Reviews: 11/14 - ???

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Locky's Review

This will be a somewhat short review.

Anyway, it is a nice fan game, the new gameplay modes are pretty interesting and are original, things that I never seen before (example include the Underwater Prision) in a SSB fangame. The roster is somewhat awkward, some of the character ideas are neat and stuff but some just fell odd (ex: Captain Toad, Popeye). Finally, I think the major problem is that Super Smash Bros. Assemble doesn't feels like a SSB game. It has a lot of influence of the Lapis game, so much so, that if the Smash Bros. is removed from the title, you can defitinely say it is a FoL game. That is what strikes me the most because it is everything tied from the FoL games that feels like a reskin then an original game. The introduction of Popeye doesn't helps matters.

Final thoughts? A nice game. Not the best, not the worst, but defitinely one of the weakest Exo's games (by default, that is. I'm not saying this game is really bad, it is good but not as good as Exo's previous works). I give a 7/10.

Wario's Review

This game is really unique. The choices manage to escape the norm while still making enough sense. Plus, the FOL-esque new modes are always excellent. It's an enjoyable read. 8/10

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