This is an article to explain the story mode of Super Smash Bros. Alpha

Before the game

When starting a new game on Story mode, a cutscene plays before the actual story begins.

It starts of with a strange man wearing a yellow cap, a yellow shirt, white overalls, a white cape, white gloves and red shoes. His face is a angle so not to show any features. The man then shoots a gold fireball at the ground, which causes a huge explosion. Evil laugh is heard, as the camera changes to the back of the man. The laugh turns more and more insane. Blue-white lightning strickes beside both sides of the man. The camera fades out...

Chapter one

A remix of the Mario RPG forest maze begins to play, however the remix is short. The camera shows a grassland with a dirt path. The camera changes to show Mario running. Luigi runs up to him. Mario and Luigi stop on top of a hill. The remix stops and all that can be heard is nature. Kirby appears and sucks up Luigi! Mario, furious, challenges Kirby to a duel. Kirby spits out Luigi, which send him very far, and accepts.

After Kirby is defeated, Kirby is changed into a trophy. Mario feels sorry for him and turns Kirby back to his orginal form. Then, a huge group of Goombas and Koopas attack. After Mario and kirby defeat the hoards, Goomboss appears. Mario and Kirby team up to defeat him. 

The duo then head off to Peach's Castle, where they are told Peach has been kidnapped. The duo head off to save her.

Link is in a forest, and hears a noise. He follows a path and at the end finds a hole. One the other side is Yoshi, who looks worried. Link is confused wonders how this could of happened. Yoshi flutter jumps over the hole and joins Link. 

The two venture further into the forest until they find a cave....

Mario and Kirby venture towards Bowser's castle, as Mario thinks he stole the Princess. After some gameplay and a few battles with enemies, the two reach where Bowser's castle USED to be. The castle was gone! This shocked the two. The two, head on to see if they can find it. 

Upon entering the former site of Bowser's castle, Mario and Kirby are ambushed by Goombas, Koopas and Hammer Brothers! They defeat the threat and find a sign, reading:

Joined a greater evil, moved castle, sorry for any problems... UNLESS YOUR MARIO! Bwhahahaha

-King Bowser Koopa

Mario and Kirby can't believe this and turn back for possible help at Peach's Castle.

Pit is up in Cloud Haven, a cloud-filled area in the skys of the Smash Kingdom. After venturing, Pit meets Rosalina. The two join forces, but are then ambushed by a group of all types of Primid (from Brawl). After defeating the huge threat, the two decide to venture onwards.

However, upon reaching the golden doors, they meet the man from the introduction. The man, still looking, crosses his arms, and laughs quietly to himself, showing a grin on his shadowed face. He then releases his arms and sends out a shock-wave. The shock-wave hits Pit and Rosalina, turning them into trophies. The man takes Rosalina and points to Pit. He flies off, while some Primids come and pick up the Pit trophy....

Chapter two

Lucas and Ness walk through a desert, looking for something. They are then seen by Kracko. After defeating him in battle, Ness and Lucas continue. They spot Ash and run up to him. Ash is not so sure about joining them, and is about to leave, when they are ambushed by a group of Waddle Dees, Shy Guys and Waddle Doos. Ash (well, Squirtle), Ness and Lucas battle the enemies and claim victory. Ash decides that he could join the Earthbound smashers and they venture onwards...

Meanwhile, in the cave Link and Yoshi had earlier discovered, the two just mentioned use their platforming skills wisely, due to the cave being full of poisonous water. Upon reacting the end, Link spots a flower in a bush. The flower shakes in the bush, making Link curious. Link swings his sword at the flower, which is then revealed to be the flower of a wiggler! Link and Yoshi then enter a running segment, where they must outrun the angry wiggler.

Upon escaping, the two then exit the cave, only to spot Mario and Kirby in the distance...

Mario and Kirby walk back to Peach's Castle, encountering Goombas, Waddle Dees, Koopas, Waddle Doos, Primids and Blade Knights. Upon making it out of the deadly zone, they are greeted by Link and Yoshi, who team up with them. However, as they were to continue towards Peach's Castle, they hear a train noise. They then get attacked by the wiggler from the cave! They four fight the wiggler and are crowned victorious! The four then continue to Peach's Castle...

