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Super Smash Bros. Blitz is a 2016 platform fighter developed by Inora and published by Nintendo for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The fifth installment in the popular Super Smash Bros. series, the game features a new developer, being the first game in the series to be developed by a developer besides HAL Laboratory, and has a new director in the form of Sr.Wario. Because of this, the game is a bit less safe than previous games in the series, and features new mechanics and a strange roster.

Two special editions were released in 2017 that compile all the DLC characters and feature some new bonus contents. Reception has been (TBA).


New Mechanics

  • Blitzes: This installment's titular feature (though they can be turned off), Blitzes are the "comboes" of the game. While comboes have always been present in the series, this game shows and counts them in a flashy style ala the Marvel vs. Capcom series, and each Blitz that you pull off earns some Blitz Points, which can be used for...
  • Blitz Smashes: Upon earning enough Blitz Points so that you fill up the Blitz Meter in your HUD, you'll be able to use Blitz Smashes, ultra-powerful special attacks that are unique to each character. These work similarly to Final Smashes in execution, but the way to get them is very different, being based off of skill rather than luck.
  • Blitz Boosts: With your Blitz Meter full, you can also decide to sacrafice all of your Blitz Points for a Blitz Boost rather than a Blitz Smash. Instead of a unique special attack, Blitz Boosts simply buff all of the character's stats temporarily. It's really up to you on whether to get a helpful boost or pull off a powerful attack.
  • Character Classes: Each character has a Class, based upon their role in their series, how they play, and what kind of moves they have. Each Class is stronger against another Class, and therefore, weaker against another Class. In Team Battles, characters with the same Class get small stat boosts for the fight. Due to the nature of this addition, it can be turned off for competitive players or players who simply don't like it.
  • Countdown Boosts: In the last five seconds of a timed match, every character will get a heavy boost to all of their stats, just to spice things up. If Sudden Death happens after the match is done, the stat boost will carry over to that too. This mechanic can be turned off.
  • Gameplay Styles: In the options menu before a match, you'll be able to select three different Gameplay Styles. The first, Blitz, is the default setting and plays like the previous installment, the second, Melee, is fast-paced and has various competitive techniques, being based upon Super Smash Bros. Melee, the third is Brawl, a slower style intended for casual players based upon Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the fourth and last is Classic, based upon the original Super Smash Bros. and featuring simplified gameplay that removes a number of complex techniques, making for a more raw experience.
  • Graphic Styles: A purely cosmetic addition, the options menu now allows you to pick a graphical style. There's Regular (the default setting), Classic (a low poly look modeled after the first installment), Melee (based upon the installment of the same name), and Brawl (which features the third game's unique and gritty art style).
  • Blitz Stages: This feature adds a new page of Stages in the form of Blitz Stages. Each of these have their own  special rules that differ them from other stages. Each version has 6 Blitz Stages that are unique depending on which you bought, and the Special Editions add two Blitz Stages to that for a total of 8 each.
  • Character Costumes: Clones have been gotten rid of, instead, some characters have "Costumes", special alternate costumes which can be bought in the Blitz Shop. This makes it so that each character on the roster is unique, but you can still, as an example, play as Dr. Mario rather than Mario if that floats your boat.




Class Strong Against Weak To



Monstericon Bruisericon



Heroicon Mageicon



Mageicon Buddyicon



Buddyicon Heroicon



Bruisericon Warrioricon



Warrioricon Monstericon





Enemies & Bosses