Here there are the unlockable characters in Super Smash Bros. Atom. Into [] there are the custom special moves and the Final Smash type.

Super Mario Bros. series


Luigi, the shadow of his brother is an unlockable again, much more in line with his previous appearances. He can jump higher then his brother Mario but he's a little weaker and he slides.

  • Standard: Fireball [Bouncing Fireball/Iceball]
  • Side: Green Missile [Floating Missile/Quick Missile]
  • Up: Super Jump Punch [Fiery Jump Punch/Burial Aerial]
  • Down: Luigi Cyclone [Mach Cyclone/Clothesline Cyclone]
  • Final Smash: Polterguset 5000 [Trapping]
  • Character type: balanced
  • Dodge type: Melee

Dr. Mario

Mmmmmmh... It looks like you have a cold. Can he help you? He is a doctor but he is better in inflicting damage instead of curing people! He's Dr. Mario, of course! He is a clone of Mario but he's slower and stronger than him.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Megavitamin [Fast Capsule/Mega Capsule]
  • Side: Super Sheet [Shocking Sheet/Breezy Sheet]
  • Up: Super Jump Punch [Super Jump/Ol'One Two]
  • Down: Doctor Vortex (new name of Doctor Tornado) [Vacuum Vortex (new name of Soaring Tornado)/Clothesline Vortex] 
  • Final Smash: Sterminavirus [Focused] replacing Doctor Finale
  • Character type: balanced
  • Dodge type: Melee

Bowser Jr.

Bowser's baby, with his brothers, fights on his Clown Koopa Car. In this, he gets minus damage (1x0.88) but if an attack hits his little body, it will inflict more damage (1x1.15). He hasn't any palette swap, instead he uses his brothers: the Koopalings!

Special Moves

  • Standard: Clown Cannon [Piercing Cannon/Air Cannon]
  • Side: Clown Kart Dash [Koopa Drift/Grounding Dash]
  • Up: Abandon Ship! [Meteor Ejector/Koopa Meteor]
  • Down: Mechakoopa [Impatient Mechakoopa/Big Mechakoopa]
  • Ability: Clown Car Junior
  • Final Smash: Shadow Mario
  • Character type: tricky
  • Dodge type: Brawl

Petey Piranha

"Petey Piranha chomps in!" Petey Piranha has promoted from a boss in Brawl to a character! He is heavy but he can jump 4 times and can glide. He's also good in ranged attack because he's got a distance attack, a ranged grab and a placed attack. His up special doesn't make him in helpless state so he has a good recovery too!

Special Moves

  • Standard: Piranha Plant [Knives Teeth/Venus Plant]
  • Side: Goop Spit [Toxic Mud/Ranged Goop]
  • Up: Warp Pipe Jump [Warp Cannon/Pipe Meteor]
  • Down: Petey Bomb [Petey Blaze/Piranha Bomb]
  • Ability: gliding
  • Final Smash: Piranha Chomp [Directional]
  • Character type: bruiser
  • Dodge type: Brawl

Unlock criteria

  • Luigi: play 22 matches/complete Adventure Mode with Mario with 2 stocks without continue
  • Dr. Mario: play 60 matches/clear Classic Mode with Mario at level Normal or higher
  • Bowser Jr.: play 100 matches/clear Target Test with Bowser in 30 seconds or under
  • Petey Piranha: play 85 matches/use the Piranha Plant item 50 times


Golden Sun series


"Isaac follows his son!" Isaac is an unlockable character from the Golden Sun series along with Matthew. Isaac in fact is a clone of Matthew but he's stronger than his son. Also, Isaac has got some moves which are more powerful than his son's (like Cure).

Special Moves

  • Standard: Move/Cure/Haunt
  • Side: Ragnarok/Helm Splitter/Annhilation
  • Up: Bramble/Thunder/Flame
  • Down: Thorn/Helm Splitter/Demon Knight
  • Ability: no custom
  • Final Smash: Judgement [Stage Wide]
  • Character type: ranged
  • Dodge type: Brawl

Unlock Criteria

  • Isaac: play 75 matches/clear Classic Mode with Matthew at level Normal or higher


Donkey Kong series

King K.Rool

"King K.Rool slams in!" King K.Rool has came as the star he is: in fact he's the heaviest character in the game (sorry Bowser) and he's the second-highest knockback (after King DeDeDe). King K.Rool has also a Side Smash Attack which shoots in a long range, so it can hit distant opponents, even if the knockback is higher in the lower range.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Arc Kannon [Straight Arc/Arc Bomb]
  • Side: Krown Throw [Boomerang Krown/Krown Punch]
  • Up: Kopter [Royal Kopter/Reflect Kopter]
  • Down: K.Rool Pound [K.Rool Quake/Low Pound]
  • Final Smash: Kludge [Stage Wide]
  • Character type: bruiser
  • Dodge type: Brawl

Unlock Criteria

  • King K.Rool: play 950 matches/clear Adventure Mode on True Madness! difficult with each Donkey Kong and Super Mario character.


