The list of event matches in Super Smash Bros. Battle.

Name Description Objective Player Enemy Ally/ies Stage Prize
1. Old-Fashioned Battle The Princess is in another castle! Rescue her from the clutches of Bowser! Defeat Bowser without defeating Peach Mario (one life) Bowser (one life) Peach (does not fight, one life) Bowser Castle N/A
2. The Ally Awakens Pokemon are good, but Assists are better! Defeat your opponent with Assist Trophies! Defeat Wario with Assist Trophies Kirby (one life) Wario (one life) N/A WarioWare Inc N/A
3. Visitor to the Deep
4. Smash Bros 3D World
5. Giga-Robo!! Go!!
6. Mario Kart Battle
7. A Link to the Darkness
8. Cloudy with a Chance of Explosions
9. Princess Protector
10. Perfect-Attendance All Stars
11. The Winged Rebel
12. New Super Bowser Bros
13. Gourmet Battle
14. Galactic Fight on Saturn
15. Year of Luigi
16. Rightful Ruler
17. Wild Encounter
18. Trophy Tussle 1
19. Throw A Falcon Punch
20. All-Star Melee

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