Meanwhile, Sonic was running through a rocky plain. He is then attacked by a sharp object, but he stops in time. The sharp object was a metal blade. On top of a mountain, is Megaman, who threw the metal blade! He jumps down, and as Sonic and Megaman were about to brawl, yellow blobs appear and move across the land. they stop and form the Yellow Devil from Megaman. Megaman and Sonic put their differences aside and attack the Yellow Devil. After defeating the Yellow Devil, the two deside to press on and work together.

They soon reach a huge mountain. Sonic speeds up the hill, leaving Megaman behind with the quote "race ya!'. Megaman finds a warp pipe and enters it, leading him to the top. Sonic comes a second later and says "Wow! Your faster than i thought!". However, above then, an airship from Mario, rode by Ganondorf, appears in the sky and drops a boulder. Sonic and Megaman enter a running scene where they must get down to the bottom of the mountain before they get crushed! Upon reaching the bottom, the two jump over a pit which the boulder falls into. The two shake hands and press on.

Mario, Kirby, Link and Yoshi arrive at Peach's castle to find a note:

Sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle.... Luckily, i have a warp pipe to another castle! Go ahead, jump in!

Mario and co. spot the Warp pipe and enter a replica of W1-4 from Super Mario Bros., except the false Bowser at the end is fought Smash Bros. style. At the end, another note appears saying:

Oh, i said she was in another castle and the warp pipe would lead to another castle, confuse huh? Well, i never said the same castle! HAHAHA!

-from your new arch-enemy, Super Nova! I’m going to destroy you! Hahaha!

Mario and co. head out of the exit and continue their search from the princess.

Chapter Three

Princess Peach wakes up in a dark room, on a pink bed. She gets up and exits the room. She is handicapped so she can't use any attacks, luckily, there are no enemies. After walking through a few rooms, Peach enters a room with  Zelda as a Trophy. Peach turns Zelda back to her original form, only she too is handicapped. The two walk through a lot of rooms, until they reach a strange circular room. Upon reaching the centre of the room, a floating chain chomp raps its chain around Peach. Zelda runs up to help her, but suffers the same fate with another chomp. 

Super Nova enters the room from the other entrance and begins laughing. Super Nova explains to them that he is trying to take over the universe, but let all the female smashers live, but under his captivity and handicapped due to them being his preferred sex. He then leaves the room and the doors lock behind him, leaving the princesses trapped!

Mario, Kirby, Link and Yoshi run up to a cliff, where a floating island can be seen. Mario thinks the princess is there and Kirby uses the Warp Star to get there. However, the way isn't so easy, as the player enters a Touhou-based gameplay segment, where the player rides the Warp Star and shoots bullets. The enemies include: Parasol Waddle Dees (1 HP), green paratroopas (1 HP), red paratroopas (2 HP), Spaaks from Brawl, but shoot eight sparks in eight directions (3 HP). Upon reaching the end of the segment, a giant blue Paratroopa, who shoots twelve cannonballs in a twelve directions appears. After the fight and lowering it's 30 HP to nothing, the heroes land on the floating island, with has a huge, white building.

Megaman and Sonic exit the rocky plains to a grassland and find a town called Smashville. They run up to a house, which Villager exits and greets the two. Villager then joins the two as they are attacked by all species of Primid and some Spaaks. After defeating the threat, the three enter a warp pipe which leads them out of Smashville and into an underground cave. After reaching a warp pipe at the end, they are transported to a cliff with a castle near-by. They run up to the castle to investigate...

Meanwhile, Ash, Ness and Lucas find a pyramid. They enter and after a while, find Charizard, who they defeat and take as their own pokemon. They venture further into the primid and find a hole, which they jump down as it is the only way to continue. The three are attacked by several Scarfies, Koopas and Geemers along their travel through the underground passage. They reach the golden doors, where they find a HUGE surprise...

