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DLC content for SSBBR. You may feel free to add a DLC pack.

NOTE: Some content may be deleted if the game's designer does not approve of it.

Minecraft Pack

Image Name Special Moves Home Stage Series
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve Standard Special Move: Pickaxe
Side Special Move: Axe
Up Special Move: Ender Pearl
Down Special Move: Armor Equip
Super Smash: Diamond Tools
Final Smash: Nether Breach


New World


Added by Sloopy678

Anime Pack

Image Name Special Moves Home Stage Series
SonGokuBOG Goku Standard Special Move: Kamehameha
Side Special Move: Ki Blasts
Up Special Move: Instant Transmissions
Down Special Move: Kaio-ken
Super Smash: Spirit Bomb
Final Smash: Super Saiyan

Planet Namek

Planet Namek

Dragon Ball
Ichigo Ichigo Standard Special Move: Getsuga Tenshõ
Side Special Move: Shunpo
Up Special Move: Kōtei-ki Tōshin
Down Special Move: Gazan
Super Smash: Fullbring
Final Smash: Bankai Ichigo

SSBBRZS HuecoMundo

Hueco Mundo


Added by Sloopy678

Yoshi's Island Pack

Image Name Special Moves Home Stage Series
SSBBRZS Babies The Babies Standard Special Move: Hammer
Side Special Move: Bros. Flower
Up Special Move: Toady Lift
Down Special Move: Baby Drill
Super Smash: Copy Flower
Final Smash: Chain Chomp

Yoshi island

Yoshi's Touch & Go

Yoshi's Island

Added by Mariobros.4444

Moon Pack

Image Name Special Moves Home Stage Series
SKULL KID aaa Skull Kid Standard Special Move: Punch
Side Special Move: Bow
Up Special Move: Launch Mask
Down Special Move: Double Assault
Super Smash: Tear Moon
Final Smash: Final Hours

Clock Town by Argial

Clock Town

The Legend of Zelda

Added by Baptiste44

More to come...

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