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Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel
Developer(s) GreenProductions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Ray
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan October 21, 2017
Flag of Europe November 4, 2017
Flag of USA November 4, 2017
Flag of Australia November 5, 2017
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T for Teen
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel is the 5th installment of Super Smash Bros. Series.


For updates on the game, go to Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel Updates


The gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Brutal is very simular to Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U.


Event Matches

Target Smash

The Target Smash mode returns to the Melee style. This means that every character has there own stage that is made for how they play! Now, there is a scoreboard to see who the best target smashers are in the entire world

Home Run Contest

In Home Run Contest you choose a character, and take the Home Run Bat to try and hit Sandbag as many feet to as you can to earn highscores and prizes. Just like Target Smash, there is a highscore board.


In training mode you can use any character you want to V.S. a non-moving com. If you click + you can change what speed, items, and damage radio you have. You can also choose how your computer moves.

Tower of Smash

There's a 100 floor tower , with each floor containing three doors with each door showing each character + stage.



The Duel mode is where you can choose your character, stage, items, and kind of match to have one heck of a brutal duel! You and up to 3 friends can play this mode. There is also a mode called Rotation where based on who wins, loses, etc. gets to pick the stage.

Special Duel

In Special Duel you can choose to have 300% or stamina, be mega or mini, have spicy curry or Lip's Stick, be in slow or fast mode, be metal or clear, have the camera at a fixed or angle, etc. Of course, you don't have to have everything on.

Smash Run

Smash Run returns from Super Smash Bros for 3DS. It works just like it did in the 3DS version, exept you can play online and you can interact with other player. You and 3 opponents compete on a large board to try and level up your character. After the timer goes off you and your foes will duel in a random type of match using the powers they got from the enemies.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode makes a return in Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel. It plays just like it did in "brawl. You still play the same 12 matches. You also play 2 Target Smashes, although you play with the "Melee" Target Smash syestem where every character has there own, specially made Target Smash! However, unlike in Brawl, Classic Mode can be played with the help of 1 friend.


Tourny mode works just like it did in Brawl.


Trophy Gallery

Trophy Gallery is a neat place where you can view all of you trophies in almost any way you want. Also see:List of trophies in Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel

Trophy Hoard

Unlike the organized Trophy Gallery, the Trophy Hoard has all of your collected trophies on a giant table in a Nintendo office. The trophies are not put in any specific order.



