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This is how to unlock all characters in Super Smash Bros. Attack

  • Luigi: Beat classic Mode or play 10 matches.
  • Waluigi: Beat Classic without using a continue or play 20 matches.
  • Geno: Play on a single stage 15 times or play 30 matches.
  • Paper Mario: Play Omega Smash or play 40 matches.
  • Toon Link: Beat Classic with 10 characters or play 50 matches.
  • Demise: Unlock him in Story Mode.
  • Meta Knight: Beat Multi-Man Melee as Kirby or play 60 matches.
  • Prince Fluff: Beat 15 challenges or play 70 matches.
  • Wolf: Taunt as Fox 10 times of play 80 matches.
  • Ridley: Play a online match or play 90 matches.
  • Mewtwo: Have all Pokémon beat Classic or play 100 matches.
  • Mew: Unlock him in Story Mode.
  • Ness: K.O 1 person in Cruel Smash or play 110 matches.
  • Pokey: Have a match between Ness and Lucas or play 120 matches.
  • Roy: Taunt 30 times or play 130 matches.
  • Robin: Perform Roy's Final Smash 5 times or play 140 matches.
  • Bass: Beat Hard Classic with Megaman or play 150 matches.
  • Shadow: Have a Sonic Vs. Tails match or play 160 matches.
  • M. Bison: Perform the Hadoken move with Ryu or play 170 matches.
  • King K Rool: Beat 5-minuet Smash or play 180 matches.
  • Plague Knight: Beat Classic as Shovel Knight or play 190 matches.
  • Globox: Beat Boss Rush as Ray-man or play 200 matches.
  • Mumbo Jumbo: Unlock him in Story Mode.
  • Sandbag: Get a High Score on Sandbag toss or play 210 matches.

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