SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Tingle is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Ledgend of Zelda series. He debuted in the The Legend of Zelda: Majorda's Mask (2000) and is known to be a bizarre and obscure character who whould create maps as well as sending items via the Tingle Tuner for Link. Tingle also appeared in the game Hyrule Warriors as DLC however his moveset doesnt draw any inspiration from most of his moves in it.


Tingle's statistics in battle are ditirmined by his main character mechanic, his Rupee Wallet. The wallet is simply a bag which does no damage at default, with no rupees in it and just deals a bit of wind push. However, if Tingle attacks an opponent, his bag is automatically given some rupees, which makes it heavier and stronger. So as Tingle fights on he'll gain more and more riches in his Rupee wallet to the point where the wallet is gigantic and reaches it's limit of 200 Rupees. More rupees are awarded for combos on opponents but the higher a player's percentage is, the less Rupees they give.

Getting more Rupees makes Tingle's attacks stronger, as he attacks by swinging his bag around and the Rupee gain increses his weight. However there is also a price, Tingle's speed, jump and decent become very heavy, making him more sluggish fore every rupee he collects. In order to lower the amount of Rupees, Tingle can use his special moves which use up Rupees and become more useful the more Tingle inputs rupees.

Tingle can also lose rupees by dying, as the first time Tingle is KO'd, he loses 20 rupees but for each additional death the amount lost raises another 20 Rupees. This is a homage to Four Swords as every time link dies, he pays 50 rupees but this increases by 50 every time.

Alternate Style


Normal Moves

Neutral Combo Swings his Wallet twice and then slams it on the ground.
Side Tilt Horizontally swings his Wallet at a extensive distance.
Up Tilt Swings his wallet upwards.
Down Tilt Sweeps his wallet on the ground.


Side Smash Slams his wallet on the ground in front of him.
Up Smash Swings his wallet in a helicopter fashion, hitting three times.
Down Smash Stomps on the middle of his wallet making the sides squish out, the more rupees the further the sides will squish out.


Neutral Ariel Spins around while holding onto the bag.
Side Ariel Does a horizontal swing in front of him.
Back Ariel Backflips with the wallet out behind him.
Up Airel Hoists the bag on his sholder hitting all above him.
Down Airel Grabs onto the bag and crashes down.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Tingle sets his wallet on an opponent pinning them down, is more effective at holding a player down the more rupees are in the bag.
Pummel Stomps on the bag, hurting the victim trapped underneath.
Side Throw Grabs the bag and swings it along the ground, as to golf the player forward.
Back Throw Does the same as his side throw but backwards.
Up Throw Tosses opponent slightly up into the air and does an upward swing with his bag.
Down Throw Jumps on bag, squishing player out.

Special Moves

  • replace stan with tingle tuner move and final with western pond
Tingle Tuner
Rupee Wraith
Treasure Wraith
Dark Wraith
Tingle Balloon
Blast Balloon
Jet Balloon
Tingle Sheild
Tingle Mirror

Western Pond



Flies in with his balloon which inexplicibly pops, looks similar to this

Kirby Hat

Gains Tingles hat, along with pointed ears.


Side Taunt Moves finger horizontally and blows a kiss, similarly to this
Up Taunt Preforms Kooloo-limpah, basically spinning around and winking.
Down Taunt Starts drawing a map with a quill and shows it to the player, which is to only end up looking like a child's scribbles.

Result Animations

Fanfare 1 Causes a jackpot of rupees to fly up into the air and rain down.
Fanfare 2 Observes a fairy flying and tries to fly himself only to fail and fall on the ground.
Fanfare 3 Opens rupee wallet and jumps inside with greed, only to realize hes stuck inside with no escape.
Loss Sits on rupee wallet and claps with a grumpy expression.

Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidance