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This is a list of Pokemon brought forth to assist via Pokeballs, Stones or Master Balls. A new feature is that occasionally, shiny Pokemon will appear instead or thier normal counterparts for a visual effect.


There is a total of5 58/64 pokemon

  • Note
    • Pokeball: Indicates that the Pokemon can only be summoned from a Poke Ball.
    • Masterball: Indicates that the Pokemon can only be summoned from a Master Ball, all of these are ledgendary Pokemon.
    • ___ Stone: Indicates that an Eveelution will be summoned when used. The Eeveelution depends on what stone is used as each one has it's own specific stone.
    • Event: Indicates that a Pokemon along with it's trophy can only be obtained by obtaining the Pokemon in a special even and connecting to the Wii U by using a seperate app on the 3DS. This however, is optional and is not nessisary to get 100%.
Pokemon Via Move
Pokeball Sing
Jigglypuff sings making anyone near it fall asleep. After singing it uses Wake-Up Slap to greatly damage players who fell asleep.
Pokeball Explosion
Electrode charages exreme power for a few seconds and then explodes, instantly KOing opponents as well as the player caught in the explosion. Sometimes it will be a dud and fail to detonate then explode. It can also be picked up like an item and thrown.
Pokeball Bonemerange
Cubone throws its bone which acts similar to a boomerang, catching players in it's spinning motion and gradually damaging them. Afterwards it uses Bone Rush to repedeately hit players who were caught by the bone and then a hard hitting Bone Club to finsh victums off.
Pokeball Rolling Kick
Hitmontop rapidly spins with his legs extended, and it attempts to spin into other players, grinding them within it's kicks and then sending them flying out of it's spin.
Pokeball Toxic
Weezing expels toxic gas from it's pores, damaging nerby players rapidly and getting them caught in the attack. It also poisons on contact making a victim take slow, gradual damage.
Pokeball Swift
Staryu targets a nearby opponent and then repedeately shoots stars in a stright line which can be capable of pushing them offstage. Sometimes it will shoot stars horizontally when the targeted player is in air.
Pokeball Splash
Hops around aimlessly, doing nothing. Magikarp replaces Goldeen from past installments.
Pokeball Transforms
Transforms into the player and then fights, using thier exact moves but with more force. The character it transformed into will still retain its face and expression.
Pokeball Body Slam
Snorlax jumps into the air off the top of the screen and comes crashing back down heavily damaging players who make contact.
Pokeball Metronome
Pokeball Hidden Power
Unown summons the other 20 unowns who then charge across the stage in alphabetical order. The direction they charge from will depend on opponent locations.
Pokeball Present
Delibird flies over the stage dropping many presents which have a 40% chance of containing a common item, 30% of containing an uncommon item 10% of containing a rare item and 20% of exploding when opened.
Pokeball Sketch
Plusle and Minun SSBCS - SSBIN
Plusle & Minun
Pokeball Electro Ball
Plusle and Minun work together to create an electric sphere which they promplty play catch with. First, the duo will toss it to eachother many times from different angles. Then Minun will position himself under a player, shocks them with a weak, parylyzing bolt and then makes makes a hoop formation with his arms. Plusle slam dunks the ball through Minuns' arms which does large damage to players paralyzed below.
Pokeball Reflect
Gardevoir creates a thin, veil-like sheild which reflects projectiles as it moves.
Pokeball DynamicPunch
Breloom extends it's arms to unbelivable distances to punch other opponents.
Pokeball Boomblast
Exploud yells once creating weak soundwaves that travel forward. Then Exploud will yell another time which create stronger soundwaves and once more it screams making high damaging soundwaves all around him that deal huge damage.
Pokeball Power Gem
Sableye creates a crystal coating on the screen that makes characters apper multiple and distorted due to the crystal reflections.
Pokeball Destiny Bond
Bannette will select a player and curse, then will become an idle doll. When Banette is attacked the cursed player will take damage and when hit offstage the cursed player will be KOd along with it.
Pokeball Dizzy Punch
Spinda teeters around aimlessly until it makes contact with a player and punches them, reversing thier controls and making them slip around constantly.
Pokeball Weather Ball
Castform creates a certain weather, either sunshine rain or snow. Sunshine overheats players not underneath a platform, burning them. Rain makes the stage very slippery and makes players fall faster. Snow freezes players and makes it difficult to see.
Pokeball Perish Song
Absol cries out and vanishes. Then, where it once stood, a giant tremor will be created which will either shoot a huge spiked rock out from the earth, create an eruption, make a giant twister appear or cause metors to fall.
Pokeball Grassy Terrain
Roserade makes all ground become grass and flowers which heals the player and makes other players fall asleep when they walked on.
Pokeball Attack Order
Vespiquen will summon a swarm of Combee which will pursue players, lightly damaging them. However, many swarming Combee attacking a player is forceful enough to push them off the stage.
Pokeball Ominus Wind
Drifblim will use ghostly winds to draw somthing towards it and fly away, taking the player or item with it.
Pokeball Phantom Force
Mismagius vanishes and reappers nearby a player, thus surprising them into shock for a few seconds.
Pokeball Chatter
Chatot will move it's head to a certain beat forcing players to attack to that beat for a limited time.
Pokeball Simple Beam
Audino will create a flash which makes it so all players but it's summoner can only use standard moves, excluding the use of sheilds, grabs, taunts, specials and final smashes.
Pokeball Illusion
Zoroark will disguise itself as another Pokemon and will attack as that pokemon for awhile. Then he'll revel himself and slash a player with great force.
