Super Smash Bros. Blast features a mode similar to the Subspace Emissary. It features the characters of the game trying to defeat the evil villains of every series, but learn of a different villain behind the whole adventure. It features 20 areas, and all playable characters (along with some un-playable ones).


Midair Stadium The beginning area, where three levels take place.
Frontier Beach The second, more challenging area, many Primids appear here.
Crested Desert The third, confusing maze-like ruins of a temple in the middle of the desert.
Shikke Swamp A slow swamp, discovered to be next to the desert.
Shiokarai Waters An underwater research laboratory, discovered by Samus.
Skyworld Pit's homeland and the place where Palutena rules. It is located above the main lands.
Pikmin Planet Captain Olimar's main area, the Pikmin Planet only appears in two levels.
The M.M.G.S.S.R.F.E.T.L. The Metallic Military Government Super Secret Research Facility for Extra Terrestrial Life is a super-secret government facility with many ETs.
Halberd Meta Knight's battleship, taken over by Primids and many other robots.
Bowser's Airship Armada Bowser's Huge Airship Armada, gaining control of the skies.
Dark Land Ganondorf's main land, where he gains all of his evil powers.
Deserted Mines A deserted mine, full of many evil robots and primids. A minecart level based on Donkey Kong Country appears here.

Game Walkthrough

The game starts with a match between Link, Mario, Pikachu and Kirby in Midair Stadium. Pit, who is watching from SkyWorld, cheers when Pikachu almost gets eliminated by Mario. The sky then turns black and an evil laugh is heard. Peach, Samus and other people rush onto the field trying to see what was happening, and they all form a circle around Mario, Pikachu, Link and Kirby. Then, a box falls from the sky (a large box), and Pit, still watching decides to help. He goes to the door and falls out and glides to the stadium.

Meanwhile, Link opens the box which has a huge mechanical beast that is turned off. The beast's eyes then flash red and he breaks the box. He then leans over and grabs Peach and Zelda who scream for help. A battle then begins, where you can choose Pit, Mario, Link, Pikachu or Kirby

After defeating "Mekka" (the mechanical beast), Mekka drops the two Princesses who appear all damaged and weak. Both of the princesses are also fainted from the drop.

Many characters (NPCs and Playable) run on to the field to see how they were feeling, and during this time, the sky, still black, starts raining purple spore-like particles. They then form together and create "Primids". Another battle will begin where you can choose Pit, Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Yoshi, or Lucas (the two latter were in the stands).


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