Genesect by nidoru101-d8df1ls
Genesect drives in!
Universe Pokémon
Lifespan Pokémon Black and White Versions (2010)
Pokémon X and Y Versions (2014)
Availability Defualt
Final Smash Magnet Bomb

Genesect is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Pokémon series. It is a Pokémon that was enhanced by Team Plasma to the point where it's previous form is undefinable. As in the Pokémon games, drives can be attached to give it's moves different properties, this translates into smash bros. to add a whole new layer of gameplay. Athletically Genesect now stands upright opposed to it's ingame appaerance where it hunches over.


Genesect is a heavyweight who is rather slow due to it's metal body, but it has very good traction. Although Genesect's jumping is average, it's fast decent speed makes it a fatal target to combos and makes it tricky to recover often forcing Genesect to use it's teather recovery only when close enought o the edge.

In terms of combat Genesect has many unique ways to fight due to it's Drive mechanic. A majority of it's moves come in the forme of cannon bursts and projectiles with interchangeable properties due to it's down special; Drive Switch. This switches it's in use drive with the next one, which gives it cannon attacks diffrent elements. advantages and disadvantages.

Each drive has twenty points of ammuniton with each drive's ammunition display on the hud in a bar graph style,. When cannon related attacks are used the drive in use will lose ammo, stronger attacks drain more ammo thus forcing the player to be more strategic in usign and switching drives. When a drive isn't in use it slowly recharges ammo, regaining one point per second. When not using it's cannon to attack Genesect uses weak slices and stabs from it's blade-like hands which contrasts from it's laggy cannon attacks.


  • Burn Drive
    • High knockback due to the explosions it makes.
    • Low damage.
  • Shock Drive
    • High Damage due to the multi-hitting sparks.
    • Low knockback.
  • Chill Drive
    • Is capable of freezing opponents.
    • Has almost point blank range.
  • Douse Drive
    • Very far range
    • Does no damage, mearly pushing opponents; good for edgeguarding however.

With no drive cannon attacks have no advantages or disadvantages.


Neutral Combo Hunches down which does a bit of damage and fires shots with each additional input; one ammo per shot.
Side Tilt Stabs with one of it's blades.
Up Tilt Shoots a burst upwards with cannon; two ammo.
Down Tilt Does a quick chop to the ground with one of it's blades.
Dash Uses flame charge to shoot a point blank shot forward and runs into it, coating Genesect in the element that corresponds with it's drive; two ammo.
Ledge Prefroms a quick point blank shot when it gets up; two ammo.


Side Smash Uses Techno Blast to shoot flamethrower, laser, icy smoke or a bubble that expands as it goes pushing opponents depending on the drive equipped; five ammo.
Up Smash Creates a laser or a strem of mist dependign on the drive, from it's cannon and brings it quickly overhead in a complete arch. Has great range reguardless of the drive but has bad startup lag; five ammo.
Down Smash Creates an energy bomb on the ground made of the drive's element that explodes either after awhile or when contact is made with it, charging makes it bigger but beign hit while creating the bomb backfires and hits Genesect with the exact damage; five ammo.


Spins both blades around in a circular motion.
Forward Ariel Shoots a shot from it's cannon; two ammo.
Back Ariel Does a quick backwards chop behind it.
Up Airel Tilts cannon upwards and fires multiple burst shots upwards; two ammo.
Down Airel Drops a small energy bomb downwards, great for stopping opponents attempting to juggle; two ammo.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Shoots a long electric strand of thread, then brings the opponent towards in wrapped in electroweb.
Pummel Stabs an opponent with a blade.
Side Throw Kicks opponent away and fires a homing shot that breaks thier electroweb prison but sends then flying; two ammo.
Back Throw Flips over the opponent and when upside down fires a shot at them; two ammo.
Up Throw Uses magnet rise to make the opponent hover upwards, they can move around while hovering but are very vulnerable to juggling.
Down Throw Places bomb on opponent that expldoes in about three seconds.

