player battle, he will run across the stage and use the same controls as the person controling the opponent.
Samurai Goroh F-Zero When he appears, he will go across the stage slashing with his swords.
Pico F-Zero When he appears, he will hop into his Wild Goose and drive at crazy speeds across the stage.
Jody Summer F-Zero When she appears, she will make the player that summoned her faster, the opponents will become slower. This is a reference to her being known for controling speed.
Polar Bear Ice Climber When he appears, he will stomp on the ground breaking any shield and doing crazy damage to opponents on the ground. He will do this again to try and catch players that were in the air.
Magnus (Kid Icarus Uprising)
Magnus Kid Icarus When he appears, he will attack players using his sword.
Eggplant wiz
Eggplant Wizard Kid Icarus When he appears, he will throw eggplants around the stage that will damage players who touch them, but if hit with his cloud to, you will turn into an eggplant, which will slow you down and make any one you run into get healed by 15%.
Charlie Pikmin When he appears, he will pluck a bunch of Rock Pikmin and will throw them at you, but he has a giant amount and they do 10% damage per Pikmin.
Glass Joe Punch-Out When he appears, he will try to punch opponents, but every punch does 0% damage and can easily be knocked off the stage, acting as the Goldeen of assist trophies
Bald Bull
Bald Bull Punch-Out When he appears, he will punch at opponents and rack up damage fast, being the working version of Glass Joe.
Andross Star Fox When he appears, he will shoot polygons at you! YEAH!
2163973-character slippy

Panther Icon SSB5
Slippy & Panther Star Fox When they appear, Slippy will be crying out for help, then Panther comes trying to shoot Slippy, and the lazers can damage you.
Lyn Smash Lyn Fire Emblem When she appears, she will charge his sword, then slash forward!
Kellam Fire Emblem When he appears, he will just sneak off the stage for up to 30 sec. and you forget about him, until he flashes back onto the stage on the other side and sends anyone in his path off the stage! Other assist trophies can spwan while he's off the stage, to make it easier to forget about him.

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