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Chrom is a newcomer character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl 3D representing the Fire Emblem franchise. Originally it was intended to the character Lucina to appear instead of Chrom, but the developers decided to chose Chrom due massive fan request. Chrom mixes gameplay mechanics from the other playable Fire Emblem characters, he combines the agility of Marth with the power of Ike. As a result, Chrom is a stronger and faster character than the other lords, but he has a major drawback: his weak defense abilities. He recieves more damage and has less defensive options.

Chrom's moveset comes from abilities that appears in Fire Emblem Awakening. He was one of the first character to be confirmed for the game, alongside Duck Hunt and Tharja.


  • Neutral BDual Strike - Strikes the opponent with two sword slashes. Sometimes if the first hit hits the opponent's sweetspot correctly, Dual Strike+ is utilized, in which the second strike is twice as powerful as the first one.
  • Side BAcrobat - Allows Chrom to dodge opponents faster, if done correctly, Chrom dodges the attack and immedieatly counterattacks the opponent. It can be used in the air as a recovery, similar to Zero Suit Samus' Down B.
  • Up BSol/Luna - Depends when used. When used on the ground, Chrom uses Sol, which gives him an upward strike similar to Marth's Up B, half of the damage delt on the opponent is used to heal Chrom if the attack strikes correctly. When used on the air, Chrom uses Luna, which gives him a downward strike, which can pierce through defense and negates any kind of special defense that the opponent might have.
  • Down BVantage - Works similarly to Marth and Ike's Counters. If Chrom uses it when he has high damage or low health in case of Stamina mode, he instead utilizes Miracle, which ensures that the next hit that Chrom gets won't hit him. Miracle is an one-use trick and can be used to dodge anything, including Final Smashes.
  • Final SmashLethality - Works similarly to Marth and Ike's Critical Hits. It changes the background when used similar to Ryu's Final Smash, making the background entire red with the character's being represented by black sillhouetes, similar to how it happened in Awakening when the move was used. This only happens if Chrom manages to find a target, otherwise, he will zoom out of the stage.

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