Paper Mario series

Paper Mario

"Paper Mario cuts the battlefield!" Paper Mario is the representative of the new series Paper Mario. He has always an helper after him which allows him to use special moves. Also, Goombella appears as a neutral element (she can't be hit and she can't die but she also hasn't any true use) always following our favorite flat hero!

Special Moves

  • Standard: Koops [ParaKoops/Spiny Koops]
  • Side: Madame Flurrie [Tornado/Gust Madame]
  • Up: Yoshi [Ground Pound/Licking Yoshi]
  • Down: Admiral Bobbery [Meteor Bobbery/Tricky Bobbery]
  • Final Smash: Seven Stars [Transformation]
  • Character type: jumper
  • Dodge type: Melee

Unlock Criteria

  • Paper Mario: play 300 matches/Complete the Target Test with each Mario character with a medium time of 30 seconds


WarioWare series


Ha ha ha ha ha! Wario time! With his funny and strong moves, his known charm and his... refined walking way, Wario is one of the favorite character in the public. He has funny moves like a fart and a bite.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Chomp [Inhaling Chomp/Garlic Breath]
  • Side: Wario Bike [Speeding Bike/Burying Bike]
  • Up: Corkscrew [Widescrew/Corkscrew Leap]
  • Down: Wario Waft [Rose-Scented Waft/Quick Waft]
  • Final Smash: Wario-Man [Transformation]
  • Character type: bruiser
  • Dodge type: Brawl

Unlock Criteria

  • Wario: play 110 matches/win 100-Men Smash with 3 characters


The Legend of Zelda series

Toon Link

The green-suited hero, known for his cat-like eyes and his famous ship ability is he: Toon Link! He has some moves which resembles Link's one but he's a totally different Up Special and Final Smash. Also, he's weaker than Link but he's faster than him!

Special Moves

  • Standard: Hero's Bow [Fire Arrow/Quickfire Bow]
  • Side: Boomerang [Floating Boomerang/High-Speed Boomerang]
  • Up: Wind Waker replacing Spin Attack [Fire Wind/Vacuum Wind]
  • Down: Bombchu replacing Bomb [Self-Destruction Bombchu/Jumping Bombchu]
  • Final Smash: Four Swords [Trapping] replacing Triforce Slash
  • Character type: ranged
  • Dodge type: Melee

Skull Kid

"Skull Kid steals the scene!" Skull Kid is here with his Majora's Mask. Skull Kid has been the main enemy in Majora's Mask and in his remake. In this game he uses some techniques used by the Mask like shooting a laser transforming in the Mask and many other.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Majora's Laser [Directional Laser/Majora's Beam]
  • Side: Tatl and Tael [Mono-Directional Tatl and Tael/Upwards Tatl and Tael]
  • Up: Majora's Flight [Power Gliding/Strong Jump]
  • Down: Moon Rock [Moon/Fire Moon]
  • Final Smash: Majora's Wrath [Transformation]
  • Ability: Gliding
  • Character type: runner
  • Dodge type: Melee


"Ravio mirrors the opponent!" Ravio is Link's counterpart but he isn't dressed with very dignity. Otherwise, he uses the Rods for Special Moves and some other weapons for Smash Attacks: two bombs for the down smash, a bow for the side smash and a boomerang for the up smash.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Fire Rod [Cold Fire/Eruption Rod]
  • Side: Ice Rod [Hot Ice/Freezing Rod]
  • Up: Tornado Rod [Flame Tornado/Ice Tornado]
  • Down: Sand Rod [Jumping Sand/Sand Tornado]
  • Final Smash: Between Two Worlds [Trapping]
  • Character type: ranged
  • Dodge type: Brawl

Unlock Criteria

  • Toon Link: play 70 matches/clear Classic Mode with Link at Normal level or higher
  • Skull Kid: play 550 matches/clear Event 37: 72 Hours to save the World!
  • Ravio: play 510 matches/clear Classic Mode with Toon Link at Hard level or higher


Kid Icarus series

Dark Pit

Dark Pit is Pit's obscure counterpart: in fact he uses the Silver Bow and the Electroshock Arm instead using the Palutena's Bow and the Upperdash Arm. Dark Pit is stronger and has a longer range Power of Flight too but he's a lower general knockback than Pit.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Silver Bow [Piercing Bow/Guiding Bow]
  • Side: Electroshock Arm [Electrocut Arm/Quickshock Arm]
  • Up: Power of Flight [Striking Flight/Breezy Flight]
  • Down: Guardian Orbitar [Impact Orbitar/Amplifying Orbitar]
  • Ability: Gliding
  • Final Smash: Dark Staff [Directional]
  • Character type: flyer
  • Dodge type: Melee

=Unlock Criteria

  • Dark Pit: play 25 matches/clear Classic Mode with Pit at Normal or higher level.


Duck Hunt series

Duck Hunt

It may look like this characters are a dog with a cat but there's also the NES Zapper which is ready to shoot in Smash Attacks. Duck Hunt out together three games which are playable with the NES Zapper: Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley (standard special) and Wild Gunman (down special).

Special Moves

  • Standard: Trick Shot [High-Explosive Shot/Zigzag Shot]
  • Side: Clay Shooting [Rising Clay/Clay Break]
  • Up: Duck Jump [Duck Jump Snag/Super Duck Jump]
  • Down: Wild Gunman [Quick-Draw Aces/Mega Gunman]
  • Final Smash: NES Zapper [Stage Wide] replacing NES Zapper Posse
  • Character type: tricky
  • Dodge type: Melee

Unlock Criteria

  • Duck Hunt: play 990 matches/use 1000 times the Steel Diver, 500 times the Nintendo Scope and 250 times the Ray Gun.


Fire Emblem series


Lucina is back again as a clone of Marth. Her sword, the Falchion, hasn't any damage differences between the tip and the central section. Lucina is also shorter than Marth, she's a little stronger than him and she isn't slower then him! The only disadvantage compared to Marth is the sword's power.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Shield Breaker [Storm Thrust/Dashing Assault]
  • Side: Dancing Blades [Effortless Blade/Heavy Blade]
  • Up: Dolphin Slash [Crescent Slash/Dolphin Jump]
  • Down: Counter [Easy Counter/Rush Counter]
  • Final Smash: Critical Hit [Directional]
  • Character type: swordfighter
  • Dodge type: Melee

Unlocking Criteria

  • Lucina: play 40 matches/clear Classic Mode with Marth


Pokémon series


The Aura Pokémon, Lucario, uses his own fight-style with some differences: Lucario can now cancel his attacks by pressing the grab attack, he has an all-new up aerial attack which allows him to throw the opponents down and when he reaches a very high damage (200%+) he will use the true aura power, allowing him to shoot a giant Aura Sphere which travels very fast and can KO the opponents at 32% of damage.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Aura Sphere [Snaring Aura Sphere/Piercing Aura Sphere]
  • Side: Force Palm [Advanced Force Palm/Long-Distance Force Palm]
  • Up: Extreme Speed [Ride the Wind/Sky Upper (replacing Extreme Speed Attack]
  • Down: Double Team [Glancing Counter/Stunning Double Team]
  • Ability: Aura
  • Final Smash: MegaLucario [Transformation]
  • Character type: shield
  • Dodge type: Melee


"Zoroark does some illusions!" Zoroark, the Illusion Pokémon is a very strange character: he starts the fight transforming herself (yes, she's a lady) in a casual opponent and play as her or him until she reaches 40% of damage, then Zoroark will return normal. Also, Zoroark can return normal when she uses her Down Special.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Foul Play [Reverse Foul Play/Foul Spikes]
  • Side: Night Slash [Day Slash/Paralyzing Slash]
  • Up: U-Turn [Fury Swipes/Double U-Turn]
  • Down: Illusion (until she reaches 40% of damage)/Imprison [Eternal Illusion/Bomb Imprison]
  • Ability: Illusion
  • Final Smash: Night Daze [Stage Wide]
  • Character type: runnee
  • Dodge type: Melee


Jigglypuff appears as an unlcokable again and this time she's the third-hardest unlockable character, after Mr. Game & Watch and Duck Hunt. Jigglypuff is light and floaty but she has also a very good KO move: Rest! Now, it acts as a counter too and has increased range. Rest can KO at low percentage (60%) and has lots of good effects.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Rollout [Rentless Rollout/Raging Rollout]
  • Side: Pound [Sideways Pound/Pound Blitz]
  • Up: Sing [Hyper Voice/Symphony]
  • Down: Rest [Leaping Rest/Wakie Wake]
  • Final Smash: Puff Up [Focused]
  • Character type: jumper
  • Dodge type: Melee

Unlock Criteria

  • Lucario: play 75 matches/clear Target Test with 15 characters
  • Zoroark: play 350 matches/summon 250 Pokémon
  • Jigglypuff: play 920 matches/get each Music Track in the game.


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