Picture Name Series Skill Group Moveset
Mario Icon SSB5 Mario SSB Mario Series Balanced Standard Special: Fireball
Side Special: Cape
Up Special: Raccoon Blast
Down Special: F.L.U.D.D.
Final Smash: Mario Finale
Peach Icon SSB5 Peach SSB Mario Series Technical Standard Special: Heart Shield
Side Special: Peach Bomber
Up Special: Peach Parasol
Down Special: Vegtable
Final Smash: Rage
Daisy SSB Mario Series Technical Standard Special: Flower Swing
Side Special: Flowerbed Return
Up Special: Rabbit Jump
Down Special: Crystal Smash!
Final Smash: Garden Trap
Toad SSB Mario Series Speedy Standard Special: Ice Ball
Side Special: Penguin Suit
Up Special: Propeller Mushroom
Down Special: Cat Dive
Final Smash: Mega Mushroom
Bowser Icon SSB5 Bowser SSB Mario Series Power Standard Special: Fire Breath
Side Special: Koopa Claw
Up Special: Whirling Fortress
Down Special: Koopa Troopa shell
Final Smash: Giga Bowser
Rosalina ws Rosalina & Luma SSB Mario Series Tricky Standard Special: Luma Shot
Side Special: Star Bits
Up Special: Launch Star
Down Special: Gravitational Pull
Final Smash: Power Star
BowserJrSSB4Render Bowser Jr. SSB Mario Series Speedy Standard Special: Cannonball
Side Special:Koopa Kart Dash
Up Special: Abandon Ship!
Down Special: Mecha-Koopa
Final Smash: Shadow Mario Paint
223px-KoopaTroopa MP9
Koopa Troopa SSB Mario Series Speedy Standard Special: Shell Hide
Side Special: Shell Slide
Up Special: Para-Troopa
Down Special: Manhole
Final Smash: Koopa Troop
250px-Luigi SSB4 Luigi SSB Luigi's Mansion Series Balanced Standard Special: Golden Fireball
Side Special: Green Missile
Up Special: Super Jump Punch
Down Special: Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash: Luiginary Ball
280px-Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Prof.E.Gadd SSB Luigi's Mansion Series Speedy Standard Special: Coffee Cup Throw
Side Special: Greenie
Up Special: Super Poltergust 3001
Down Special: Strobulb
Final Smash: Poltergust 5000
Yoshi Icon SSB5 Yoshi SSB Yoshi Series Speedy Standard Special: Egg Lay
Side Special: Egg Roll
Up Special: Egg Throw
Down Special: Egg Throw Aim
Final Smash: Super Dragon
Birdo (Mario Party 9)
Birdo SSB Yoshi Series Technical Standard Special: Egg Spit
Side Special: Bow Whip
Up Special: Bow Unravel
Down Special: Egg Orb
Final Smash: Loving Trapeze
WarioSSB4 Wario SSB Wario Series Power Standard Special: Chomp
Side Special: Wario Bike
Up Special: Corkscrew
Down Special: Wario Waft
Final Smash: Wario-Man
Waluigi SSB Wario Series Technical Standard Special: Item Box
Side Special: Standard Kart
Up Special: Walu-Swim
Down Special: Bob-Omb
Final Smash: WALL-luigi
Dk Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series Power Standard Special: Giant Punch
Side Special: Headbutt
Up Special: Spinning Kong
Down Special: Hand Slap
Final Smash: Boxing DK
473px-Diddy Kong SSB4 - Artwork3dswiiu Diddy Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series Speedy Standard Special: Peanut Popgun
Side Special: Monkey Flip
Up Special: Rocketbarrel Boost
Down Special: Banana Peel
Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage
Dixie Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series Speedy Standard Special: Bubble Gum Popgun
Side Special: Vine Grab
Up Special: Ponytail Twirl
Down Special: Guitar
Final Smash: Animal Friends
Stanley SSB Donkey Kong Series Speedy Standard Special: Icy Spray
Side Special: Bee
Up Special: Butterfly
Down Special: Bug Combo
Final Smash: Greenhouse
250px-Link SSB4 Link SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Power Standard Special: Hero's Bow
Side Special: Gale Boomerang
Up Special: Spin Attack
Down Special: Bomb
Final Smash: Fierce Deity Link
ZeldaAnarchy Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Technical Standard Special: Nayru's Love
Side Special: Din's Fire
Up Special: Farore's Wind
Down Special: Phantom Slash
Final Smash: Light Arrow
SheikAnarchy Sheik SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Technical Standard Special: Needle Storm
Side Special: Burst Garnade
Up Special: Vanish
Down Special: Bouncing Fish
Final Smash: Song of Storms
GanondorfSSB4Render Ganondorf SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Power Standard Special: Deadman's Volley
Side Special: Sword Slash
Up Special: Spear Throw
Down Special: Ground Pound
Final Smash: Beast Ganon
630px-Hyrule Warriors Impa Longsword Artwork
Impa SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Power Standard Special: Umbral Orb
Side Special: Dashing Shield
Up Special: Darting Shadows
Down Special: Mark of the Shiekah
Final Smash: Umbral Shroud
201px-Midna - Hyrule Warriors
Midna SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Technical Standard Special: Twilight Hand Squeeze
Side Special: Hair Impale
Up Special: Twilight Portal
Down Special: Twilight Spear
Final Smash: Twilight Field
ToonLink Toon Link SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Speedy Standard Special: Fire Arrow
Side Special: Skull Hammer
Up Special: Deku Leaf
Down Special: Bomb
Final Smash: King of Red Lions
Kirby SSB5 Icon Kirby SSB Kirby Series Balancedd Standard Special: Inhale
Side Special: Hammer Flip
Up Special: Final Cutter
Down Special: Stone
Final Smash: Hypernova
King Dedede SSB5 Icon King Dedede SSB Kirby Series Power Standard Special: Inhale
Side Special: Gorodo Throw
Up Special: Super Dedede Jump
Down Special: Jet Hammer
Final Smash: Dedede Burst
MetaKnightSSB4 Meta Knight SSB Kirby Series Balanced Standard Special: Mach Tornado
Side Special: Drill Rush
Up Special: Shuttle Loop
Down Special: Dimensional Cape
Final Smash: Four Swords
Bandana Dee SSB5 Icon
Bandana Dee SSB Kirby Series Speedy Standard Special: Spear Throw
Side Special: Parasol Dash
Up Special: Skyward Thrust
Down Special: Megaton Punch
Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
SamusAnarchy Samus SSB Metroid Series Ranged Standard Special: Charged Shot
Side Special: Missile
Up Special: Screw Attack
Down Special: Bomb
Final Smash: Zero Laser
ZeroSuitSamusAnarchy Zero Suit Samus SSB Metroid Series Balanced Standard Special: Paralyzer
Side Special: Plazma Whip
Up Special: Boost Kick
Down Special: Flip Jump
Final Smash: Gunship
Ridley SSB Metroid Series Ariel/Giant Standard Special: Fireballs
Side Special: Whirlwind Attack
Up Special: Air Slam
Down Special: Tail Slide
Final Smash: Meta Ridley
Dark Samus SSB Metroid Series Range Standard Special: Scatter Shot
Side Special: Boost Ball
Up Special: Levitation
Down Special: Phazon Flash
Final Smash: Metroid Prime
Pikachu Icon SSB5 Pikachu SSB Pokémon Series Speedy Standard Special: Thunderbolt
Side Special: Skull Bash
Up Special: Quick Attack
Down Special: Thunder
Final Smash: Volt Tackle
052Meowth 3D Pro
Meowth SSB Pokémon Series Balanced Standard Special: Payday
Side Special: Fury Swipes
Up Special: Ariel Ace
Down Special: Fake Out!
Final Smash: Team Rocket!
JigglypuffSSB4 Jigglypuff SSB Pokémon Series Ariel Standard Special: Roll Out
Side Special: Disarming Voice
Up Special: Fairy Whirlwind
Down Special: Sing
Final Smash: Hyper Voice
548px-CharizardSSB4.Wii U Charizard SSB Pokémon Series Power Standard Special: Flamethrower
Side Special: Flameblitz
Up Special: Fly
Down Special: Rock Smash
Final Smash: Mega Charizard X
Sceptile SSB Pokémon Series Balanced Standard Special: Bullet Seed
Side Special: Solar Beam
Up Special: Leaf Storm
Down Special: Grass Knot
Final Smash: Mega Sceptile
Lucario Icon SSB5 Lucario SSB Pokémon Series Tricky Standard Special: Aura Sphere
Side Special: Force Palm
Up Special: Extreme Speed
Down Special: Double Team
Final Smash: Mega Lucario
Greninja-ssb4 Greninja SSB Pokémon Series Speedy Standard Special: Water Shuriken
Side Special: Shadow Sneak
Up Special: Hydro Pump
Down Special: Subsitute
Final Smash: Night Slash
NessSSB4 Ness SSB EarthBound Series Tricky Standard Special: PK Flash
Side Special: PK Fire
Up Special: PK Thunder
Down Special: PSI Magnet
Final Smash: PK Starstorm
LucasSSBH Lucas SSB EarthBound Series Tricky Standard Special: PK Freeze
Side Special: PK Beam
Up Special: PSI Rockin
Down Special: PK Ground
Final Smash: PK Love
VillagerSSB4 Villager SSB Animal Crossing Series Balanced Standard Special: Pocket
Side Special: Gyroid
Up Special: Present
Down Special: Timber
Final Smash: Dream House
Tom Nook SSB Animal Crossing Series Balanced Standard Special: Furniture Throw
Side Special: Squeaky Hammer Wham
Up Special: Sky-Rocketing Sales!
Down Special: Bells!
Final Smash: Home Loan!
WiiFitTrainer Wii Fit Trainer SSB Wii Fit Series Balanced Standard Special: Sun Salutation
Side Special: Wii Fit Ball
Up Special: Hula Hooping
Down Special: Deep Breathing
Final Smash: Wii Fit
200px-CaptainFalconSSB4Render Captain Falcon SSB F-Zero Series Speedy Standard Special: Falcon Punch
Side Special: Raptor Boost
Up Special: Falcon Dive
Down Special: Falcon Kick
Final Smash: Blue Falcon
Ice Climbers Shin R Ice Climbers SSB Ice Climber Series Tricky Standard Special: Ice Shot
Side Special: Squall Hammer
Up Special: Belay
Down Special: Blizzard
Final Smash: Iceberg
PitAnarchy Pit SSB Kid Icarus Series Balanced Standard Special: Palutena's Bow
Side Special: Upperdash Arm
Up Special: Power of Flight
