Donbe and Hikari
Donbe & Hikari are tag team fighters that appear in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Shin Onigashma series. They debuted in Shin Onigashima (1987) and are a duo of characters who set off to find thier parents whos souls were sealed inside a bronze bell by the oni. They play similarly to the absent Ice Climbers but with tag team mechanics and such.


Donbe and Hikari's statistics are the exact same when moving, they are both very swift and floaty but also small a light, making it quite easy to KO them. Their jumps are unfortunately small in height but very good in horizontal distance, giving them high moblity over the stage with the cost of recovery. In terms of fighting however they use thier long range weapons which are both different objects have the same hitbox and power; Donbe katana; Hikari bamboo shoot.

Unlike the Ice Climbers they don't attack at the same time with the exception of their special moves, insted the player does a move with Donbe and Hikari will repete the move in the same place a second later. While Hikari repetes Donbe is free to be maneuvered around to preform other attacks, but if Hikari is attacking when Donbe is does an attack she wont repeat. This can be used strategically to get combos and trick opponents, especially with thier down special Magic Ash which makes Hikari completely invisible.

Alternate Style



Neutral Combo Slashes twice and then spins weapon.
Side Tilt Curves weapon and throws like a boomerang.
Up Tilt Stabs diagonally upwards and spins weapon once.
Down Tilt A downwards diagonal stab.


Side Smash Jumps up and slams weapon down.
Up Smash Does a quick jump with an upwards stab curving backwards near the end, similar to Marth's Dolphin Slash.
Down Smash Stabs weapon in the ground and pulls it out, if sucsessfully done it will bury an opponent and then uproot them high into the air but may also be a fail and leave them open.


Neutral Ariel Spins around with weapon held outward.
Side Ariel Brings weapon outward and leaves it out to further damage opponents.
Back Ariel Does a backwards horizontal slash.
Up Airel Spins weapon upwards like a helicopter blade.
Down Airel Preforms a downwards version of the Up Airel.

Grabs and Throws

Grab If Hikari is present then she throws out a tether grabbing vine, but if its only donbe he'll simply grab them.
Pummel Hikari or not Donbe slashes.
Side Throw Does a long lunge forward pushing opponent and then slashes at the end.
Back Throw Throws opponent overhead.
Up Throw Slashes upwards launching opponent.
Down Throw Throws upwards jumps and does a spiking slash bringing opponent to the ground.

Special Moves

Sulfur Ball
Rose Ball
Mirror Sheild
Mirror Beam
Water Bracelet
Wind Bracelet
Ice Bracelet
Magic Ash
Magic Gift
Magic Curse




Donbe pops out of a rice bowl and Hikari emerges from a bamboo stalk.

Kirby Hat

Donbe's hairstyle, blocks Kirby's eyes.


Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidance