This is the list of the trophies that can be finded in Super Smash Bros. Blue Dream and Red Nightmare. The trophies randomly appears during the story mode or the battles.

Mario series

Character Description
Mario The main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! He saved the princess from many troubles, like giant lizards, a ugly guy who wanted to marry with her and many other. He is Nintendo's mascot and most famous Nintendo character.
NES Super Mario Bros.
SNES Super Mario World
N64 Super Mario 64
WII Super Mario Galaxy 2
Luigi Mario's brother who follows Mario on his journey, saving princess, visting dreams, going to dinosaur islands... until Mario was captured by the evil being known as King Boo, then Luigi got his first adventure.
NES Super Mario Bros.
SNES Super Mario World
GCN Luigi's Mansion
3DS Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Donkey Kong series

Star Fox series

Fire Emblem series

Kirby series

Earthbound series

Pikmin series

Pokémon series

Metroid series

Wario series

Yoshi series

Zelda series

F-Zero series

Mega Man series

Game & Watch series

Metal Gear series

Animal Crossing series

Wii Fit series

Blue Dream Exclusive

Banjo & Kazooie series

Final Fantasy series

Bomberman series

A Boy and His Blob series

Cubivore series

Excitebike series

Panel de Pon series

Punch-Out series

Tales of series

Startropics series

For the Frog the Bell Tolls

Rayman series

Blaster Master series

Nazo no Murasame Jō series

Red Nightmare Exclusive

Advance Wars series

Ace Attorney series

Paper Mario series

Shantae series

Castlevania series

Mr. Driller series

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