Meanwhile, Zero Suit Samus wakes up in her zero suit and wonders where her Power Suit is. She tries to find it. After some game-play, she sees Rosalina, tied up. She goes up to her and asks if she has seen her power suit. Rosalina says she is shocked that is the first thing Samus asks and is untied. Rosalina then says she sadly hasn’t, but they could look for it together. Samus lets Rosalina join her. The two wonder around the place a bit longer until they meet Super Nova, who sends some Koopa Troopas on them. The two are handicapped like peach and Zelda, so they can't fend themselves. The koopa then decides to knock them out. They awake tied up back-to-back.  The two were tied up upside-down, swinging from side to side above lava! The girls attempt to scream, but are silenced by the tape over their mouths. 

Back on the floating island, Mario, Kirby, Link and Yoshi enter the building, which looks rather futuristic. A group of Geemers spot the group and attack, but are defeated. The heroes navigate around the building until they enter a room. Inside the room, Ridley is flying circles up above and spots the four. He swoops down and takes the heroes on in a miniboss. He is defeated and flees, gaining the group access to the golden doors.

Mario, Kirby, Link and Yoshi navigate further through the building, until they enter a room with a pit and a moving floating platform. Enemies are battled on the platform as it moves across the pit. Upon reaching the end, they enter a similar room, but the pit is far longer. Upon walking onto the platform, Ridley spots them and uses a power stone, which powers him into Meta Ridley. He then battles the heroes, but is once again, defeated. 

The heroes reach the other end of the pit and enter a room with Samus, or at least her power suit, in a glass container. The heroes go to take it out, but fall through a trap door. They fall off the island, but are luckily saved by Kirby's warp star, which takes them back to the ground below. 

Chapter four

The Chapter begins with a cutscene. Super Nova enters a room with many computer screens, a large one has Mario, Link, Kirby and Yoshi on it. Super Nova looks down and smiles, quickly laughing to himself. Behind him, in the darkness, two red eyes glow. Super Nova turns round and looks happily at the two eyes, showing emotion. He then says "This universe will soon be ours, Flan. Your's and mine, to rule together. " The cutscene fades to black. Super Nova can be heard saying "I love you, Flan, you know that?"...

Mario, Link, Yoshi and Kirby continue running by a large lake, in hope of saving Princess Peach. Mario stops and looks at something. The others stop and look at the same point. Mario runs towards it, followed by Kirby. Link and Yoshi look at each other and run after them. Upon reaching the end of the level, the group reach Mario's finding...

In the dark hallways of Caste Dedede, Megaman, Sonic and villager continue there quest. They are attacked by many Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Blade Knights, Scarfies, Blade Knights and even Bonkers! After defeating Bonkers, they continue and eventually enter Dedede's throne room. Dedede is located there, and laughs at them. He uses his hammer to turn Megaman and Villager into trophies, but Sonic is too fast for him. Sonic then takes on Dedede and wins. As a reward, Dedede allows Sonic to revive his friends, but while he does so, he escapes. The trio chase after him.

In a grassy hill side, Geno walks along. He stops and stretches, feeling the perfect breeze. However, from behind him appears Meta Knight. Geno turns round and uses Geno Whirl. Meta Knight dodges it with some difficulty and takes on Geno in a duel. The player can decide who to play as, and they chosen one is the winner. Geno/Meta Knight wonders wether to free them from their trophy form, and does so. The two are then ambushed by some Moblins and Geemers. The threats are defeated and the two continue down a pathway. At the end of the path is Bowyer, but the level ends before the battle.

Meanwhile, miles under the ground, Ash, Lucas and Ness run toward their discovery, a huge machine. The machine operates  and the trio prepare for battle. However, the machine opens a door on the other side of the room and drives through. Lucas and Ness want to go, but Ash decides not to and leaves them. Lucas starts to be sad, but Ness pats him on the back and they enter the new room. Ash is about to leave, when he hears IVYSAUR. He turns round to see IVYSAUR enter the newly accessible room and catches up to Ness and Lucas. The youths are happy to have him back and capture the IVYSAUR. They then continue down the path. They reach golden doors, which lead them to the machine.

Mario frees Luigi (his discovery) from his trophy form and the two have a brotherly hug. Luigi sees Kirby and gets into a fighting position. Kirby jumps back shocked. Mario calms Luigi down, explaining to him in M&L-styled "italian-gibberish" that Kirby is now their friend. Luigi excepts this and the five continue their journey. They continue along the lake until they spot Bowser's castle floating in the air in the distance. Mario senses Peach is inside and Link senses Zelda (who he now realises is kidnapped too) inside. The two looks at each other, nod, and run towards the castle.

Olimar was walking along with his Pikmin in a huge garden. Of course, the garden was even huger for him. They come across a  "growth machine" which grows then to the size of an average human. However, this spreads out for everything in the garden and they are attacked by Bulborbs. However, just as they were about to be eaten, Captain Falcon saves them. Captain Falcon and Olimar then battle the remaining Bulborbs. They then see, on the far side of the garden, King Bulborb. King Bulborb trots of and the two captains go to stop him. After gameplay with many Pikmin enemies, they reach King Bulborb and have a boss fight with him. They end victoriously and exit the garden.

Chapter five

Megaman, Sonic and Villager run after Dedede. Dedede calls some of his minions to fight the trio. After defeating them, Dedede panics and uses a power stone. He then transforms into Masked Dedede with his electric hammer. Dedede becomes pleased and deals with the trio. However, even in a powered-up form, Dedede loses. He is powered-down back into his normal form and flutters away to one of Bowser's airships that was above the castle. He flies off in it and they go after him.

Mario, Luigi, Link, Yoshi and Kirby run into a dark and rocky land, similar to Bowser's realm. They are soon attacked by a monty mole driving a tank. They enter a chase scene. They make it to a pit, which the tank falls down. The monty mole leaps out and is then eaten by Yoshi. They then head off.

Geno and Meta Knight dodge several off Bowyer's bows and then both agree it is time to attack. The over-sized bow is then defeated by the two. They continue into a forest. In the forest, after a bit of gameplay, they find a huge tree with a door way. They enter, however the camera doesn't reveal what is inside.

Mario and co. decide that they should use Kirby's warp star to reach Bowser's Castle. Luigi cowards out and is left behind. After some gameplay of controlling the warp star and dodging Bullet Bills, they reach Bowser's Castle. However, a Banzai Bill is fired and shoots the warp star down. The four fall to their doom and are turned into trophies due to the fall. Bowser appears in his Koopa Clown Car and heads down to take the trophies. 

Bowser jumps out of his Clown Car and grabs Mario's trophy. He laughs menacingly and is about to throw him into his Clown Car when he is attacked by a green fireball. Luigi challenges Bowser to a fight by saying "Let's-a go" nervously. Bowser accepts, believing it would be easy. However, Luigi turns out to be the winner and frees his friends from their trophy form. Bowser curses with a roar and hops back into his Koopa Clown Car. The five follow him.

Chapter six

Bowser flies up to his castle, leaving Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Yoshi and Link in his dust. An Airship appears in the sky and boards Bowser's docking station at his castle. The team look at the crashed Warp star and see they have no way of getting there. However, Sonic, Megaman and Villager appear in the Tornado, with the Skypop in tow. They land by Mario's team and Sonic asks Mario: "Hey old pal. How's it been?"

Mario replies with an 'Okey-Dokey!" and a thumbs up. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi board the Skypop, while Villager repairs Kibry's warp star and boards it with Kirby and Link. The three zoom off and reach the castle super-fast. The Tornado and the Skypop fly after them, with the play choosing with plane they wish to fly. The player must dodge several Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills. Upon reaching the castle, Mario's team and Megaman's team split up to explore the castle.

Megaman, Sonic and Villager walk left, towards the docking station. After alot of gameplay, including several fights with Koopa Troop minions, they reach it and see two main airships, as well as minor ones. One was Dedede's and the other was Ganondorf's. Megaman and Sonic remember Ganondorf trying to crush them with a boulder, and head to his. Ganondorf spots them and turns them into trophies, and sorts them in a cabin, where the edge of another trophy is seen. (but who's trophy was it?)

Mario, Luigi, Link, Yoshi and Kirby entered the castle and after alot of gameplay, with more fights with the Koopa Troop minions, they reach Bowser. Bowser uses his power stone to become Giga Bowser. He is defeated, powered-down and flees. The heroes continue to find a locked door. A sign on the door tells them it can only be unlocked with a key found in a ghost house. The five head back to find the key.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, Olimar and Captain Falcon continue their journey. They find a warp pipe and enter it. On the other side, they enter a large tree and meet Geno and Meta Knight. They proceed to the top. Once at the top, they find Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon and Olimar's S.S. Dolphin.

Inside one of Bowser's airship, Snake hides in a cardboard box. He asks Otacon, via Codec, to check the radar to see if anyone else is in the room. Otacon confirms Snake is the only one in the room. Snake lifts the box up and sneaks up to the deck. Snake sets out an walks the deck. However, he is attacked by Mecha Koopas. He makes easy work of them, even though there were FIFTY! He then spots a crate. Inside is PIKACHU. Snake frees the Pokemon and the two journey the deck further. They then reach a entrance to head inside, where they find Bowser Jr., who runs away in terror. The two head after him.

Ash, Ness and Lucas investigate the machine. The machine scans Ash and brainwashes him in the process. Lucas and Ness face each of his Pokemon, one at a time. After defeating all of them, Lucas slaps Ash and snaps him out of it. Ash apologies and they continue down a newly accessible door, which leads to a staircase after some gameplay.

Mario and his team search for the ghost house. They quickly find it and head inside. After walking down it's corridors, they are attacked by a group of Golden Ghosts, Boos, Mumbies, Dry Bones and Scarfies. They defeat them and after walking down further through the ghost house find King Boo. Luigi screams, but Mario calms him down. King Boo laughs and attacks the team. However, even with Luigi being scared, King Boo loses. He gives them the key they were look for and tells them to "just leave". The team do so.

Chapter seven

Mario, Luigi, Link Yoshi and Kirby land the Skypop at Bowser's docking station to check on Megaman, Sonic and Villager. Ganondorf spots them and uses his power stone. He transforms into Ganon and attacks the team. He is defeated by the team and is powered down. Ganondorf runs away and the team let him escape. Mario enters the airship and frees Megaman, Sonic and Villager from their trophy form, and spots another trophy... it was Pit's. Mario frees Pit and they head to the locked door in two groups: Mario, Luigi, Link, Yoshi and Kirby in one group and Sonic, Megaman, Pit and Villager in the other. The player chooses which team leads the way. The leading team is playable. After re-reaching the locked door, they use the key to open it. Inside, they see Peach and Zelda tied up by Chain Chomp-like creatures. The creatures flee, scared by the huge number of people, leaving Peach and Zelda freed. Mario and Peach hug and Link walks up to Zelda. 

However, this was not a happy ending... Super Nova teleports to the room and teleports Peach and Zelda away from the scene. Mario and the rest get ready to fight, which makes Super Nova laugh. The smashers are then grabbed by an invisible force and raised into the air. Super Nova says:

"Did you REALLY think it was going to be this easy? This isn't the Bandana Dee battle! I am probably one of the most powerful things to ever exist, I make the Dark Star look weak! Oh wait, were are my manners, I am Super Nova, the soon-to-be ruler of this universe. If you want, you can become my minions, then you may live."

The smasher don't agree to being part of Super Nova's Dark Army and attempt to free themselves.

"Very well, i understand. No one like you really wants to betray the hero-side. You are the do-gooders of this universe and I respect that. But due to that, I am going to have to DESTROY YOU!"

Super Nova levitates the heroes higher, then pushes them far with a huge amount of force. They land in their groups. Mario's team lands in a lake, while Megaman's team lands in a volcano. Megaman's team are turned into trophies due to the fall and the blast.

Geno and Olimar board the S.S. Dolphin and Meta Knight and Captain Falcon board the Blue Falcon. Meta Knight points to a large, steel, rusty building. Both aircrafts fly towards it.  However, they are hit by a magic spell, which came from Kamek. Meta Knight heads toward the building and the rest follow. After reaching the golden doors, they reach the building, but are spied on by Kamek.

Ash, Lucas and Ness finally reach the surface and shield their eyes from the sun. They look around after adjusting to the light and see they are in a wasteland. They continue to walk onward and later see an airship. The airship is driven by Wario and he lands by them. The trio take on Wario and win. However, they feel bad for him and free him. Wario joins them and pats them on the back for freeing him.

