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Hoopa is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Pokémon series. It debuted in Pokémon X and Y Versions (2013) and is one of the three mythical with the ability to create portals at will via using the rings on its hoops. Like in it's bio Hoopa can use these rings in combat to add another layer of gameplay to his fighting style.


Hoopa is a mid-lightweight character with rather mediocre speed but good jump and floaty air speed. In terms of it's attacks it mainly uses it's detached hands which offer far attack range and have a fairly decent power, but often have a bit of lag due to Hoopa often having to bring them back.

However Hoopa's most interesting characteristic is the ability to create portals via his Down Special: Hyperspace Hole. Upon using he places a ring in midair and on second use it creates a dimensional passage between the two meaning that any opponents, items and projectiles that go through will quickly appear from the other. With these hoops an endless amount of moveset capability is presented escpeilly the fact that they can be rotated. The rings return to Hoopa on the moves third use, allowing it to set up another two. However, when anything goes through it gets coated in psychic energy that eventually goes away after a couple seconds but does damage when going in a portal again staking damage if done even more, this energy also grants projectiles extra damage.





Grabs and Throws

Special Moves



Appears through a hoop and then grabs the hoop, splits it in two and places them through his horns.


Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidance

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