Pokeball Firey Dance
Volcarona will flap it's wings engulfed in flames and then scatter fireballs all around.
Pokeball Petal Blizzard
Floette will create a spinning blizzard of petals around it, stirring up players and releasing them when they scatter.
Pokeball Hammer Arm
Pangoro will continually slam its fist on the ground, dealing high damage and creating large tremors as it punches.
Pokeball Bulldoze
Goagoat will charge rapidlly, heavily damaging anytihng in it's path.
Aegislash by theangryaron-d6rscu6
Pokeball Sacred Sword
Aegislash will go into sheild forme waiting in place for a player to attack it. When hit, it will slash that player with it's sword-like body.
Water Stone Hydro Pump
Vaporeon will stand it's ground and shoot streams of water from it's mouth that greatly push opponents back but cause little damage.
Thunder Stone Thunder
Jolteon will summon five pillars of nondamaging light to apper and then thunder will zap along those lines three times. Each time the lines go to a different location and create thicker thunder.
Fire Stone Flare Blitz
Flareon will light itself on fire, jump and then attempt to pounce on an opponent, creating an explosion of flames when it lands.
Sun Stone Power Swap
Espeon uses rays of the sun and bestows it's powers to the player. This gives the player a psychic element to thier attacks which makes them stronger.
Moon Stone Gaurd Swap
Umbreon uses moonlight to bestow the player it's defence, making the player take barely any damage from attacks and have an endless sheild.
Dawn Stone Leaf Blade
Leafeon pulls a leaf blade from the Leaf Stone and throws it upward. While in air, the blade then splits into 5 other leaf blades which fall to the ground, heavily damaging players. The blades are also left in the ground and act as damaging spikes.
Dusk Stone Blizzard
Glaceon summons a huge snowflake and pulls one blade-like crystal from it to fling at a player, freezing them. Glaceon continues this until all six icy blades have been thrown and then the hexagon part of the snowflake explodes. The icy blades stay in the ground freezing anyone who makes contact.
Shiny Stone Moonblast
Sylveon summons the moon to apper in the background which inflicts zero gravity on the stage. Then the moon falls from the top of the screen in pink glowing flames doing huge damage to anyone that contacts it but gradully gets quenched as it falls until it reaches the ground and simply shatters.
Master Ball Psychic
Mew appears and all items on stage become trophies, CD's and Puzzle Pieces.
Master Ball Psychic
Mewtwo appears and all items on stage become Master Balls. These Master Balls cannot contain Mewtwo or Mew.
Master Ball Giga Impact
Regigigas appears and moves slowly around the stage, creating small tremors and getting gradully faster each step until it gets unstablly fast and crashes, making an explosion.
Eon Duo
Master Ball Luster Purge
Latias and Latios fly all over the stage, crossing eachother to make an X formation and creating explosions where they cross
Primal Duo
Master Ball Collide
Primal Grodon and Kyogre attack eachother, with Primal Groudon preforming Eruption to create gysers of lava and Kyogre using Water Spout to create a drizzle and push players downwards into the lava gysers. When they colide steam engulfs the stage and when it disappers the duo is gone.
Master Ball Meteor
Deoxys summons a gigantic meteor to crash down on it, heavily damaging players who make contact with the meteor and will then transform into one of it's 3 other formes. Attack Forme will attack players using smaller meteors. Defence Forme will transform into a meteor and crash down an players. Speed Forme will transform into a meteor and shoot itself into an opponent.
Lunar Duo
Lunar Duo
Master Ball Moonlight
Cressalia and Darkrai will circle around the stage, on Darkrai's half of the stage, everything will be blacked out while everything will be normal on Cresselia's side. Then Darkrai will use Dark Void to engulf the whole stage in darkness for a few seconds until Cresselia uses Lunar Wing and lights up the stage. Afterwards all players besides the summoner will fall asleep due to the Dark Void
Master Ball Heart Swap
Manaphy forces all players to become another player's character for a shot time. All KO's and SD's will count towards the player and not the character thier stuck as.
Giratina Origin
Master Ball Shadow Force
Giratina will split into three clones, two obviously unlike him and then Giratina, the stage and all character will turn into black shilloettes while Giritina and it's clones will move around the stage. When everything becoemes normal, the real Giratina will attack with great force. Players should memorize the location of the real Giritina so they wont be attacked.
Master Ball Judgement
Arceus will send white beams of light towards it form all around and then send them back the way they came, dealing huge damage to players who make contact with the beams.
Master Ball V Create
Victini will turn itself either upside down or stay rightside up and based on his posision, a firey V shape will span across the scren doing huge damage.
Master Ball Glaciate
Kyurem will summon two spiralling comets from the sides of the screen to form a Tao-formarion which will freeze players on contact and then create an icy explosion.
Master Ball Relic Song
Meloetta uses Relic Song which puts all opponents to sleep and then transofrms into her Pirroette forme and spins rapidlly, creating a twister of music notes dealing heavy gradual damage to players who get caught in it but no knockback.
Master Ball Geomancy
Xerneas fully restores everyone's health and vanishes.
Master Ball Oblivian WIng
Yveltal raises everyone including it's summoner's percentage to 999% and vanishes.
Event Dazzling Gleam
Diancie positions six carbinks in certain formations and then creates a huge gleaming beam of light at a Carbink. The Carbink directs the light at another Carbink and so on until the beam reaches Diancie who fills in the outline with an amazing multicolred energy.

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