Special Moves

Lock-On Enters a paused stance as a crosshair appears above it. This crosshair can be moved freely around the stage and when the button is inputted again an explosion will burst in place of the crosshair. Explosions always burst in the element of the current drive, giving it slightly different attributes depending on the drive. The crosshair itself is also very fast and can move anywhere on the stage making it great for hitting opponents from a distance, but close ranged opponents can easily cancel the move by attacking Genesect; 10 ammo.
Electroweb Creates a wall-like web of pure energy before it which has a multitude of uses and properties. It can be climbed and jumped off of by Genesect which will destroy it afterwards, or can capture an opponent inside leaving them open for a good amount of time and forcing them to button mash out. The web can also absorb energy projectiles and catch physical ones in it for Genesect to use, but destroying the web when it grabs the object.
Bug Buzz Generates holographic wings that flutter rapidly to gain a small boost and then slowly flutter down only able to move horizontally. Does damage to opponents nearby due to the flapping wings makign a buzz but is only useful for horizontal recovery.
Drive Switch Enters a pause state on initiation, during this state it will counter anything that attacks with a glitching burst of whatever ammo remains on it's drive, which does more damage when there happends to be more. If Genesect makes it past this pause state it will be able to scroll through all available drives and choose one along with the option of no drive Unfortunately Genesect is very vulnerable during this technique and the move is cancelled with any hit.

Auto Lock-On The crosshair locks on and shoots the nearest opponent, but Genesect has no freedom of the attack and the burst does less damage and knockback.
Rubber Electroweb The electroweb causes opponetns and objects to bounce off of it like a bumper, but cannot catch anything or be climbed, goes away after a time limit.
Magnet Rise The boost given at the beginning is alot higher making it good for vertical recovery but due to the lack of wins Genesect is unable to glide.
Choice Switch More ammo in each drive but the player cannot swap drives until a drive runs out of ammo.

Metal Sound Coats Genesect in metal and gives it a decent boost upward before crashing down, giving off a huge soundwave upon landing. Very bad recovery however.
Glitched Switch Each drive charges more rapidly when unused but a drive is randomly chosen instead of picked.

Magnet Bomb

Genesect uses the energy of all four drives to create a large, translucent silver ball of energy with colorful tints on the edges, before flying offstage in it's UFO forme. Then everything onscreen will be gradually pulled towards this giant bomb, trapping them if they make contact and causing constant damage. After some time it will halt all magnetisim effect and then explode in a colorful burst, dealign huge damage and knockback to all opponents nearby, especilly those unfortuneate enough to be caught in the bomb. Genesect has all drives completely recharged upon returning.



Flies onto the stage in it's UFO forme before unbounding into it's regular one.

Kirby Hat

Gains Genesect's cannon upon his head as well as a visor around it's eyes which resembles the one when the laser ability is obtained; gains the ability to use Lock-On but is only limited to the driveless version.


Side Taunt
Up Taunt
Down Taunt

Result Animations

Fanfare 1 Flies from the horizon and advances towards the screen. Halfway through Genesect will unbound to his normal forme mid-flight causing it to skid on the ground until it reaches the front of the screen.
Fanfare 2
Fanfare 3
Loss Stands and thrushes both blades together in an attempt to clap, only awkwardly creatign sparks.

Palette Swaps

Purple Default color
Red Gives all metallic areas a red coloration and pink detail; ingame shiny color.
Brown Gives all metallic areas a brown coloration, cream detail and midsection; resembles Kabutops, who is similar in Genesect's shape and build.
Pink Gives all metallic areas a pink coloration, sky blue detail and yellow eyes; resembles Porygon Z who is the only other artifical Pokémon.
Grey Gives all metallic areas a bluish silver coloration and grey detail; resembles Magneton who is a robotic-like Pokeémon.
Teal Gives all metallic areas a teal coloration and gold brass detail along with bright yellow eyes;resembles Golurk.
Orange Gives all metallic areas a orange coloration and teal detail and black midsection; resembles Deoxys who seems very artificial as well.