Eevee evolves!
Series PokemonSymbol
Lifespan (1998)Pokémon Red and Blue Versions
Availability Secret
Home Stage Pokepark
Final Smash Last Resort

Eevee is one of the fighters that appear in Super Smash Bros. Blitz and is well known for it's ability to evolve, which is incorporated in Eevee's specials which are all available at the start similar to Palutena's specials. When using a specail attack Eevee doesnt actully evolve to use it as well.


Eevee is a quadrupedal character making it very fast and agile but very light and somewhat weak. Surprisingly it's attacks have great knockback but are very weak, infact Eevee is considered the weakest character on the roster. Eevee's range is also poor and alot of it's moves which consist of mainly tackles have large ending lags for normal moves. To make up for some of these flaws, Eevee's ability: Run Away can negate knockback and flinching but only when trying to escape being juggled or comboed constantly. Eevee's jumps are also verticlly challanged but can jump to very far distances horizontally, making off stage fighting great as long as Eevee is at least line to the edge.

Alternate Style



Neutral Combo
Claws twice as it turns and transitions into an almost infinate Tail Whip.
Side Tilt
Does a tackle with good knockback.
Up Tilt
Stands on hind legs to lift it's head.
Down Tilt
Lays on belly and sprawls out legs
Pounces, if it connects with an opponent Eevee jumps off of them.
Does a tackle onto the ledge

Smash Attacks

Side Smash
Uses Double Edge to tackle forward and then turn and kick opponent with it's hind legs, does very good knockback.
Up Smash
Does a small opponent lifting hop and then headbutts anyone caught in it.
Down Smash
Uses Sand Attack on both sides to plant opponents into the ground.


Neutral Ariel
Extends legs and spins.
Forward Ariel
Bites forward.
Back Ariel
Slaps down with it's tail.
Up Airel
Flips in an upward arch.
Down Airel
Turns facefirst and bites.

Grabs and Throws

Bites on an opponent.
Uses crunch to further bite the opponent.
Forward Throw
Simply tosses opponent forward.
Back Throw
Kicks opponent backwards.
Up Throw
Tosses the opponent upward.
Down Throw
Jumps on opponent spinging upward.

Special Moves

Normal Moveset Alternate Moveset Secondary Alternate Moveset
Thunder Wave
Muddy Water
Ice Fang
Baton Pass
Fairy Wind
Feint Attack
Trump Card
Lava Plume
Last Resort



Jumps out of a patch of grass, implying Eevee to be wild.


Side Taunt

Up Taunt

Down Taunt

Result Animations

Fanfare 1

Fanfare 2

Fanfare 3


Palette Swaps

  • Brown- Default
  • Orange- Has Rlareon's colors.
  • Blue- Has Vaporeon's colors.
  • Yellow- Has Jolteon's colors.
  • Black- Has Umbreon's colors.
  • Pink- Possibly refrencing both Espeon and Sylveon.
  • Green-Has Leafeon's colors.
  • Light Blue-Has Glaceon's colors.