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Ice12 Hello Users. Before you read this article, please notice that this page has been created by Iceboys12. So do not edit without his permission unless there are some misspellings, or putting in Categories, please. If you asked his permission or join his company, feel free to edit and add as much information as you see fit. Now enjoy this article.

SSBBR LogoSuper Smash Bros. Battle Rumble
No boxart(yet)
Developer(s) Iceboys12co., Nintendo
Publisher(s) Iceboys12co., Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii, 3DS, Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
Single, MultiPlayers
Age Rating(s)
T - Teen
Media Included 3DS Card, Wii Disk.
Super Smash Bros. Battle Rumble is a fan-made fighting that is created by Nintendo and Iceboys12co. for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. It is said to be the new installment of the Super Smash Bros. (series)


SSBBR's gameplay uses a battle system extremely likes it's predecessors. Players can choose from a large selection of characters, each attempting to knock their opponents off the screen as they fight on various stages. It was the first smash bros. game that you can switch between final smash for your chosen characters, and some characters have only one final smash.


  • Story Mode: Each Characters have their own stories, and it's based on Adventure Mode from both SSBM and SSBB. (Here the list)
  • Classic Mode: The Classic Mode have mostly elements from SSBM. This Mode is now have a co-op mode.
  • Group Mode: Battle against your friends or the CPUs with your favorite characters
  • All-Star Mode: Beat all the Characters in the Chronological order. (unlockable if you unlocked all the characters, if you buy DLC characters, they don't appear.)
  • Options: Changes the sounds, controls, and etc.
  • Vaults: You can do fun stuff around there, and you can view the contents you've unlocked
  • Smash Studio: In here, You can create your own characters, stages, and etc.

3DS Controls


Wii Controls

DefaultNunchuk DefaultWiiRemote DefaultClassic DefaultGameCube


The game features a total of ___ characters. There are ___ Starters and ___ Unlockables.

Starting Characters

Image Name Series Description
Mariobattle2 Mario Super Mario Mario has always been a balanced character. His strength is mid-tier and has medium weight and speed. He is one of the most popular characters in the video game franchise.
Battleluigi Luigi Super Mario Luigi returns with a somewhat similar moveset to Mario and he's now the starting character. Luigi can jump higher than Mario, and is slightly slower, but his attack strength is unusually high.
Linkbattle2 Link The Legend of Zelda His power is a little low for the middle-heavy weight that he is. He is also slightly sluggish, but his shield is able to reflect projectiles. He is a master of many different weapons.
Battlepeach Peach Super Mario Peach returns with her current design based on her more recent appearances. She's got excellent aerial techniques, a good horizontal recovery, and high priority attacks. However, she is light and one of the weaker characters.
Fox Star Fox


Bowser Super Mario Bowser is the one of the heaviest and largest characters. He also has very powerful though slow attacks. Strangely, even though he still moves slowly, Bowser moves at a faster speed in this game, compared to in Melee and Brawl.

~newBowser Jr.

Super Mario He is the one of the smallest character, but he has some powerful attacks. He moves faster than his father, Bowser.
BattleZelda Zelda The Legend Of Zelda

Zelda is a light-weight, and is fairly slow. Zelda uses magical attacks that are hard to control, but can pack a punch when used successfully. If these attacks are not controlled, she will be weak in battle.

BattleSheik Sheik The Legend of Zelda

Sheik returns as Zelda's transformation after she uses Transform. Contrary to her counterpart Zelda, Sheik specializes in swift movement, not power.

Battlepit Pit Kid Icarus Pit can multi-jump in the air. He uses a bow in battle, which he can break into two blades for brawl battles. He attacks with very fast slash moves in the air and on the ground. He may have a good projectile and weight, but he is somewhat weak.
Battlewario Wario WarioWare Wario is a very strange character. He is a small heavyweight with great aerial game and recovery, but he has poor range and somewhat slow attacks. He also has his overalls as an alternate attire. He has avarage strength for his weight.
Battledk Donkey Kong Donkey Kong As usual, Donkey Kong is heavy and strong. He has the unique ability to capture opponents and carry them for a short distance. He has powerful attacks and very good speed for a heavyweight.
Battlediddy Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong is fast, light and abundant with a set of unique attacks, including the ability to throw bananas. His tilts and Smash attacks are powerful and has great combo attacks.
Battlesamus Samus Metroid Samus has a relatively slow pace, and is a medium to heavyweight. Most of her attacks involve projectiles, which are quite powerful, and her smash attacks have been upgraded in terms of knockback.
Zero Suit Samus Metroid Once Samus uses her Zero Laser, her armor breaks and Zero Suit Samus enters the battle. She is light, fast, flexible but has weak attacks. Her Final Smash allows her to turn back into Samus
Kirby Kirby Like in the previous SSB games, Kirby is a very light character, and has very strong attacks. He is fairly fast on ground, but his attacks are rather slow. He has great aerial combat.
Meta Knight Kirby Meta Knight can multi jump in the air and glide. He has very fast combo attacks and is fast in speed himself. His Special Moves are also quick and his Smash Attacks pack a punch.
King Dedede Kirby King Dedede is a heavy character. He often uses his hammer in attacks, and relies on Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos or Gordos to damage his opponents from afar.
Battlepikachu Pikachu Pokemon Pikachu is a light character with very powerful attacks, as well as aerial combat. He is one of the fastest fighters in the game and has very good recovery.
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon

~newLittle Mac

Punch-Out!! Little Mac, the eponymous protagonist of the Punch-Out!! series is finally here. Little Mac is a fast mediumweight with powerful ground attacks. As a professional boxer, Little Mac fights with only one thing: punches.


Golden Sun Directly from the Golden Sun series, it's Matthew, Isaac's Venus Adept son, here to represent his series. Matthew's moveset is entirely based on his Psyenergy powers, which makes him a strong fighter.

~newProfessor Layton

Professor Layton Professor Layton is a well-balanced, smooth fighter who uses many devices for combat, in combination with his intelligence.
Ice Climbers Ice Climber
Battlehyoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi is a fast and somewhat heavy character. Some of his attacks are slow and powerful, whereas some of them are quick and weak. His Up Special now allows him to recover more easily.
Krystal Star Fox Krystal is a fast, agile, lightweight character who uses her staff on most of her attacks. Although she's one of the weaker characters, Krystal specializes in swift movement, not power.

~new   King K. Rool

Donkey Kong
Ness EarthBound Ness appears as a starter character. He uses the same moveset he used in the previous games, a PK based moveset. He is a medium-weight and has adequate strength.
Lucas EarthBound
Battlemarth Marth Fire Emblem Marth appears as a starter character. He chooses speed over raw power, specializing in strategic offensive and defensive play. His sword does more damage at the tip of the blade. He is also the fastest walker in the game.
Battleike Ike Fire Emblem
~newBomberMan BomberMan
~newBandana Dee Kirby

~new    Kat and Ana

Oilmar Pikmin
Toad Super Mario


Starting Stages

Image Name Series Description Music (Bold is Unlockable)
Midairsta Mid-Air Stadium Super Smash Bros. Mid-Air Stadium is a simple stage. It consists of a floating platform in the centre of a huge stadium with invisible audience. There are no hazards here.
FinalNeoDest Final Destination

Super Smash Bros.

Final Destination is a medium sized, completely flat, neutral stage. It travels throughout time and space and even the universe. 
300px-MariocircuitMK7 Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario In this stage, the battle takes place on the field from Princess Peach's Castle from Mario Kart 7. The Mushroom Kingdom stage features many objects from classical Super Mario Bros. games, such as Brick Blocks and ? Blocks, which contain items.
640px-Bridgeofeldin The Bridge of Eldin The Legend Of Zelda A flat stage. King Bulblin and Lord Bullbo occasionally destroy the bridge, forcing the battle to not be fought in the middle of the stage.
SSBMSky Skyloft The Legend of Zelda A Normal stage that takes places in Skyloft from Skyward Sword.
541px-KRtDL Dream Land Dream Land Kirby This medium-sized stage is very similar to Onett, as it features three platforms, one next to each other. It is a simple stage, suitable for beginners.
Junglehi Jungle Hijinx Donkey Kong It is a dense jungle with barrels, bridges, ancient temples and vines. The Stage is very similar to "Jungle Japes" Stage from SSBM, but with some temples and vines added, and it's morning.
Gangplank Gangplank Galleon Donkey Kong The second largest stage in the game, it is King K. Rool's ship. Players can fight on the deck of the ship.
Starship-Mario-super-mario-galaxy-2-12801698-600-600 Starship Mario Super Mario The battle takes place mostly on the starship. It passes through several galaxies and will sometimes stop to some locations which become playable stages.
Skyworld SSBET SkyWorld Kid Icarus Pit's homeland. It consists of several breakable platforms.
Pk stadium2 Pokemon Stadium 3 Pokemon Similar in appearance to the two previous Pokémon Stadiums but not the same. This stage transforms into original 5 and new 4 enviroments. These are Fire, Ice, Electric, Water, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Dark and Steel.
Fire Emblem
Norfair Norfair Metroid A stage that takes place inside Planet Zebes, similar to Brinstar Depths from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Lava occasionally rises from the bottom of the stage, as well as from the sides, and even from the back of the stage. 
TheWanderingNewbie-Let-s-Play-Punch-Out-Wii---Piston-Hondo-TD---Challenges-e11010461 WVBA Boxing Ring Punch-Out!! WVBA Boxing Ring is a very neutral, flat stage, very similar to Smashville. It is also the smallest stage in the game.
WarioWare.Inc SSBET Wario Ware Inc 2 WarioWare Works the same way, but with new minigames

List of Trophies

Mario Series

Main Artice: Super Smash Bros. Battle Rumble/List of Mario trophies

Zelda Series

Main Artice: Super Smash Bros. Battle Rumble/List of Zelda trophies

Kirby Series

Main Artice: Super Smash Bros. Battle Rumble/List of Kirby trophies

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