The list of trophies in Super Smash Bros. Battle.

Super Smash Bros. Trophies

Mario Trophies

Name Games Description Unlocking Criteria
Mario NES Super Mario Bros

DS New Super Mario Bros

The heroic plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom. Hailing from Brooklyn, Mario came to the kingdom to protect it from the clutches of Bowser. Mario's first adventure involved him going through several castles, annoying Toads, and eight worlds to save Princess Peach. Clear Classic Mode as Mario
Mario (Smash) N64 Super Smash Bros

GCN Super Smash Bros. Melee

This is Mario in the form of a fighter in Smash Bros. Mario is the most balanced fighter in the game: with not too much speed and not too much power, either. He can shoot fireballs, reflect items with his cape, and he has a good recovery in his Super Jump Punch. Clear Adventure Mode with Mario

Donkey Kong Trophies

Yoshi Trophies

Wario Trophies

Paper Mario Trophies

Legend of Zelda Trophies

Kirby Trophies

Pokemon Trophies

Metroid Trophies

Star Fox Trophies

Kid Icarus Trophies

Earthbound Trophies

F-Zero Trophies

Pikmin Trophies

Starfy Trophies

Chibi-Robo Trophies

Fire Emblem Trophies

Megaman Trophies

Animal Crossing Trophies

Punch-Out Trophies

Sonic the Hedgehog Trophies

Xenoblade Trophies

Retro Trophies

Bomberman Trophies

Final Fantasy Trophies

Splatoon Trophies

Rhythm Heaven Trophies

Other Nintendo Trophies

Name Origin Description How to Unlock
Mr. AR 3DS AR Games A living block and the mascot of AR Games. Mr. AR and his AR Cards are used to play various AR Games on the 3DS, like Fishing, Drawing, and a few others. He can be shot to play a certain game. Random
Nikki 3DS Swapnote Nikki is a Mii that helps you in your journey through Swapnote. She gives you notes on how to do several things, like add pictures and sound, change colors, and sending to other people. Isn't she social? Random
Face Raiders 3DS Face Raiders These pesky little propellers are not ordinary helicopters: they have faces! Using faces taking from photos, you go through your adventure shooting these pesky things. Their attacks range from kissing to shoot cannonballs Reflect 50 projectiles

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