Inkling is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Splatoon series. She debuted in Splatoon (2015) and she along with the male variants are the main species in the said series who have the ability to shoot ink from guns and swim in it by transfromign into a squid. This mechanic translates into the game and has more rules and limitations to it to balance the game.


Inkling is a light medium character with somewhat mediocre jumping annd slow running making inklings main mechanic important. Inkling using her neutral special can shoot in into any direction, and if it hits a surface a bit of her ink meter will drain. Inkling's ink meter shows how much ink they have left to use, any ink that hits opponents or falls offstage will be replenished almost instantly.

By presing down inkling can duck and crawl as a squid but if down is inputed one more time she can swim in her own ink allowing for a change in her slow movement. After swimming in ink any ink swam through disappers to replenish the in guage. Ink also slows down opponents a bit makign it best to jump over forcing them into the air allowing inkling to areil attack. To attack inkling mainly uses various gun bashes which do more damage and knockback the fuller the ink gauge is. The gauge doesn't effect Inklings weight or change the speed of her attacks however.



Neutral Combo Kicks towards ground, transitions into a lunge and does a small ink blast that uses no ink.
Side Tilt Thrusts gun forward.
Up Tilt Throws gun in air and catches it.
Down Tilt Brings gun to the ground.
Dash Slides and then brings gun forward, as if Inkling was about to bowl it.
Ledge Turns into a squid and either slides or crawls onstage.


Side Smash Takes out a killer wail and it gives off a soundwave.
Up Smash Creates a huge ink tornado pillar that spans to the top of the screen, juggles opponents around inside but doesnt have good knockback.
Down Smash Uses ink rifle to create a blast of ink on the ground, if charged a laser will advance in front of inkling and when released the blast will appear there insted.


Neutral Ariel Twirls gun around.
Side Ariel Does a vertical gun bash.
Back Ariel Does a horizontal gun bash behind.
Up Airel Slams gun over head.
Down Airel Creates a small ink burst below, doesnt use up ink gauge.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Simply grabs the opponent.
Pummel Hits with gun.
Side Throw Transforms into a squid and springs foward with the opponent in tow. If theres an ink patch the player can move around before jumping out.
Back Throw Transforms into a squid and springs backward with the opponent in tow. If theres an ink patch the player can move around before jumping out.
Up Throw Throws upward and super jumps towards the opponent hitting them.
Down Throw Slams opponent down, gets them stuck in ink if theres any ink below.

Special Moves

Splat Roller
Splat Bomb
Bomb Rush
Splash Wall
Super Jump
Ninja Jump
Free Jump
Zapfish Barrier
Frigid Zapfish
Ink Cannon



A specail pad appears and a strange humanoid squid creature made of ink emerges before shaking off ink.

Kirby Hat

Gains a hat resembling an Inkling in squid forme, Kirby's ink will only stay on the ground for a few seconds but he does gain the ability to swim in it.


Side Taunt
Up Taunt
Down Taunt


Victory Theme Splatoon victory theme
Fanfare 1
Fanfare 2 Breaks the sphere bounding a zapfish and then it lands in her arms, Inkling pats it gently afterwards.
Fanfare 3
Losing Throws a huge fit.

Palette Swaps

Orange Default appearance.
Blue Based off of a color in the game.
Green Based on one of the colors in the game.
Green Based on one of the colors in the game.
Cyan Based on one of the colors in the game.
Pink Based on one of the colors in the game.
Black Based on a Blooper, an enermy from the mario seires.
Purple Changes the Inkling to an Octoling, nothing else changes besides the appearance.

Palutena's Guidance