Mario, Luigi, Link, Kirby and Yoshi look around and see they are on the other side of the lake where they found Luigi. They press-on to stop Super Nova and save the princesses. After a while, they are attacked by Goombas, Koopas, Primids, Spaaks, Bulborbs, Moblins, Geemers, Shy Guys, Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Blade knights and Metroids. They defeat all the enemies and continue down the lake, to reach Bowser's Castle again.

In a lavaland, Miles "Tails" Prower starts investigating the area. He sees a flash-back of four objects falling into the volcano. After finally reaching the volcano, Tails sees the objects, trophies of Sonic, Megaman, Pit and Villager. He frees Sonic and some is glad to see Tails. They then free the rest and Tails and Pit fly them out of there. They then continue to Bowser's castle. Tails says that will take way too long and asks Sonic where the Tornado is. Sonic realises he left it at Bowser's Castle and realises they may never see it again. Tails says they are in Bowser's Realm and can easily get to Peach's castle, where they could find help. They then head off to get there.

Mario and co. finally reach the area of Bowser's Castle. They are then attacked by Petey Piranha. He is defeated by the heroes, but before his death, Petey uses his power stone and become Fiery Petey Piranha (who resembles Fiery Dino Piranha, even having a similar tail) but still fails. Petey is powered-down and fly back to Bowser's Castle.

Chapter eight

Super Nova unlocks the doors to where Zero Suit Samus and Rosalina are held captive. He greets them and apologies, saying that they were tied up and hung above lava by the Koopa Troopas. He say he would untie them, but will keep them there alittle longer. The girls shake about to try and escape, but Super Nova tells them they will fall into the lava if they free themselves. Super Nova then leaves the room, locking the doors behind him and wonders whether to just keep them there.

Meanwhile, one Bowser Jr.'s airship, Snake and PIKACHU run through to corridors to find the young Koopa. After alot of navigating gameplay, they find him. Jr. panics and challenges them to a fight. However, the over-confident Jr. looses the battle and is flung miles. He's trophy lands near Bowser's Castle. Snake and PIKACHU board the deck and start heading towards a huge red cloud-looking thing in the sky...

A short cutscene shows Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car and sees Jr.'s trophy being flung and falling to the ground. He becomes greatly angered, believe Mario may have been the cause.

Meanwhile, Mario spots Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car and gets an idea. He calls out to Bowser and Bowser looks straight at him. Bowser, full of rage, flies directly at Mario with a super-fast speed. Mario jumps out the way just in time. Mario tells Bowser to calm down, but Bowser refuses. Mario tells Bowser to listen, but Bowser fills with rage and grabs Mario. Luigi screams with shock and Link, Yoshi and Kirby get ready to fight. Mario says that he needs Bowser's help. The dialogue from now on is a follows:

Bowser: Me help YOU? I am struggling to see why i would help YOU! Your heroic courage drives me insane!!! I have lived in your shadow long enough, and your debt must be paid! 

Bowser throws Mario at a rock, which breaks upon impact. Mario, weakened, gets up, but is punched by Bowser. Mario is knocked against a harder rock and Bowser grabs him and slams him against the rock. 

Luigi: Mario! Bowser, let him go!

Luigi tugs on Bowser, but Bowser kicks him and sends him flying into the rest of the team. Mario sees Bowser Jr.'s trophy and thinks he may be full of rage due to this.

Mario: Bow...Bowser... I... I am sorry....sorry about your son, but... i didn't harm him....I'm...I'm sorry...

Bowser: Your sorry?

He throws Mario and walks up too him.

Bowser: YOUR SORRY?!?

He roars and builds up a super punch.

Bowser: I am going to kill you Mario, whether you killed my son or not!

However, Luigi, Yoshi, Link and Kirby attack before Bowser can hit Mario. Luigi gives Mario a Max Tomato and they fight Bowser.

