Just like assist trophies,the poke balls come in many varieties, depending on the Pokemon inside it. Here are the list of Pokemon appearing in this game.


Image Pokemon Attack Effect
064Kadabra Kadabra Kinesis Ups the damage the summoner gives by 10%
135Jolteon Jolteon Thundershock Strikes the opponents with many weak but far-reaching lightning bolts.
015Beedrill Beedrill Pin Missile Summons many other Beedrills that fly across the screen
093Haunter Haunter Lick Licks a player. The player is temporarily stunned.
136Flareon Flareon Flamethrower Breathes fire that burns opponents
134Vaporeon Vaporeon Water Pulse Shoots out a small water ball with high knockback
170px-Squirtlessbb Squirtle Withdraw Hides in its shell and spins around, knocking player around
Ivysaur Ivysaur Seed Bomb Shoots a gargantuan seed from its bulb that explodes on impact with players
101Electrode Electrode Self-Destruct Starts to explode, but before it finally blows up it can be thrown.
052Meowth Meowth Pay Day Shoots a ton of coins. Coins can be picked up in Coin Battle
120Staryu Staryu Swift Shoots a vast amount of projectiles at a randomly selected player
133Eevee Eevee Tackle Rams into players randomly. Occasionally, it will evolve into one of the Eeveelutions and act like said Eeveelution.
118Goldeen Goldeen Splash No effect. What do you expect? A Mexican taco party?
143Snorlax Snorlax Body Slam Will jump up, then crush the other players
050Diglett Diglett Dig Digs into the ground and pops out, doing weak damage but has a high knockback
144Articuno Articuno Ice Beam Shoots a beam of ice that freezes whatever it touches.
Moltres Dream Moltres Fly Will fly up to the sky, but whoever it hits will fly off and will mostly get KOed.
145Zapdos Zapdos Thunder Wave Paralyzes everyone but the summoner for a few seconds.
151Mew Mew None Will fly off, but will leave behind a rare trophy. It has a one out of 151 chance of appearing, and seeing it will unlock the Mew trophy on Challenge Mode.
132Ditto Ditto Transform Transforms into any random Pokemon.
156Quilava Quilava Flame Wheel Spins into a flaming wheel and attack other players
152Chikorita Chikorita Razor Leaf Shoots rapid leaves in one direction
182Bellossom Bellossom Sweet Scent Puts players to sleep
202Wobbuffet Wobbuffet Counter If anything hits it, it will rock back and forth, hitting anything.
229Houndoom Houndoom Crunch The screen goes dark for a second, the a random opponent will go flying, instantly KOed by its bite.
175Togepi Togepi Metronome Can do a variety of effects;
  • Powder Snow; freezes everyone
  • Leech Seed; plants flowers on everyone
  • Agility; speeds up the summoner by 90%
  • Night Shade; makes the screen go dark for a few seconds.
  • Self-Destruct; explodes, making everything around it go flying
185Sudowoodo Sudowoodo Harden Just sits like a tree. If anyone touches it, they go flying.
244Entei Entei Fire Spin Summons a large pillar of fire. Anyone who gets caught in it is stuck inside it.
243Raikou Raikou Thunder Fang Lashes out on an opponent, doing high damage,
249Lugia Lugia AeroBlast Shoots a large pillar of wind that blows all opponents off the area.
251Celebi Celebi None Celebi flies around, then flies off, dropping a rare CD. She has a one-in-251 chance of appearing, and seeing her gets the Celebi trophy.

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