Super Smash Bros. Alpha is a fighting game with a wide variety of characters. It goes outside the Nintendo boundaries more than any other Smash Bros. it introduces a new villain who has near ultimate powers who is based of many characters, most notably Mario.

Main Characters


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Bowser
  • Peach
  • Wario
  • Bowser Jr. (NEW)
  • Rosalina (NEW)
  • Geno (NEW)
  • Link
  • Zelda/Sheik
  • Ganondorf
  • Kirby
  • Meta Knight
  • King Dedede
  • Samus/Zero Suit Samus
  • Ridley
  • Ash Ketchup (Half NEW) (remake of POKEMON trainer)
  • Olimar
  • Pit
  • Captian Falcon
  • Ness
  • Lucas
  • Rainbow Dash (NEW)
  • Sonic
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (NEW)
  • Snake
  • Megaman
  • Villager


  • Super-Nova / Hyper Chaos (main villian)
  • Flandre Scarlet (EX boss and main villian's new girlfriend)
  • Marx / Marx Soul (elite minion of main villian)
  • Master Hand (villian of classic mode)
  • Crazy Hand (EX boss of classic mode)

Super Nova / Hyper Chaos

Super Smash Bros. Alpha introduces a new near-ultimate-powered villian... Super Nova. 

Super Nova is his most common name and least powerful of his two forms, however, he is already powerful in this form.

His ultimate form is called Hyper Chaos. This form is much more powerful and the final boss of storymode.

He has a dark army, which includes:

  • Flandre Scarlet (sub-leader)
  • Marx / Marx Soul (elite minion)
  • Bowser / Giga Bowser (traitor) (medium ranked)
  • Ganondorf / Ganon (traitor) (medium ranked)
  • King Dedede / Masked Dededed (traitor) (medium ranked)
  • Ridley / Meta Ridley (tratior) (medium ranked)
  • Master Hand (medium ranked)
  • Crazy Hand (medium ranked)
  • Petey Piranha /Fiery Petey (chief of minor minions)
  • Goomboss (minor minion)
  • Yellow Devil (minor minion)
  • Kracko (minor minion)
  • (more to come)

He has a dark version of Smash Balls called power-stone, which powers-up the user into a more powerful form. He has an infinite amount and gives them to his minions. 

He has a liking for the female cast, and even kidnaps them, as well as lock up Samus' power suit in a floating island guarded by Ridley. He does, however, say that Flandre is his girlfriend, however, she doesn't seem 100% sure of this, saying they are more best friends. It should be noted that the only time he is seen with one other person during story mode, he is with a female character.

He has sereval abilities, his most notable are golden fire-based attacks, white-blue lightning to strick the ground at his command, infinitely spawn power-stones, turn smashers into trophies, bar RainbowDash (will be explained soon) and many more. His Hyper Choas form lacks golden fire, but in turn has more powerful Light-balls.  

(more to come)

Story Mode

Main article: Story Mode

The story of Super Smash Bros. Alpha is that a super-villian called Super Nova appears in the Smashverse and uses a dark army to take over the Smashverse. The reason?... you'll see...


this game features quite a few bosses, ones in bold are minions of Super Nova.

Chapter 1:

segement 1: Goomboss

Chapter 2:

segement 1: Kracko

segement 3: angry wiggler

segement 4: the Yellow Devil

segement 5: False Bowser (miniboss)

Chapter 3:

segement 2: Blue Touhou Koopa Paratroopa

segement 6: Ridley (miniboss)

segement 7: Meta-Ridley

Chapter 4: 

segment 2: Bonkers, King Dedede (miniboss)

segment 3: Geno / Meta Knight (miniboss)

segment 6: King Bulborb

Chapter 5:

segment 1: Masked Dedede

segment 3: Bowyer

segment 5: Bowser

Chapter 6:

segement 3: Giga Bowser

segment 6: Ash's Pokemon (minibosses)

segement 7: King Boo

Chapter 7:

segment 1: Ganon

segment 3: Wario (miniboss)

segment 6: Petey Piranha / Fiery Petey Piranha

Chapter 8:

segment 1: Bowser Jr.

segment 2: Raged Bowser

segment 4: Kamek

segment 5: Three Dark Power Suits (miniboss)

segment 7: Dark clones of Bowser, Ridley and Ganondorf (miniboss), Marx

segment 8: Remilia

Chapter 9:

segment 1: Main cannon No. 2

segment 3: Queen Chrysalis

segment 4: Marx Soul

segment 5: Super Nova

Final chapter: 

only segement: Hyper Chaos

EX stage:

only segment: Flandre Scarlet


Character Main Moveset

Standard 1- Fireball

Side 1- Cape Swing

Up 1- Super Jump

Down 1- F.L.U.D.D

Final Smash- Fire Starman Mario


Standard 1-fireball

Side 1- Spike berry shoot

Up 1- Poltergust berry-balloon

Down 1-

Final Smash- unleash the Boos!

Yoshi same as Brawl

same as Brawl



Same as Brawl
Bowser Jr.

Standard 1- Fire Breath

Side 1- Bill Blaster

Up 1- Koopa Clown Car

Down 1- Paint Brush

Final Smash- Airship attack


Standard 1 -

Side 1 -

Up 1 -

Down 1 -

Final Smash - 


Standard 1 - Bullet

Side 1 - Geno Whirl

Up 1 - Geno Blast

Down 1 - Geno Flash

Final Smash - Legend of the Seven Stars

Link same as Brawl
Zelda / Sheik same as Brawl
Ganondorf same as Brawl


same as Brawl
Meta Knight same as Brawl
King Dedede same as Brawl
Samus / Zero suit Samus same as Brawl
Ash Ketchup same as Pokemon Trainer from Brawl
PIKACHU same as Brawl
Pit same as Smash Bros. Wii U
Captain Falcon same as Brawl
Ness same as Brawl
Lucas same as Brawl
Rainbow Dash

Standard 1- Tank

Side 1- Dash

Up 1- Fly (like Mario's Up-1 but higher, then flies like Pit's Up-1)

Down 1- Tornado

Final Smash- Sonic Rainboom

Sonic same as Brawl
Miles "Tails" Prower

Standard 1 - Tail Swipe

Side 1 - Cannon

Up 1 - Fly (same as Pit)

Down 1 - Spin Dash

Final Smash - The Tornado

Snake same as Brawl
Megaman same as Smash Bros. Wii U
Villager same as Smash Bros. Wii U


References to other games

Super Mario Bros.:  Most enemies from this game appear too. In Chapter 2 segment 5, Super Nova's letter says "Sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle". The warp pipe in the same segment has a replica of W1-4 from this game, with the only the False Bowser boss beginning fought in a different manner.

Super Mario Galaxy: Fiery Petey Piranha is very similar to Feiry Dino Piranha, even having the tail.

Mario and Luigi: Mario uses the same way as in this game. The Dark Star is also referenced in Chapter seven by Super Nova.

Super Mario RPG: The forest Maze song appears as a short remix in the beginning of the story mode, as well as all forest areas having this remix or this remix. Geno and many of his moves are in the game too, as well as Peach's frying pan.

Legend of Zelda: There is a reference to the old man in the cave, by one character saying "it's dangerous to go along, take this" in one point of the game.

Metroid series: some enemies from the series appear in this game

Kirby series: some enemies and bosses from the series appear in this game. The Bandana Dee battle's easiness is teased by Super nova in Chapter seven.

Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: Remilia covers Super Nova's castle with the Scarlet Mist, like she did with Gensokyo. She also mutters "It's those two girls all over again" as a reference to Remiu and Marisa and their problem with the Scarlet Mist.


Giga Bowser Battle

Boss Battle Theme 1 (Goomboss, Kracko, Bonkers...)

Monty Tank chase scene

Ghost House

Cave levels

Bowser's Castle theme

Super Nova's Castle

Grassland Theme

Flandre's Theme

Marx's Theme

Mario's team vs. Raged Bowser

A theme some point in the game

Bowyer theme


Copyright goes to Nintendo, Square Enix, Hasbro, Sega, Capcom, ZUN and any other companies i missed out for their characters and other things by them.

Remix of Forest Maze is by DJveilstereo.

Chapter 8, segment 2's dialouge was based apon this video

Copyright for Super Nova, Hyper Chaos and power stones hopefully go to me, but this is not verified by the court of law in any country. 

Also, a special thanks to DarkLordofStuffMC for helping with the game. Due to him, the game has been developed quicker. He also caused the addition of Miles "Tails" Prower and created his moveset.