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This is the list of characters and their movesets.


  • B: Fireball: Mario shoots a Fireball that bounces around the place.
  • Side B: Cape: Mario uses the Cape Feather to reflect Long-ranged attacks.
  • Up B: Mario does a upper-cut that hits rapidly.
  • Down B: Mario charges F.L.O.D.D. and shoots a stream of water that pushes fighters.
  • FS: Mario shoots two giant Fire-balls that hit rapidly.

Princess Peach

  • B: Peach uses a Toad to counter attacks.
  • