SSB Special SymbolAisyaSSB Special Symbol
Universe Tomato Adventure
Lifespan Tomato Adventure (2002)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Mecha-Mecha Panic

DeMille (Demiru in japan) is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Tomato Adventure series. They debuted in Tomato Adventure (2002) and he hails from the same that inspired the well known Mario and Luigi series, with a similar battle system. DeMille is a tomato dispising resident of Kobora Village; a place where those who hate tomatoes are vanished, and along with his silly backstroy his moves are equally slapstick as he uses various toy objects called Gimmicks to fight as he did in his games.


DeMille is a mid-lightweight with a rather short height closely matching villager's and having about the same weight, beacuse of this he is a very fast and aglile character with good speed and good recovery. Unlike most lightweights of these cliche lightweight statistics, DeMilles attacks are very powerful and some even summon objects that can absorb damage and knockback. Although these have a decent startup time, the same can't be said for the extensive lag at the end of each one, making for a bad combo game and leaving DeMille very open most of the time which is very bad for a lightweight character like him. Beign a glass cannon with alot of openings a player should use his attacks at precisce moments and be able to swifty make away from close calls with his speed.

While fighting DeMille seems to have a happy go lucky attitude which matches well with his fighting style.



Neutral Combo Summons the Karate Dog and pulls and pushes on the key to make it punch twice and kick, the dog can take a hit for DeMille as well.
Side Tilt Summons King Meow a cat who jumps forward in front of DeMille, can also take a hit.
Up Tilt Uses the Dragon Gloves to make two upward firey punches above him in an arch.
Down Tilt Takes out Gear Yo-Yo and throws it on the ground below him, it spins doing grinding damage and launches when DeMille pulls it back.
Dash Rides on a Banana Snowboard and flips upwards.
Ledge Uses the Union Bowl to throw a Steel Onion onstage.


Side Smash Shoots a Recoil Glove which is very fast and has a long distance but doesn't do much knockback.
Up Smash Holds an Angry Volcano overhead which erupts making a small lava gyser which makes tiny drops of lava fall on the ground around him afterwards.
Down Smash Takes out Noisy Face, a Kendama-like object and slams it on the ground, dealing major damage infront of him and lesser quake damage behind him.


Neutral Ariel Spins the gear yo yo in a complete circle.
Side Ariel Uses Tail Bun Bun to grow a Tanooki Tail and then swings it twice in front of him.
Back Ariel Summons a Baby Dragon on his back to blow a small burst of fire behind him, it can also take a hit.
Up Airel Puts on a Pyramet, a pyramid shaped hat to create a physic field above him that ensnares opponents and launches them.
Down Airel Summons a Paper Crane below him that does small damage but lets him glide a little and can take a hit.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Uses Bite-Bite to attempt to grab twice, which can be a benefit and a hazard.
Pummel Bite-Bite gnaws on opponent
Side Throw Uses magnehand to magnetize random metal junk onto the opponent doing damage before throwing them diagonally downwards.
Back Throw Throws backward overhead, as if the opponent was trash.
Up Throw Simply tosses upwards.
Down Throw Trips slamming them on the ground,

Special Moves

  • Turtle Glove
  • Hoverboard
    • Mecha Mecha Panic



Appears striking a pose until he somehow trips and pretends he never did as he gets up.

Kirby Hat

Kirby gains his signature hat along with an identical Turtle Glove



Victory Theme Battle Clear theme
Fanfare 1 Jumps up happily again and again.
Fanfare 2
Fanfare 3

Palette Swaps

Blue Default appearance.
Orange Shirt now turns white and he gains an orange hat and shoes; based off of DeMille's first partner Aretha.
Pink Gains a pink hat and a pink shirt as well, resembles Patharan; based on DeMille's kidnapped girlfriend.
Green Gains a green shirt, shorts and highlight on his hat; based on Seremo another character resembling DeMille.
Black Replaces all blue with black and makes DeMille's skin darker; based on Rereku another partner.
White Inverts blue and white; not based on particularly anything.

Palutena's Guidance