Super Smash Bros. Apps
No boxart Yet!
Developer(s) CS Games
Publisher(s) CS Games
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Brawl, Tourney, Special Brawl, Online Brawl
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included disc

Super Smash Bros. Alpps is a SSB game, but with iPhone app characters.



Image Name Moveset Description Series
Slingshot Bird
Slingshot Bird Standard-Bird Spawn

Side-Bird Toss

Up-Bird Bounce

Down-Bird Tower

Final Smash-Mighty Eagle

A red bird with a slingshot on his back. His moves are similar to Olimar's. Angry Birds
Swampy Standard-Scrub Brush


Up-Rubber Ducky pitch

Down-Water Hose

Final Smash-Mystery Duck

The alligator from Where's My Water? uses water and shower equipment to attack. Where's My Water?
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat Standard-Rainbows

Side-Rainbow Sprint

Up-Rainbow Burst

Down-Rainbow Shield

Final Smash-Rainbow Flyer

The popular internet meme and the star of Nyan Cat: Lost in Space, uses rainbows to attack. Nyan Cat:Lost in Space


Image Name Fighting Moves Moveset Notes Series
Space Slingshot
Space Slingshot Bird Standard-Spacebird Spawn

Side-Spacebird Toss

Up-Spacebird Rocket

Down-Spacebird Tower

Final Smash-Space Eagle

Slingshot bird, but with space birds! Angry Birds


Side-Algae Spreader

Up-Cranky Duck Pitch

Down-Toxic Water Hose

Final Smash-Toxic Flood

Swampy's rival joins the fight! His attacks are similar to Swampy's. Where's My Water?
Allie Standard-Hot Rocks


Up-Allie Duck Pitch

Down-Steam Organ

Final Smash-Steam Invasion

Swampy's Girlfriend also joins the fight! Where's My Water?

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