Series 120px-MarioSymbol.svg
Lifespan (1991)Dr. Mario
Availability Secret
Victory Theme Viruses
Home Stage Fourside
Final Smash TBA

Fever, Chill and Weird, or more commonly known as Viruses are fighters that appear in Super Smash Bros. Blitz and are rather unique characters, not only being the first playable trio but they also have a special mechanic. This mechnic has the selected lead virus change color and species every time they are hit by a powerful attack, and if all three viruses are the same color their knockback goes skyhigh.


The Viruse's atatcks mainly consist of using teamwork attacks such as swinging eachother like a rope, staking up or getting together in a pile making the character rather comical. The lead virus will always be the virus the player is able to control while the other two follow, only taking action when the player switches between them.

As a homage to the Mario & Luigi seires, any virus including the following viruses change color and appearance when hit by a strong attack or a constant string of combos. The colors of each virus are important because if three of the same virus color align, the trio's knockback rate becomes extremely high.

Opponents should take advantage of this as thier knockback rate is rather low and strangely doesn't affect thier weight. The virus in the middle of the group is always immune to color change however. In order to manually change a virus's color, the Standard Special, Evolve must be held down even though it's a rather slow process.

The viruses are fast and floaty but have bad jumps and recovery to make up for thier rather potent attacks and low launch.

Alternate Style


Note that these moves are all done by the front virus and largely assisted by the other two.


Neutral Combo
Jumps forward, the second and third inputs make the others jump to create an smashing totem pole that can ground opponents.
Side Tilt
Uses the other two as a whip.
Up Tilt
All do a short jump in unison.
Down Tilt
Sweeps the ground from the back using the others.
All preform a kartwheel
Uses the other two as a whip as it gets onto the stage.

Smash Attacks


Side Smash
All stack up and fall forward, like a timbering tree.
Up Smash
All three form a cheerleader-esque pirymid.
Down Smash
All jump into the air and compact into one ball to slam onto the opponent
Neutral Ariel
All three connect hands to create a spinning ring  and fall, a parachuter stance.
Forward Ariel
Does a forward whip with all viruses.
Back Ariel
Does a backward whip with all Viruses.
Up Airel
All create an human arch in the air.
Down Airel
The lead one sits on the other two to break his fall.

Grabs and Throws

Simply grab an opponent.
The other two become minucule and cause poison damage on the opponent.
Forward Throw
Encases the opponent in a large clear capsule and throws them diagnollly and then they fall.
Back Throw
Passes the opponent to the other viruses, with each virus hitting the opponent as they pass and on the last viruses they are thrown.
Up Throw
All three toss the opponent upward with combined strength
Down Throw
All three do a doggy pile on the victum.

Special Moves

Normal Moveset Alternate Moveset Secondary Alternate Moveset
Fast Adapt Evolve
Roulette Evolve
Perscribed Megavitamin
Operation L
Remote Controlled U.F.O.
Observing Magnify


Palutena's Guidance

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