SSB Special SymbolAisyaSSB Special Symbol
Universe ASH
Lifespan ASH: Anarchic Sealed Heat (2007)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Coronation

Aisya is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz representing the ASH series. She appears from a very obscure title that plays similarly to the more popular Fire Emblem seires. She is the queen of Millenar and on the event of her coronation the great Fire Snake destroyed her kingdom as well as her parents, however people started to arise from the shes leaving her on a quest to discover this cause.


Aisya is a heavy midweight fighter due to her height and the various acsessories (sans the long pole-like object behind her back) slightly adding to this. Her speed is somewhat below average and her jumping is also to the same degree, her decent speed feels heavy too. To make up for these slight disadvantages her cutlass, which is used to attack, albeit having short range has almost no lag included and is somewhat powerful. This gives her a very good combo game but unfortuneately is limited to the ground as both her jump height and falling speed do not very well support ariel combat.



Neutral Combo Preforms two swipes with her cutlass and kicks.
Side Tilt Stabs outwards with her cutlass and does a little uppercut after stabbing.
Up Tilt Brings it just above her head and swipes upwards.
Down Tilt Brings cutlass down.
Dash Preforms a sheild bash.
Ledge Does a downwards slash onto stage.


Side Smash Uses Flarera to create a flame that bursts in an instant.
Up Smash Uses Windera to create a giant tornado above her that mainly tosses opponents around, doing lots of damage but little knockback.
Down Smash Buries cutlass in ground to activate Quakera, which either burys opponents with low damage or launches opponents with high damage.


Neutral Ariel Spins cutlass around.
Forward Ariel Preforms a vertical slash forward, can flip opponents directions makigng it a very good edgeguard.
Back Ariel Preforms a sheild bash behind her.
Up Airel Does a sword uppercut, also hits infront but mainly upwards.
Down Airel Swipes multiple times with cutlass below her creating a wall of pain.

Grabs and Throws

Grab Uses Auqara to encase opponent in bubble.
Pummel Makes the bubble radiate with magic dealing damage.
Side Throw Gently pops bubble sending opponent flying.
Back Throw Throws opponent encased in a bubble behind her, popping when they quickly hit the ground.
Up Throw Uses the magical abiltiy Long Throws to throw an opponent upwards a long distance still encased in a bubble as they fall down, in order to break free they have to button mash or they'll be left open to attack.
Down Throw Bounces bubble on the ground bouncing it upward.

Special Moves

Magic Aura Starts up a rather large lag to charge the move and then surrounds Aisya in a magical aura. This aura strengthens the damage and power of her next attack, weather its hit or miss. The attack is stronger the more damage Aisya has accumulated as well.
Spread Attack Uses magic to increse the size of her cutlas about four times the original, then slashes in a wide space dealing large damage. The move however is very laggy in both startup and ending lag.
Mirage Works similarly to a teleporting attack in the likes of Mewtwo or Palutena in that it canbe used in any direction but leaves a copy of Aisya in her place which does minor damage and knockback when touched.
Emotional Seal Somewhat like a counter in the fact that it negates attacks but similarities end there, insted of stunnign an opponent for the next attack it simply knocks them away a short distance with no damage whatsoever. Then upon the second use of this attack she'll unlease an energy representing the opponents anger, with the damage being how much damage Aisya blocked during the first use.

Speed Aura The next attack has a startling speed which stuns the opponent in place doing damage and no knockback, leavign the opponent open for a follow up attack.
Double Attack Two faster slices for double the damage but they only seem to cause hitstun.
Explosive Mirage The mirage explodes on contact but the teleport distance is lowered.
Attack Cancel Stuns an opponent instead, allowing for any free manual attacking.

Aura Soul Gives a more powerful attack boost but if Aisya is hit a opponent's attack and it's knockback is powered up.
Steal Attack A virtually unseeable giant sword slash due to it's extreme speed that can be spammed with no lag at all but like fox's laser it does no hitstun or knockback, only light damage.
Obvious Mirage Removes the mirage in place for a higher ranged teleport move.
Dispel Has a larger knockback when countering but the second attack does half the damage of the original.

Aisya dons her coronation bracelet as much to her suprise the giant fire snake appears dashing across the screen and leaving huge flames all over the place. The flames capture anyone who touches them except Aisya who is active during the final smash, meaning she can knock opponents into the flames, then the flames let off one final blast which often finishes high damaged opponents.



Appears in a rather awkward and puffed out royal dress, than in a smoke-like flash she appears in her regular attire.

Kirby Hat

Kirby gains Aisya's crown and hairstyle.



Victory Theme
A flourished remix of the level up theme
Fanfare 1
Fanfare 2
Fanfare 3

Palette Swaps

White Default color
Yellow Changes clothes color to a bright yellow; based on Bellequ one of the game's party members.
Purple Changes clothes color to a purple color and any metallic objects to an olive green; based on Jeekawen one of the game's party members.
Black Changes clothes color to a dark grey and any metallic objects to a deep black, also makes Aisya's hair white; based on Jeekawen one of the game's party members.
Red Changes clothes color to a brownish maroon red; based on Dab one of the game's party members.
Orange Changes clothes color to a bright orange; based on Emu the fairy, one of the game's party members.