Down Special: Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash: The Three Sacred Treasures
Palutenassb4 Palutena SSB Kid Icarus Series Power Standard Special: Autoreticle
Side Special: Reflect Barrier
Up Special: Warp
Down Special: Counter
Final Smash: Black Hole and Mega Laser
Medusa Icon SSB5
Medusa SSB Kid Icarus Series Power Standard Special: Stone Gaze
Side Special: Eye Turret
Up Special: Teleportation
Down Special: Dark Mine
Final Smash: Monsterous Medusa
480px-OlimarSSB4 Olimar SSB Pikmin Series Technical Standard Special: Pikmin Pluck
Side Special: Pikmin Throw
Up Special: Winged Pikmin
Down Special: Pikmin Order
Final Smash: End of Day
Louie SSB Pikmin Series Speedy Standard Special: Pikmin Cannon
Side Special: Purple Pikmin Throw
Up Special: S.S. Dolphin
Down Special: Rock Bomb
Final Smash: Pikmin Spicy Spray
LittleMacPNG Little Mac SSB Punch-Out Series Tricky Standard Special: Straight Lunge
Side Special: Jolt Haymaker
Up Special: Star Uppercut
Down Special: Slip Counter
Final Smash: Giga Mac
391px-FoxSSB4 Fox McCloud SSB Star Fox Series Ranged Standard Special: Blaster
Side Special: Fox Illuion
Up Special: Fire Fox
Down Special: Reflector
Final Smash: Landmaster
Falco SSB4 Art Falco Lombardi SSB Star Fox Series Tricky Standard Special: Gattling Gun
Side Special: Holming Missle
Up Special: Barrel Roll
Down Special: Garnade
Final Smash: Arwing
480px-Marth SSB4 Marth SSB Fire Emblem Series Speedy Standard Special: Shield Breaker
Side Special: Dancing Blades
Up Special: Dolphin Slash
Down Special: Counter
Final Smash: Critical Hit
382px-IkeSSB4 Ike SSB Fire Emblem Series Power Standard Special: Eruption
Side Special: Quick Draw
Up Special: Aether
Down Special: Counter
Final Smash: Great Aether
Male robin Robin SSB Fire Emblem Series Technical Standard Special: Thunder
Side Special: Arcfire
Up Special: Elwin
Down Special: Nosferatu
Final Smash: Double
288px-Shulk SSB4 Shulk SSB Xenoblade Series Power Standard Special: Monado Arts
Side Special: Back Slash
Up Special: Air Slash
Down Special: Vision
Final Smash: Chain Attack
Marshal stars
Marshal SSB RhythmHeaven Balanced Standard Special: Glee Club
Side Special: Flower Pot Punch
Up Special: Dash Roll
Down Special: Turnip Stomp!
Final Smash: Night Walk
Splatoon-Inkling Render 001
Inkling SSB Splatoon Series Tricky Standard Special: Super Soaker
Side Special: Paintroller
Up Special: Squid Jump
Down Special: Splash Bomb
Final Smash: Ink-Zooka
Issac GoldenSunSymbol Speedy Standard Special: Flint
Side Special: Heatwave
Up Special: Whirlwind
Down Special: Douse
Final Smash: Weapon Unleash!
Excitebiker SSB Excitebike Series Speedy Standard Special: Accelerate
Side Special: Turbo
Up Special: Stunt
Down Special: Oil Slick
Final Smash: Excite Bikers
Yuelia SSB Nintendoland Series Speedy Standard Special: Star Cluster
Side Special: Charge Shot
Up Special: Flutter Form
Down Special: Heal
Final Smash: Star Explosion
Party Phil Wii Balanced Standard Special: Camera Flash
Side Special: Goal Getters
Up Special: Chopper Hoppers
Down Special: Hammer Head
Final Smash: Zombie Tag
Monita SSB Nintendoland Series Speedy Standard Special: Flashlight
Side Special: Fruit Cart
Up Special: Balloon Trip Breeze
Down Special: Coin Drop
Final Smash: Pachinko
Wonder Red
Wonder Red SSB Wonderful 101 Series Speedy Standard Special: Unite Sword
Side Special: Unite Gun
Up Special: Unite Whip
Down Special: Unite Hammer
Final Smash: Virgin Victory
Shopkeeper SSBBD
Shop Keeper SSB Tomodachi Life Series Technical Standard Special: Pixilated Item
Side Special: Goods Use
Up Special: Super All-Time Favorite Food Blast-Off!
Down Special: Song
Final Smash: Dream
Jibanyan SSB YoKai Watch Speedy Standard Special: Paws of Fury
Side Special: Fire
Up Special: Wazzat
Down Special: ???
Final Smash: Shogunyan
Sonic SSB4 Sonic SSB Sonic Series Speedy Standard Special: Homing Attack
Side Special: Sonic Wind
Up Special: Spring Jump
Down Special: Spin Dash
Final Smash: Super Sonic
MegaManSSB4mine Mega Man SSB Mega Man Series Balanced Standard Special: Metal Blade
Side Special: Crash Bomber
Up Special: Rush Coil
Down Special: Leaf Sheild
Final Smash: Mega Man Legends
480px-Pac-ManSSB4 Pac-Man Pac-Man SSB symbol Tricky Standard Special: Bonus Fruit
Side Special: Chomp
Up Special: Mappy's Trampoline
Down Special: Fire Hydrant
Final Smash: 8-Bit Pac-Man
Bomberman SSB Bomberman Balanced Standard Special: Bomb Throw
Side Special: Ice Bomb
Up Special: Jetpack
Down Special: Land Mine
Final Smash: Skull
Mii Fighter SSB4 Mii Fighters Miiii Veries Standard Special: Veries
Side Special: Veries
Up Special: Veries
Down Special: Veries
Final Smash: Veries


Picture Name Series Skill Group Moveset
Captain Toad TT artwork05
Captain Toad SSB Mario Series Power Standard Special: Turnip
Side Special: Minecart
Up Special: Fan Platform
Down Special: Spinwheel
Final Smash: Koopa Troop
Paper Mario SSB Mario Series Balanced Standard Special: Hammer
Side Special: Star Rod
Up Special: Paper Airplane
Down Special: Partner
Final Smash: Scissors
Goomba CTTT
Goomba SSB Mario Series Speedy Standard Special: Headbut Dash
Side Special: Skate
Up Special: Paragoomba
Down Special: Kuribo Shoe Stomp
Final Smash: Goombaboss
398px-Hammer Bro. Party 8
Hammer Bro. SSB Mario Series Speedy Standard Special: Hammer
Side Special: Boomerang
Up Special: Flying Platform
Down Special:
Final Smash: Sledge Bro.
Spike - Mario Party 10
Spike SSB Mario Series Speedy Standard Special: Spike Ball
Side Special: Snow Ball
Up Special: Propeller
Down Special: Rock Ball
Final Smash: Spike Herd
Nabbit SSB Mario Series Balanced Standard Special: Nab!
Side Special: Bag Spill
Up Special: Teleport
Down Special: Item Pick
Final Smash: Giant Sack!
Wingo SSB Mario Series Power Standard Special: Lightning
Side Special: Wing Gust
Up Special: Teleport
Down Special: Dive Grab
Final Smash: Giant Turnip Rain
King Boo SSB Luigi's Mansion Series Power Standard Special: Chain Ball
Side Special: Blue Fire
Up Special: Ghostly Flight
Down Special: Subordinates
Final Smash: Portrificationizer
Kamek SSB Yoshi Series Ariel Standard Special: Magic Attack
Side Special: Sheild Braker Spell
Up Special: Magic Broom
Down Special: Enemy Spawn
Final Smash: Magic Dust
Mona SSB Wario Series Technical Standard Special: Pizza Toss
Side Special: Scooter
Up Special: Cheerleader Leap
Down Special: Rock Session
Final Smash: 4.1 and 4.2 Soccer Cannon!
King K. Rool SSB Donkey Kong Series Power Standard Special: Blunderness
Side Special: Krown Throw
Up Special: Helipack
Down Special: Ground Pound
Final Smash: Kanonball Shower
Donkey Kong Jr. SSB Donkey Kong Series Power Standard Special: Snapjaw
Side Special: Key Throw
Up Special: Vine
Down Special: Fruit Fall
Final Smash: DKJR Saves the Day!
Projectm-link-ocarina Young Link SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Balanced Standard Special: Ice Bow
Side Special: Goron Roll
Up Special: Deku Spin
Down Special: Song of Healing
Final Smash: Fierce Deity Link
624px-HW Ghirahim Sword
Ghirahim SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Technical Standard Special: Red Diamonds
Side Special: Dark Sprint
Up Special: Diamond Teleport
Down Special: Absorbing
Final Smash: True Demon Lord
Lana SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Speedy Standard Special: Deku slingshot
Side Special: Shield
Up Special: Shield Bouncing
Down Special: Lightning
Final Smash: Deku Tree
KRTDL Magolor
Magolor SSB Kirby Series Balanced Standard Special: Dark Orb
Side Special: Pink Liquid
Up Special: Teleport
Down Special: Sphere Doomers
Final Smash: Magolor Soul
Prince Fluff SSB Kirby Series Technical Standard Special: Star Shooter
Side Special: Train Fluff
Up Special: UFO Fluff
Down Special: Digger Fluff
Final Smash: Tankbot
Kraid-Metroid-Boss-by green mamba
Kraid SSB Metroid Series Power Standard Special: Finger Throw
Side Special: Claw
Up Special: Hi Jump
Down Special: Stomach Missiles
Final Smash: Fake Kraid
Spire SSB Metroid Series Power Standard Special: Wax Attack
Side Special: Magmaul Blast
Up Special: Spiked Barrage
Down Special: Spire Peaks
Final Smash: Magmaul Explosions
Red SSB Pokémon Series Balanced Standard Special: Pokeball
Side Special: Bicyacle
Up Special: Super Rod
Down Special: Healing Potion
Final Smash: Judgment
Mewtwo SSB4 Mewtwo SSB Pokémon Series Ariel Standard Special: Future Sight
Side Special: Confusion
Up Special: Teleport
Down Special: Disable
Final Smash: Mega Mewtwo Y
PichuSSBH Pichu SSB Pokémon Series Speedy Standard Special: Thunderjolt
Side Special: Wild Charge
Up Special: Agility
Down Special: Charge Beam
Final Smash: Discharge
Genesect SSB Pokémon Series Power Standard Special: Fell Stinger
Side Special: Magnet Bomb
Up Special: Hyper Beam
Down Special: Magnet Raise
Final Smash: Self Destruct
Unknown Gen 7 Pokemon SSB Pokémon Series ??? ???
500px-Porky-Minch-Smash-Bros zps6a48bd37
Porky SSB EarthBound Series Power/Giant Standard Special: Porky Claws
Side Special: Porky Spray
Up Special: Porkinesis
Down Special: Mecha-Porky
Final Smash: Pig King Statue
Isabelle SSB4mine
Isabelle SSB Animal Crossing Series Speedy Standard Special: Town Tune Frog
Side Special: Golden Watering Can
Up Special: Fishing Rod
Down Special: Public Work Project
Final Smash: Town Ordinences
Black Shadow SSB F-Zero Series Power Standard Special: Shadow Horns
Side Special: Tire Throw
Up Special: Dark Flight
Down Special: Poison Ring
Final Smash: Black Bull
Blood Falcon SSB F-Zero Series Power Standard Special: Bloody Knuckles
Side Special: Flame Choke
Up Special: Dark Dive
Down Special: Blood Falcon Kick
Final Smash: Falcon Rush
DarkPitSSB4 Dark Pit SSB Kid Icarus Series Power Standard Special: Silver Bow
Side Special: Angel Ring
Up Special: Wings of Icarus
Down Special: Mirror Shield
Final Smash: Dark Pit's Staff
Viridi SSB Kid Icarus Series Speedy Standard Special: Cragalanche Crush
Side Special: Plant Throw
Up Special: Parashooter
Down Special: Special Herb
Final Smash: Reset Bomb
Hades Icon SSB5
Hades SSB Kid Icarus Series Power Standard Special: Laser Meme
Side Special: Showmanship
Up Special: Slam Dunk
Down Special: Looking Tasty
Final Smash: Devestation Enesemble
AlphSSB4 Alph SSB Pikmin Series Speedy Standard Special: Pikmin Pluck
Side Special: Pikmin Throw
Up Special: Pikmin Chain
Down Special: Pikmin Order
Final Smash: All Captains Report For Duty!
Doc Louis SSB Punch-Out Series Speedy Standard Special: Silent Duck 'n Raise
Side Special: Bike
Up Special: Uppercut
Down Special: Old School Counter
Final Smash: Doc's Offering
WolfSSBH Wolf SSB Star Fox Series Power Standard Special: Blaster
Side Special: Claw Attack
Up Special: Upward Spin
Down Special: Reflector
Final Smash: Leon and Panther
SSBC Krystal
Krystal SSB Star Fox Series Technical Standard Special: Fire Blaster
Side Special: Ice Blaster
Up Special: Rising Staff
Down Special: Force Field
Final Smash: Ground Quake
Tiki Icon SSB5
Tiki SSB Fire Emblem Series Balanced Standard Special: Firestone
Side Special: Icestone
Up Special: Wyvernstone
Down Special: Awakening
Final Smash: Divinestone
PMRoy Roy SSB Fire Emblem Series Balanced Standard Special: Flare Blade
Side Special: Double Edge Dance
Up Special: Blazer
Down Special: Counter
Final Smash: Sword of Seals
Michia SSB Fire Emblem Series Balanced Standard Special: Ellight
Side Special: Purge
Up Special: Rescue Staff
Down Special: Thani
Final Smash: Flare Rexcalibur
250px-Riki Artwork
Riki SSB Xenoblade Series Speedy Standard Special: Freezinate
Side Special: Bitey Bitey
Up Special: Hero Time
