Super Smash Bros. Assault and Battery is the new


est Super Smash Bros. game, and the only one to appear on  a non-Nintendo platform. Thusly so, this is the only Super Smash Bros. game to not feature a single Nintendo character. This is also the only Super Smash Bros. game to feature only one video game character. Because it's on the Xbox One. Get it?

Starting Characters

Super Smash Bros. Assault and Battery features a diverse roster of 10 starting characters and 10 unlockables. 

Character Series
Ronald McDonald McDonalds


George Costanza Seinfeld
Master Chief Halo
Rango Rango
Chuck E. Cheese Chuck E. Cheese
Garfield Garfield
Cailou Cailou
Double D Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
Strong Bad Homestar Runner

Unlockable Characters

Character Series
Ridley Scott Hollywood
Nicholas Cage Screen Actor's Guild
Geoff Knighley Doritos
Ted Ted
Dexter Dexter's Laboratory
Sting Bot Homestar Runner (Fan Character)
Bender Futurama
Big Bird Sesame Street
Bart Simpson The Simpsons

To unlock these characters you have to buy DLC because it's an EA game.

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