Name Completion Requirements Difficulty Level Reward
Thanks for playing! Play the game once. Very Easy 500 Smash Cash to start the game with.
Weakling Win a match with 0 points. Easy Goomba Trophy
New Fighter Play 10 Matches Easy 500 Smash Cash
Fighter Play 20 Matches Medium 700 Smash Cash
Veteran Fighter Play 50 Matches Hard 1000 Smash Cash
Brawler Play 70 Matches Expert 1500 Smash Cash
Koopa King Fan Play as Bowser 20 Times Medium Bowser Jr is now available for purchase in the Shop.
Hedgehog Fan Play as Sonic 20 Times Medium Scourge is now available for purchase in the Shop.
Hero of Trophies Complete Adventure Mode Expert Scourge and/or 5000 Smash Cash.
Survivor Win a match without falling. Hard 500 Smash Cash
Rich Player! Gain 10,000 Smash Cash Expert Smash Cash Trophy
Fighting Champion!!! Gain all other acheivements. Extreme 5000 Smash Cash + Master Hand Trophy
Trophy Collector Earn all the trophies but the Master Hand Trophy. Hard None
Sticker Collector Earn all the stickers. Hard None

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