Mini Kangaroo
Mini Kangeroo's placeholder image
Series MiniGameCollectionIcon
Lifespan (1971)Nintendo Mini Game Series
Availability Secret
Victory Theme TBA
Home Stage Rabbit Coaster
Final Smash Color TV Game 112

Mini Kangaroo is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz, considered to be the games most oddball character as well as oldest, surpassing even Mr. Game and Watch. Mini Kangaroo was the mascot of the Nintendo Mini Game Seires, a series of toys Nintnedo had created before making video games. And oddly is the only character to have only one move originating from a video game, the rest are toys and games Nintendo had produced.


Mini Kangaroo as said before has all of her attacks toy related, and uses one varying object for each move making her a random Villager esque character. These moves can make her completely unpredictable but also very hard to get used to, so it isnt recommended for beginners to play as her until playign as more basic characters. Most of her atatcks have alot of start up time as Joey has to pass her the item she must use in a jiffy, but the pay off makes up for it depending on the move weather it be good range or power. This lag makes it so competative players have to plan out where they want to be when they use the attack so they arent hit.

As far as statistics go, Mini Kangaroo's speed is kinda slow and somewhat awkard as her legs arent quite designed to run, but jump. Infact Mini Kangeroo's ground jump is very high, surpassing the base jump of all characters, her second jump doesn't live up to this quality however. Decedent speed is also quite fast being a heavyweight, but floaty enough to make a fair ariel game. Mini Kangeroo is able to wall jump as well.

Alternate Style


Normal Moves

  • Neutral Combo-Waves a fan of Hanafuda Cards, can be chained indefinately.
  • Side Tilt- Slashes with a Picture Cutter.
  • Up Tilt-Shoots the top half of a Jumping Bottle into the air which breaks on contact.
  • Down Tilt- Plays El Conga drums, emmitng soundwaves.
  • Dash- Rides on a rolling Mamaberica stroller.
  • Ledge- A Chiritori sweeps from the ledge and spins out before getting up.


  • Side Smash-Creates a gear from Gear Mesh to grind opponents.
  • Up Smash- Both orbs from a Love Tester interlock, making a huge heart. 
  • Down Smash- Two flippers from the Hockey Game appear on both sides and flip up.


  • Neutral Ariel- Spins around while holding two fans of Hanafuda Cards.
  • Forward Ariel- Uses a air blowing pump and tube from Dynamic Soccer to realese a gust of air, doesnt do damage but pushes the opponent backwards.
  • Back Ariel- Has the same effect as the forward airel but the gust is blown behind Mini Kangeroo.
  • Up Airel- Rings an overhead bell from Block Ringer
  • Down Airel- A peg from Challange Dice appears below Mini Knageroo as she falls, with three random varying sizes with smaller inflicting more damage but having less range then the longer sizes.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab- Grabs opponent with an Ultra Hand, can be used for tether recovery.
  • Pummel- Joey punches the opponent.
  • Forward Throw- Jumps on the farthest side of a twins seesaw launcing the victum forward.
  • Back Throw- Jumps on the cloasest side of a twins seesaw launcing the victum backward.
  • Up Throw- Use the fork of a Power Lift to thrust the victum into the air.
  • Down Throw-Sticks an opponent within a Candy Machine which spins them and then tosses them out coated with cotton candy that momentarily slows them.

Special Moves

Normal Moveset Alternate Moveset Secondary Alternate Moveset
Bee Hive Game
Creates a honeycomb platform consisting of multiple hexagons. Any additional button imputs while the platform is still present will have Mini Kangeroo attack with a hammer. This hammer not only can do decent damage but if the platform is whacked two times it will collapse sending harmful honeycomb pieces downwards.
Ultra Machine
Places an Ultra Machine in front of her which acts very similarly to the killer eye item, constantly firing five baseballs one after another. These baseballs do weak damage but are good for spacing opponents. Like the Bee Hive Game, using the attack again while the Ultra Machine is onscreen will also have an alternative effect, a bat which can hit the ultra machine's balls in diffrent directions and great power.
Hopping Game
Jumps off of a hopping game, granting diagonal recovery and shooting pointy cones in an arch when used. If the button is held, Mini Kangeroo will only shoot the cones.
Time Shock
Places down a disk shaped object on the ground that will eventully explode after a short time, harming even Mini Kangeroo. At default this attack is very weak, however it the attack is used again when near the Time Shock Mini Kangeroo will start inputting orange peices for as long ads the button is held. The more peices are put into the time shock the larger the explosion will be.
Block Crater
Places down a spring loaded mine from Block Crater which acts very diffrently from the regular attack, wehn placed it will stay there until stepped on. If it is stepped on it will spring the opponent high into the air and leave them helpless.



Ending Animations

Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidance

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