This is the List of challenges in Super Smash Bros. Attack.

Single Player

Name Description Character Goal
Triple Trouble "Oh, Great! Now there's 3 Kings?! Quick, spank 'em silly!"

Mario (P1)

Dedede, Bowser, Ganon (CPU)

Defeat all enemy CPU's.
Street Fighter "It's you Vs. Mario! Show him who's the true fighting champ!"

Ruy (P1)

Mario (CPU)

Defeat Mario in a Stamina match.
Snack Time "It's the worlds greatest Eat-off! Who can eat the most?"

Kirby (P1)

Pac-Man, Yoshi, Dedede (CPU)

Eat the most health items.
One-hit wonder "Your good at Smash? Prove it! Try not to get hit and defeat the opponent!"

Selected (P1)

Random (CPU)

Defeat the opponent without getting hit.
Champ of the ring "Time to go for gold! Try to win by knock-out before time runs out!"

Little Mac (P1)

King Hippo (CPU)

Defeat Hippo before time runs out.

Two Player




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