Bowser is defeated and calmed down. Bowser apologies and says he was too angry to concentrate. Mario accepts and tells asks Bowser if he will join them to defeat Super Nova. Bowser realises that all Super Nova did was take his castle and give him a power stone, which didn't really help him. He agrees, but says that he must be that captain and be with "Mario, Green 'Stache and that annoying green dino". Mario accepts and runs up to Jr.'s trophy. Bowser Jr. is about to fight Mario, when Bowser stops him. Bowser flies his Koopa Clown Car to his airship and let's Mario and co. board. He then says that Link and Kirby could team with Ganondorf, Dedede and Ridley.

In the wasteland, Ash, Ness, Lucas and Wario continue their journey. After abit of gameplay, the machine from the pyramid drives straight at them. They enter a chase scene until the machine stops. They then see a huge building in a grassland up ahead. They head towards it, seeing some people doing something...

...Those people were Geno, Meta Knight, Olimar and Captain Falcon. Kamek comes out of hiding and attacks the four. However, the over-confident magikoopa is defeated. Ash and co. run up to Geno's team and they all enter the building. Inside, is the Battleship Halberd. Everyone boards it.

A short cutscene is shown where Bowser and Bowser Jr. create a new team with Ganondorf and King Dedede. Bowser tells Mario he can use his Skypop to fly down to the ground again so they can re-group in a second. Bowser then heads towards Ridley's island.

Meanwhile, in the lavaroom, Rosalina and Zero Suit Samus swing from side to side, trying to escape, but not fall in the lava. The rope supporting them weakens and breaks a bit. The two girls panic. The rope begins to break more and more. The rope then gives way, but the girls swing just in time and land on the platform. A luma then enters the room and takes the tape off Rosalina's mouth. The luma shouts "mama! I found you!". Rosalina asks the luma to untie her and Samus, which the luma does. The luma gives Rosalina her wand, which breaks the handicap. She breaks Samus' handicap and then wishes for any other handicapped smasher to have the curse broken too. Rosalina thanks the luma and tells her to go home to the Comet Observatory. The luma replies "aww! you get to do all the fun stuff...". Rosalina giggles and say "yes, because I had great fun being tied up" kindly as a joke. They all laugh, then get to more serious matters. Samus finds a portal she uses in Metroid and she and Rosalina enter.

The girl are teleported to Ridley's island. After alot of gameplay, the girl find Samus' power suit. However, three dark power suits appear, possessed, and attack the girls. However, despite outnumbering the girls, they loose. Samus goes to take her power suit from the glass container, when she is rapped up in chains. The same happens for Rosalina. Rosalina asks "Why am I getting tied up so much all of a sudden?". However, things get worse. Ridley, who was left unconscious from his battle with Mario's team, wakes up. He spots Samus and is about to kill her, when Bowser enters the room. Bowser forces Ridley to stop and let them be. He then says that Ridley has to team up with him. Ridley excepts, but only if they leave the girls there and in an inescapable position. Bowser accepts, feeling alittle sorry for the girls, but shakes it off. They knock the girls out and proceed to trap them!

Peach and Zelda were pinned to the floor by Primids, until they feel their handicap break. They attack the Primids and head down the corridor. After alot of gameplay, they enter the room where Zero Suit Samus and Rosalina with there hands tied to a chain leading to the ceiling and their feet tied to a chain leading to the floor. They both had tape over there mouths. Peach and Zelda free them, which Rosalina thanks them for say she's "been tied up way too many time today". They all laugh and Samus frees her Power Suit. She then spots her ship and they all board it and follow Bowser's airship.

Tails, Sonic, Megaman, Pit and Villager reach Peach's castle and see a toad. The toad says he will give them a warp pipe to the area near Bowser's castle, but only if they can prove there strength. They except and battle dark copies of Bowser, Ridley and Ganondorf. After defeating them, the toad is angered that they won and reveals he is actually Marx, who tells them he is Super Nova's elite minion. He teleports them to the moon and attacks the team but loses, but gave a good fight. He dies after the battle and the team are teleported back to Peach's castle, where they find the warp pipe. The team enter.

Snake and PIKACHU land at the docking station and see a 'young' girl. Snake says "what are you doing here, little girl?". She replies: "I am actually 501 years old. My name is Remilia Scarlet and i have used my Scarlet Mist to camouflage this castle, so people won't invade. shouldn't be here...". They then take her on in battle and upon losing, Remilia promises to get rid of the Scarlet Mist if it is "causing that big a problem". She adds "it's those two girls all over again" in a mutter.

