Super Smash Bros. Bash is a game for the Nintendo 3DS.


Gameplay is the same as another Smash Brothers title for the 3DS, Super Smash Bros.: Road of Rumble. The game only a total of 16 playable characters and 20 stages. 8 of the characters are unlockable and 10 of the stages are unlockable aswell. Downloadable Content or DLC, has been comfirmed. Character packs will cost $3.00 in Nintendo Points and Stages will cost a dollar in Nintendo Points.


There are a total of 20 characters, 12 of which are unlockable. So far,





Donkey Kong




Luigi (unlockable)

Fawful (unlockable)

Wario (unlockable)

Krystal (unlockable)

Baby Ridley (unlockable)

Jiggleypuff (unlockable)

Ness (unlockable)

Cpt. Falcon (unlockable)

Olimar (unlockable)

R.O.B. (unlockable)

Mr. Game & Watch (unlockable)

Sonic (unlockable)

Kirby Rival Pack DLC (King DeDeDe and Meta Knight)

Nintendo Princess Pack DLC (Princess Peach and Princess Zelda)

Nintendo Stars Baddys Pack DLC (Bowser and Ganondorf)

Sonic Friends Pack DLC (Tails and Knuckles)

Third Party Pack DLC (Atlas & P-Body and Geno)

Double Double DLC (Kate & Ana and The Ice Climbers)

Third Party Pack 2 DLC (Soild Snake and Maxwell)

More DLC coming soon.


There are a total of 21 stages, 10 of which are unlockable and are from previous games in the series.

Bob-Omb Battlefield

Ricco Harbor

Good Egg Galaxy

Mansion Interior

Mother Brains Lair

Kraken Attack!

Black City/White Forest

Wonkey Forest


Donkey Kong Retro

Big Blue (unlockable)

Fourside (unlockable)

Fountain of Dreams (unlockable)

Spear Pillar (unlockable)

Yoshi's Island (unlockable)

Norfair (unlockable)

Corneria (unlockable)

Great Bay (unlockable)

Smashville (unlockable)

Flat Zone (unlockable)

Mish Mash (DLC)

Bowsers Airship (DLC)

Summit (DLC)

Shadow Moses Island (DLC)

Mona Pizza (DLC)

Princess Peachs Castle (DLC)

Temple (DLC)

Aperture Science Testing Chambers (DLC)

More DLC coming soon.

Game Modes

Classic Mode: Remains the same from previous games. For more information see, Super Smash Bros. Bash/ Game Mode.

Boss Tower: Unlocked after beating the adventure, Boss Tower will be unlocked. You choose a total of three characters to play as in the order you want to play as them. For more info, see Super Smash Bros. Bash/ Game Modes.

All-Star Mode: Same as the other games. Includes the same rest room as Brawl. For more information, see Super Smash Bros. Bash/ Game Modes.

Tournament Mode: Stays similair to the previous games. See Super Smash Bros. Bash/ Game Modes.

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