SSB Kirby SeriesQueen SectoniaSSB Kirby Series
Universe Kirby
Lifespan Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Crown Jewel

Queen Sectonia is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Kirby series. She was the devious queen and ruler over all Floralia as well as a major villain in Kirby Triple Deluxe. She also happnes to be the first female villain to appear in smash.


Queen Sectonia is a heavyweight character dispite jer dainty frame. In terms of speed she not only has slow ground movement but also bad traction, obviously making grounded combat somewhat awkward. But as should be expected Queen Sectonia has a much better air game, dispite even her flaotyness her horizontal air speed is amoung one of the best in the game, allowing her to quickly traverse the stage and fake out opponents with her tricky landings.

In terms of combat she uses a mix of weak raiper slashes that cover a wide area while dealing added damage at the tips and diverse scepter attacks that prove to be very devastating. However almost all kill moves which often involve her scepters have alot of lag making them very hard to pull off and overall inconveinietnt.

It should be noted that upon winning, all other enemies will constantly bow down repeatedly as opposed to clapping.



Neutral Combo Slashes twice horizontally before preforming a slash with both raipers.
Side Tilt Creates a barrier with a staff as opposed to a raiper, this barrier does knockback as well as reflectign projectiles.
Up Tilt Swings raiper in a large upward arch.
Down Tilt Does a low diagnoll stab towards the ground.
Dash Holds both raipers out one above the other as she charges/
Ledge Prefroms a quick raiper stab as she gets up.


Side Smash Creates a flurry of stabs with her raiper and a finish slash, very powerful in damage and knockback but takes awhile to finish meaning it can be interupted easily.
Up Smash Transforns magic scepeters to create a golden ring and throws it upwards, the ring is very fast and continutes until it reaches it's height limit and fals back down to Queen Sectonia. Charging it lenthens not only its power but also the height the ring goes, good for KOing juggled opponents but Queen Sectonia cannot move until it has gotten off the screen.
Down Smash Slams the butt of a magic scepter on the ground, creating a quake that covers a large area, includign walls but can be easily avoided by jumping.


Nutreal Ariel Transforms both raipers into golden rings that circle around her.
Side Ariel Flies foward a bit and prefroms a cross-slash with both rapiers.
Back Ariel Does a quick clap with her wings which has very good range due to her wingspan and can be spammed, but does the least damage of all other attacks.
Up Airel Transforms scepter into a ring and keeps the ring spinning above her, good for juggling.
Down Airel Instantly shapes stinger into a point, can spike opponents during the initiation.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Grabs opponent with a ring, made of her rapiers combining to make said ring.
Pummel Closes the ring squeezing the opponent before widening it.
Side Throw causes the ringed opponent to be launched forth a bit before the ring explodes.
Back Throw Appears before the opponent before slashing them.
Up Throw Uses an undefined breeze to launch opponent upwards.
Down Throw Brings lifts opponent up while still encased in the ring and slams them on the ground, shattering ring.

Special Moves



Descends with glowing white eyes from a giant pink circle with elegant patterns before her eyes become normal and she goes into an idle positon.


Side Taunt
Up Taunt
Down Taunt Raipers vanish as she laughs evilly with hands positioned upwards and fingers separated in an evil gesture.


Victory Theme
Fanfare 1
Fanfare 2
Fanfare 3
Losing Hunches down in a defeated manner using her scepters to support her from dropping.

Palette Swaps

Blue Default color
Red Changes skin to a purplish color of skin, pink face with orange eyes, magenta wings, pink and red collar and yellow and green crown shards; based off of Queen Sectonia DX.
Violet' Changes skin to a periwinkle skin with mad red eyes, a blue and red collar and a black heart on her crown.; based off of Soul of Sectonia
Black Changes skin to a black with magenta outlined black eyes and a pink and yellow collar; it could be assumed this is based off of a regular bee but it also takes inspiration from Queen Sectonia's keychain sprite.
Green Changes skin to a green with red details, pure white eyes, a red and green collar with white hearts, and an orange and yellow crown; based off of Taranza, Queen Sectonia's main servant.

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