Down Special: Bedtime
Final Smash: Reyn Time!
Cooking Mama
Mama SSB CookingMama Speedy Standard Special: Chillie
Side Special: Spatula Throw
Up Special: Spatula Spin
Down Special: Stove
Final Smash: Dinner Time!
Andy SSB Advance Wars Series Ranged Standard Special: Missile Shot
Side Special: Wrench Throw
Up Special: Miniture Chopper
Down Special: Spin Out
Final Smash: ORANGE STAR!
Chibi-Robo SSB Chibi-Robot! Series Technical Standard Special: Item Use
Side Special: Mug Roll
Up Special: Chibi-Copter
Down Special: Item Switch
Final Smash: Giga-Robo
Hero SSB Fossil Fighters Series Balanced Standard Special: Pickaxe
Side Special: Nychus Poison Attack
Up Special: Hopter
Down Special: T-Rex
Final Smash: Giga Spinaxe
Dillon SSB Dillon's Rolling Western Series Speedy Standard Special: Crystal
Side Special: Rolling Attack
Up Special: Arma-Boost Mode
Down Special: Burrow Attack
Final Smash: Tower
Balloon Fighter SSB Balloon Fight Series Tricky Standard Special: Lightning Ball
Side Special: Flipper
Up Special: Parashoot
Down Special: Pump
Final Smash: Bonus Level
Nintendog & Trainer SSB Nintendogs Series Balanced Standard Special: Bowl
Side Special: Flying Disc
Up Special: Balloon
Down Special: Trick
Final Smash: Screen Time
Mallo SSB Pushmo Series Balanced Standard Special: Block Place
Side Special: Rewind
Up Special: Manhole
Down Special: Trash Can
Final Smash: Reset Switch
Pilotwings 64 pilots
Lark SSB Pilotwings Series Speedy Standard Special: Missile
Side Special: Eletric Ring
Up Special: Rocket Boost
Down Special: Target
Final Smash: Pilotwing Partners
Starfy Starfyseries Speedy Standard Special: Mighty Star Spin
Side Special: Star Dash
Up Special: Geyser
Down Special: Shooting Star
Final Smash: Starfy Transformations
Ray MK III SSB Custom Robo Series Ariel Standard Special: Laser Gun
Side Special: Bomb Launcher
Up Special: Booster Legs
Down Special: Pod Launcher
Final Smash: Ultimate Upgrade
Jill Dozer SSB Drill Dozer Series Technical Standard Special: Drill
Side Special: Bull Dozer
Up Special: Jet Thrust
Down Special: Red Dozer Special
Final Smash: 3rd Gear
Doshin The Giant SSB Doshin Series Power/Giant Standard Special: Doshin Slap
Side Special: Tusnami
Up Special: Orogeny
Down Special: Fault
Final Smash: Monument
Sukapon Sukapon Logo Balanced Standard Special: Konaniran
Side Special: Tondecker
Up Special: Sky Sukapon
Down Special: Sukapon Roll
Final Smash: Sukapon Finisher
Mr. Game & Watch SSB4 Render Mr.Game & Watch SSB Game & Watch Classic Technical Standard Special: Chef
Side Special: Judge
Up Special: Fire
Down Special: Oil Panic
Final Smash: Octopus
EN ROB R.O.B. SSB R.O.B. Series Tricky Standard Special: Shell Creeper
Side Special: Arm Rotor
Up Special: Robo Burner
Down Special: Gyro
Final Smash: Super Diffusion Beam
DuckHuntSSB4 Duck Hunt SSB Duck Hunt Series Range Standard Special: Tin Can
Side Special: Clay Disc
Up Special: Flying Duck
Down Special: Hunter
Final Smash: NES Zapper Posse
Mike Jones SSB StarTropics Series Speedy Standard Special: Yo Yo Spinner
Side Special: Star Yoyo
Up Special: Grip Yoyo
Down Special: Yoyo Rotation
Final Smash: Star Tropics
Lip PanelDePon Symbol Speedy Standard Special: Panel Toss
Side Special: Panel Swap
Up Special: Watabow
Down Special: Garbage Block
Final Smash: Magic Bomb
Tamagon Skulldevelworld Balanced Standard Special: Fireball
Side Special: Cross/T Rock
Up Special: Bat
Down Special: Medaman
Final Smash: Devil

