Magolor SSB4
Series SSB Kirby Series
Lifespan (2011)Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Availability Unlockable
Home Stage Evergreen Lift
Final Smash Black Hole

Magolor is one of the fighters that appear in Super Smash Bros. Blitz and is played completely in his normal forme and yet can still use some of the powers he could when he does have the Master Crown on. His alignment is often debated due to him becoming good in Kirby's Dream Collection but the game considers him to be evil, as that game wasnt canon.


Magolor has stats that replicate Mewtwo's in various ways, because of his absence. Magolor is a very light slow and floaty character making him easy to launch but his moves are very powerful and could be considered a Glass Cannon. He uses alot of dark magic and extending hands in his attacks that have a decent range but not near alike Megaman's range. His attacks are also very fast and most dont have lag to any extent. Magolor also floats above the ground with a circle below him, reminiscent of the ones that appear under Kirby's feet when battling him.

Alternate Style



Neutral Combo
Two punches that stop in place at the end of thier range and when the second one is used both hands clap.
Side Tilt
Creates a small dark magic burst.
Up Tilt
Claps above him.
Down Tilt
Pushes his hands outward on both sides, creating dark barriers that do damage.

Does a corkscrew dash reminiscent of the one in Kirby's Dream Collection but with no startup, less distance
Creates a dark barrier like the one in his down tilt to protect himself.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash
Creates multiple energy balls which all collide on the ground in front of him.
Up Smash
Creates four cycling energy balls above his head.
Down Smash
Creates two energy balls on each side of him then detonates the ones behind him and finally infront of him.


Neutral Ariel
Spisn his hands around his body.
Forward Ariel
Clasps hands and slams them down infront of him, slow but spikes.
Back Ariel
Both hands clap behind him.
Up Ariel
Creates a veil of dark energy which flows downwards and vanishes.
Down Ariel
Makes a powerful sphere which traps the opponent(s) and explodes shortly after.

Grabs and Throws

Extends hand to grab opponent.
Claps multiple times.
Forward Throw
Launches opponent in a sphere.
Back Throw
Sweeps them backwards using numerous dark explosions and then finishes with a final large explosion.
Up Throw
Throws opponent in air in which his hands follow them as they fly through the air and clap at the peak of his throw.
Down Throw
Throws opponent up in the air and spikes them on the ground.

Special Moves

Normal Moveset Alternate Moveset Secondary Alternate Moveset
Energy Spheres
Dimension Static
Dimension Divide
Black Hole



The Lor Starcutter falls from the sky losing pieces as it goes until finally it leaves Magolor unconsis, only before he gets up.


Side Taunt
Hides most of his body behind his cape and puts on a sly expression, as he does in the opening dialogue in Kirby's Dream Collection.
Up Taunt

Down Taunt
Starts gloating at opponents as he does in Kirby's Dream Collection.

Result Animations

Fanfare 1
Fully rebuilds the Lor Starcutter and celebrates.
Fanfare 2

Fanfare 3


Palette Swaps

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