Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros)
Clay Kirby is a hidden fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the Kirby series. He debuted in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015) and is canonically Kirby in another style and universe but is referred to as Clay Kirby in this game. Clay Kirby after his world's colros were taken by the hands of Claycia, sets off to get them back accompanied by Eline who drew lines to help him progress.


Clay Kirby is colored and shaped like his flesh counterpart, but the similarities end there. Most of Clay Kirby's moves are similar to Kirby's makng him somewhat of a semiclone, but these moves are much slower, due to Clay Kirby's heavy metirial and have a lot of lag time. There are also a few of Clay Kirby's attacks that allow him to become a ball for a short time too.

Clay Kirby's main gimmick is the use of his standard special, line which summons  Elin to create a rainbow line that can be made into any path and from any distance. These lines stay on the battlefield for a decent amount of time and if Clay Kirby turns into a ball via his down special he can ride on them. Projectiles also will move along the rainbow line making the use of these lines strategic.

As of statistics Clay Kirby being made of thick clay is fairly more heavy than Kirby and is not only the lightest heavyweight but also the smallest making him harder to hit than most heavyweights. However, Clay Kirby's speed is poor and laggy, especially his attacks making it hard to combo opponents. In air Clay Kirby is rather heavy making airel combat difficult but strong as almost all of his ariel attacks spike opponents. Jumping is also worse, dispite having six jumps only two of those jumps can be used for decent height, the rest are very short hops similar to Waddle Dee's in Rainbow Curse.

Alternate Style

Clay Kirby's alternate style is known as Glass Blown, which makes him slightly lighter and gives him the abilty to puff up like the original Kirby for his jumps, but these jumps are still not as good as Kirby's. It also makes his areil game somewhat better as well. The only drawback however is the decrease in power and the loss in Ariel spiking.


Normal Moves

Neutral Combo Punches twice with his hands oddly extended into tentacles and then deals out a kick finisher.
Side Tilt Does an kick with extended range due to his clay body.
Up Tilt Streaches body upwards.
Down Tilt Flattens to both sides
Dash Transforms into a ball and rolls a bit.
Ledge Gets up and morphs into a ball.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash Turns into a ball bounces upwards and crahes down on the ground infront of him.
Up Smash Bounces upwards and spins midair grinding anyone caught in.
Down Smash Turns into a ball, does a short hop and flattens.


Neutral Ariel Outstretches his appendages and does a slow spin midair.
Forward Ariel Turns body into a long whip and lashes forward.
Back Ariel Turns body into a long whip and lashes backward.
Up Airel Does a breakdance kick in air.
Down Airel Transforms into a ball and falls downwards.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Preforms a rolling dash grab, but will be left motionless for awhile if he misses.
Pummel Eline attacks the opponent.
Forward Throw Rolls forward while holding the player, launching them.
Back Throw Does a backward kick.
Up Throw Jumps up slowly a short distance and slams player.
Down Throw Turns into ball and rolls on opponents.

Special Moves

Normal Moveset Alternate Moveset Secondary Alternate Moveset
Rainbow Double Rainbow Durable Rainbow
Tank Bomber Tank Submarine
Rocket Explosive Rocket Guided Rocket
Ball Fastball Boundball

Final Smash

Star Dash- With the power of one hundred stars, Clay Kirby grows large and launches forward, dealing extreme damage to anyone he hits. WHile in use the player controls Elin who can move around rapidly and draw lines for a super charged Clay Kirby to follow. Weather the attack's time ends or Clay Kirby falls offstage, both will result in the final smash's end and Kirby will return to where he used the move. If Clay Kirby falls offstage, it wont count as an SD.



Lies uncolored and unconsis until Eline appears and paints him in.


Side Taunt Pulls out an apple, observes it happily before stumbling and dropping it.
Up Taunt A small except of the stage clear dance here
Down Taunt Eline appears and the both converse.

Result Animations

Fanfare 1 The full versoin of the stage clear here
Fanfare 2 Eline paints a large pile of apples which Clay Kirby pops out of.
Fanfare 3 A clay warpstar appears and Eline paints it in, then Clay Kirby happily jumps on.
Loss Flails hands above hands wildly, oddly not diasapointed. Dispite Kirby's additude Eline seems disappointed.

Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidance