Kevin is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Monster Tactics series. He debuted in Kakurenbo Battle Monster Tactics (2000) and is one of the many contestants of the monster hunting contest only armed with a flashlight to see in dark dungeons and his skill ring's ability: Shot. However as the game progresses he meets new allies and also defeats monsters to gain thier skills, which translate into his moveset.


Kevin is a rather fast and exactly midweight making him not exactly floaty but only slightly. As for his jumping skills he cannot jump very high but his jumps are somewhat forgivable and along with his recovery move it's not impossible to recover after being launched far but very difficult. Kevin's moveset outside of special moves is unique as he uses fast flashes from his flashlight to attack. These flashes are very long range and fast with almost no lag but the are quite weak as well, but his smashes can remove projectiles that get caught in the ray.



Neutral Combo Does rapid flashes with flashlight, like a strobe.
Side Tilt Does a forward kick
Up Tilt Creates a sparkle of light above him with flashlight
Down Tilt Whacks with flashlight
Dash Whacks opponent with flashlight.
Ledge Shines flashlight onto the stage.


Side Smash Creates a huge ray forward which does huge damage and removes projectiles.
Up Smash Shines flashlight up with huge damage.
Down Smash Sines flashlight on the ground in front of him, does most damage as it's more concentrated but has less range.


Neutral Ariel Spins around with flashlight on.
Side Ariel Does a bash with his flashlight
Back Ariel Preforms a backwards kick.
Up Airel Turns flashligth on and spins in the air above.
Down Airel Shines flashlight below him.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Simply grabs the opponent.
Pummel Rapidly shines flashlight.
Side Throw Throws opponet forward at the ground causign them to bounce.
Back Throw Similar to the forward throw but backwards.
Up Throw Throws upwards and stuns them midair with a flash.
Down Throw Throws down and stuns opponent with a flash.

Special Moves

Power Shot
Trap Shot
Time Bomb
Air Bomb
Binding Wind
Hide and Seek



Kevin appears from a dark patch then removes it with light.

Kirby Hat

Kirby obtains Kevin's hairstyle.


Side Taunt His pet appears from behind his shoulder and they both have a conversation.
Up Taunt Puts his hand up, clenches into a fist and brings it down in triumph with his skill ring letting off lens flare.
Down Taunt A pot appears on the ground and Kevin pulls an item out of it in joy.


Victory Theme
Fanfare 1 Scans the area and shows the symbol on the screen, being a picture of a winning trophy.
Fanfare 2 The whole room appears dark until Kevin appears and shines some light.
Fanfare 3 Throws flashlight upward so it's spinning and when it points down it turns on, making a spotlight. Unfrotuneately gravity comes into play and the flashlight hits Kevin in the head.
Losing Claps to victor with a disappointed expression

Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidance

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