Hero is a hidden fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the 3rd party Drawn to Life series. He debuted in the Drawn to Life (2007) and was the player's avatar character that they could draw completely with no limits besdes a boundry which was the Hero's hitbox. This mechanic transitions, allowing players to draw a hero within a frame and name it, as well as drawing weapons and such used in it's attacks. The Hero has no set animations but instead has it's limbs and head tilted to create movement,and of course must be flat much like Mr. Game & Watch. Hero can be named and sent to the share feature musch like miis as well.


Hero is a very balanced character but can also be considered a light heavyweight due to it's tall height. It's jump and speed are lackluster but the quality of it;s varied moves and their strength makes up for it. To attack hero uses the various objects drawn in the game such as the sword, sun, slinger or more obscure weapons such as the Surfboard or the Coconut Radio. Each weapon is drawn seprately outside of battle and any undrawn weaposn will be replaced with the default one.

According to official sources, the hero uses unseen pages of the Book of Life to attack.



Normal Moves

Neutral Combo Slashes twice with Slasher and then does a finishing slash.
Side Tilt Shoots three bullets with a shooter.
Up Tilt Brings up Slasher while it's held horizontally.
Down Tilt Sweeps with Slinger.
Dash Pushes opponent.
Ledge Does a kick.


Side Smash Jumps and preforms a huge slash with Slasher.
Up Smash Charges up Slinger and throws it in a circle.
Down Smash Shoots a barrage of Bullets with a Shooter.


Neutral Ariel Flaps with Wings.
Side Ariel Slashes forward with slasher.
Back Ariel Slashes behind with slasher.
Up Airel Upward sword slash.
Down Airel Does a ground pound.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Transforms into a spider and shoots a sting shot and latches onto someone, pulling himslef towards them, then transforms into a blob encasing them.
Pummel Spins the player around inside.
Side Throw Spits them forward
Back Throw Spits them backwards
Up Throw Spits them upwards.
Down Throw Spits them below and then jumps on them.

Special Moves

Acorn Blaster
Kaorin Berry
Shooter Ship
Coconut Radio
Beach Ball
Coin Clown
Colorful Bottle



A mannequin appears but is colored in by a paintbrush to be the selected hero.

Kirby Hat

Kirby gains a headband with a tag of the Hero's face on it.


Side Taunt
Up Taunt Does two upward pumps of it's arm in triumph.
Down Taunt

Result Animations

Fanfare 1 Paint appears on a canvas to ultimately create the Hero.
Fanfare 2 Wipes away shadow goop splattered everywhere before striking a pose with the background sparkling.
Fanfare 3 The world around hero appears colorless until he uses color drops to recolor it.
Loss Lays lifeless as a mannequin.

Trailer: Drawn to Fight

Palutena's Guidance

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