Alt. Costumes

Bowser - Dry Bowser
Toad - Toadette
Bowser Jr - Koopalings
Daisy - Sports Oufit
Donkey Kong - Funky Kong
Yoshi - Yarn Yoshi
Wario - Classic overalls
Kirby - Yarn Kirby


New Stages

Picture Name Series
BattlefieldDay-SSB4 Battlefield Zz-smashbros-icon- (20)
Bigbattlefield Big Battlefield Zz-smashbros-icon- (20)
640px-SSB4 WiiU FinalDestination Final Destination Zz-smashbros-icon- (20)
250px-Mega Mario and Co. Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World
WiiU SuperMario3DWorld New Boss
WiiU SuperMario scrn09 E3
250px-SM3DW World 5-2
250px-WiiU SM3DW 10.15.13 Scrn26
3D World SSB Mario Series
640px-Bowsercastlensmbwii Bowser's Castle SSB Mario Series
SuperMarioBros31-1 Mushroomy Kingdom 3 SSB Mario Series
Dr. Mario stage Dr. Mario SSB Mario Series
800px-Lake Hylia TP Lake Hylia SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
800px-HW Hyrule Field Hyrule Field (Hyrule Warriors) SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Skyview Temple SSBET Skyview Temple SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Screen PokémonRed-LavenderTown Lavendar Town SSB Pokémon Series
Sandocean01 l Sand Ocean SSB F-Zero Series
Devil's World Devil's World SSB Devil World Series


Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel/Assist Trophies


  • This game's beta name was "Super Smash Bros. Green Duel, due to this game being devoloped by Green Productions. The name was later changed to Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel.

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