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SSBBA is a game for the Wii U an Super 3DS. It is the first game in the SSBACG series.


Newcomer Starters

Beta NCS
Character Moveset Description

B- Mega Buster

Side B- Proto Shield

Up B- Rush Coil

Down B- Buster Customize

Final Smash- Super Adapter

The Blue Bomber joins the fight, ready to bust foes!

B- Super Fist

Side B- Golden Punch

Up B- Hair Copter

Down B- Plunger

Final Smash- Rabbid Army

The limbless wonder is out of 2D and into 3D! He's ready to fight against the Nintendo heroes.
PaperMarioKersti FF

B- Ice Ball

Side B- Hammer Toss

Up B- Super Jump

Down B- Goombella

Final Smash- Kersti Fuse

The Paper Hero is ready to flatten the competion!

B- Electro Ball

Side B- Iron Tail

Up B- Double Team

Down B- Thunder Wave

Final Smash- Ukelele Pichu

The little thunder is ready to rock! Returning as a revamped pokemon, Pichu is very strong! And cute!
Sonic is Atati

B- Spin Dash

Side B- Wisp Boost

Up B- Ener Grab

Down B- Spin Charge

Final Smash- Super Sonic

The blue blur races into the competion, faster then ever!

B- Spear Jab

Side B- Headbutt

Up B- Spear Propeller

Down B- Bomb Roll

Final Smash- Waddle Doo

Waddle Dee readies his spear! Waddle Dee acts bravely, ready to fight for Dreamland.

B- Eat

Side B- Bubble Storm

Up B- Balloon Yoshi

Down B- Bright Yoshling

Final Smash- Freezing Yoshling

The tiny little dino is ready to fire his tounge at anything to challenge him.

B- Bonus Fruit

Side B- Pellet Chow

Up B- Pac Jump

Down B- Arcade Bite

Final Smash- Power Pellets

The yellow eating hero hungers for a fight!

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