Super Smash Bros. Attack is the 5th instalment in the Super Smash Bros series.


The gameplay is mostly like a Melee/Brawl type of battling, but with a few minor changes:

  • Tripping is a thing in the past.
  • Air Dodging now moves you slightly forward.
  • There is now a Front and Behind Smash Attack.



Mario Peach Toad Bowser
Daisy Wario Link Zelda
Ganon Kirby Dedede Fox
Falco Peppy Samus Pikachu
Lucario Zorark Falcon Lucas
Poo Ike Marth Crome
Corrin Olimar Pit Eggplant
R.O.B GAW Pacman Megaman
Sonic Tails Ristar Ryu
Chung DK Diddy Yoshi
Kamek Shante Shovel Ice Climb
Rayman Banjo Bayonetta Balloon
L. Mac Mii N/A N/A


Luigi Waluigi Geno Paper M
Toon Demise Meta Fluff
Wolf Ridley Mewtwo Mew
Ness Pokey Roy Robin
Bass Shadow M.Bison Rool
Plague Globox Mumbo Sandbag


Starfy Bonk Bubsy Crash
Hippo Snake Goomba Shopping

To see how to unlock all characters, see Super Smash Bros. Attack/Unlocking Guide

To see all character movesets, see Super Smash Bros. Attack/movesets


Game modes

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is where you fight through about 12 rounds of fighters (With 1 or 2 being Mini-games), then fight Master Hand or Crazy Hand. You can set the difficulty to Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Intense, and Impossible.

All-Star Mode

(Only unlocked after you get all characters) Fight through every character in the game, all in the order of appearance or randomly. There is Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Boss Rush

Brawl every single boss from Story Mode (including Crazy Hand and Dr. Eggman).

Multi-Man Melee

Fight a bunch of enemies in one wave. The different modes include:

  • 10-Man Melee
  • 30-Man Melee
  • 50-Man Melee
  • 100-Man Melee
  • 1-minuet Melee
  • 5-minuet Melee
  • 10-minuet Melee
  • 15-minuet Melee
  • Cruel Smash
  • Endless Smash

Sandbag Toss

Using a Home-Run Bat, try to launch a Sandbag as far as you can.

Omega Smash

In Omega Smash, all players are given random Buffs or De-buffs to make the battles more variety.


Take on challenges that make you do specific things. For more info, see Super Smash Bros. Attack/List of challenges.



Story Mode: Tales of Smash

In Super Smash Bros. Attack, it has the return of Brawl's Story Mode. In it, our hero's must stop a huge threat from destroying the universe. Some characters (like Demise, Mew, and Mumbo) can only be unlocked by playing this. However, Prince Fluff and Globox do not appear in Story Mode.

For more info, see Super Smash Bros. Attack/Story Mode.


  • Just so you know: Falcon is Captain Falcon, Eggplant is the Eggplant Wizard, GAW is Mr. Game and Watch, Chung is Chung-Li, Shovel is Shovel Knight, Paper M is Paper Mario, Toon is Toon Link, Meta is Meta Knight, Fluff is Prince Fluff, Rool is King K Rool, Plague is Plague Knight, Hippo is King Hippo, and Shopping is the E. Shop Shopping bag.
  • TBA

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