Snake and PIKACHU spot the Halberd landing near Bowser's castle. They jump towards it, and use Snake's Cypher to land safely by it. All the team then meet up there. (Mario's team, Sonic's team, Bowser's team, Ash's team, Geno's team, Samus' team and Snake's team.) 

Chapter nine

Every playable character from the last scene board the Halberd. Whilst flying towards Super Nova's castle, a flying platform with every enemy encountered, as well as some new ones, flies at the battleship. The characters the player chose head out to stop them from invading the Halberd. they fight off the enemies on the deck, however, upon defeating them, they are attacked by Main Cannon No.2, which was hacked by the enemies. Upon defeating it, the players head into the ship, but are chased by a hacked Heavy Lobster. After the chasing scene, the player reaches a button which opens trap doors, which the Heavy Lobster cannot jump over. The doors close and they near their destination.

At Super Nova's castle, the characters head in to defeat the maniac, Super Nova. However, after alot of gameplay and puzzles, they reach a room where they find their target. Super Nova flies into the air and crosses his arms. Rosalina and Pit have a flash back, and attempt to escape. However, Super Nova sends out the wave, turning EVERYONE into trophies, apart from him. He exits the room, laughing.

Meanwhile, in an other dimension, in the magical land of Equestria, Queen Chyrisalis is missing, due to Super Nova. Twilight Sparkle, a purple Alicorn (which posses magical powers) asks a friends of hers, Rainbow Dash, to stop her and help everyone in the Smashverse. Rainbow Dash agrees and enters a newly opened portal. However, Twilight stop her and gives her a golden necklace with a red lightning bolt on it. Twilight says "It's dangerous to go alone, take this."

Rainbow Dash exits the portal an the entrance to Super Nova's castle. She enters and after some gameplay, she is stopped by Queen Chyrisalis, who is furious to see her. The Alicorn was defeated and Rainbow moves on. She the enters a room with lots of trophies, the smashers trophies! She goes to free them, when Super Nova enters the room. He stops her and asks if she will join him and leave the trophies. Rainbow declines the offer, infuriating Super Nova. He goes to turn her into a trophy, but fails. He, confused, asked the multi-coloured pegasus why his attack fails. She replies that it is because she embodies the Element of Loyalty, which must make her immune to that attack. Super Nova curses with an angry "grrrr" and flees the room. Rainbow Dash then frees all the smashers from their trophy form.

All the characters venture through the castle, including a room with many large test-tubes and easter-eggs . At the end of the long gameplay is a battle with Marx, reincarnated into Marx Soul, who is defeated, giving his horrific scream. 

The characters then travel through more of the castle until they reach a room with a dark Mario clone. They defeat it, but in the next room is a dark Link clone. After defeating the clone, then face a dark Kirby clone, a dark Pit clone, a dark Megaman clone, a dark Samus clone, a dark Olimar clone, a dark Ness clone and a dark Sonic clone, one after the other.

After defeating all the clones, they meet Super Nova, who gives them a hard battle, but still loses. He then flees through large doors, and the smashers prepare to follow.

Final Chapter

The smashers enter the large doors, to find on the other side, a portal that lead to another dimension that resembles Subspace. The heroes enter and get ready to finish off Super Nova. They go through alot of gameplay, until they reach Super Nova. Super Nova then transforms into Hyper Chaos, a MUCH more powerful form. They take him on in an extremely difficult battle (where they must lower his HP bar five time!!!) 

Upon defeating Hyper Chaos, he transforms back into Super Nova and admits defeat. He then teleports them back to his castle's entrance. The smashers accept his defeat and leave via the Halberd. Super Nova the turns around and laughs at their ignorance, saying they left him "unharmed". Nonetheless, he doesn't attack them or the Smashverse and stays in his castle. It zooms out of the castle and shows all the players land by a cliff near an ocean. Then then watch the sunset and the credits roll.

After the credits, the last line says: "What!?! There's more?". Upon re-entering their save file, the player is greeted by a notice saying "EX stage unlocked!"

EX Stage

coming soon.

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