Starfy is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the The Legendary Starfy series. He debuted in Densetsu no Starfy (2002) and is the main protagonist of the series who has better swimming attributes than walking on land. He also holds a specail mechanic involved in his attacks consisting of spins which can either make him dizzy or heal them depending on his performance.


Starfy is a character with slightly below average speed, jump and only somewhat floaty descend speed despite being lightweight. Starfy is also one of the smallest characters making some attacks outright miss him especilly when ducking but this also makes his weight horribly light.

Although with this description he seems basic, his fighting style truly defines him. His attacks mainly constist of his primary combat in game: spinning which have a small vacuum effect, deal multiple hits and Starfy can move slightly when using each spin. Another pro to these spins is just like in the games if he makes alot of combos pearls (main items in the seires) will appear and start to heal starfy restoring 5% per pearl. However these spinning moves also have a huge flaw to make it so they arent spammed which is dizzyness. If Starfy uses too many spin attacks too rapidly he'll become dizzy and stand in one place for about three seconds, this leaves him wide open for attack. Becoming dizzy is also bad in the fact that siance starfy is so lightweight he could be easily K.O.d. Starfy's clinging game is the best in the game as he is the smallest, but however he can be easily knocked off considering how weak he is.



Neutral Combo Does a Star Spin which can be done repedeately under the risk of becoming dizzy.
Side Tilt Preforms a small cartwheel forward.
Up Tilt Does a short hop turns sideways so he resembles a disk and does a spin.
Down Tilt Preforms Starly's Low Spin technique, in which he lays on his face with appendages up and spins.
Dash Slides on his face, doesn't have anythign to do with the dizzyness mechanic.
Ledge Does a kartwheel onto the stage.


Side Smash Does the Mighty Spin, a horizontal spin that travels a far distance.
Up Smash Preforms an Ultra Star Spin, allowing Starfy to drill upwards and even move which way he points.
Down Smash Does a short hop, puts legs together and does a drill like spin.


Neutral Ariel Spins in midair.
Side Ariel Thrusts his face forward and spins in a vertically instead of around.
Back Ariel Puts both legs together and does a diagnol drill kick.
Up Airel Thrusts his face upwards to resemble a dome and spins.
Down Airel Does the Shooting Star technique where he crashes down, bouncing if he hits anything.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Simply grabs the opponent.
Pummel Punches with the other tentacle
Side Throw Spins with the opponent in hands three times and throws.
Back Throw Spins with the opponent in hands three times and slams on the groudn behind him.
Up Throw Lays down on his back and sets the opponent on his face, then thrusts his face up functioning like a trampoline.
Down Throw Kartwheels on the opponent creating a "wheel of pain".

Special Moves

Powerful Spin
Monamu Heal
Pufftop Barrier
Turbo Swim
Poison Swim
Warp Jizou
Long-Range Jizou
Curse Jizou
The Power of Friends



A puddle of water appears and Starfy jumps from it.


Side Taunt Sits down and drinks a bottle of tea before getting up.
Up Taunt Puts on sunglasses with a smug expression and a lens flare effect.
Down Taunt Sleeps with a blanket and a pillow for a second before his sleep bubble pops waking him up.


Victory Theme Starfy's boss clear theme.
Fanfare 1 Starfy's boss clear dance
Fanfare 2 Starfy and Starly (vice versa if playing as Starly) appear on two opposite sides attemting to hug but Starfy runs past Starly and she trips, then angerd she chases Starfy back and forth
Fanfare 3 Spins rapidly until he gets dizzy and falls.
Losing Simply claps for victor with a happy expression.

Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidance

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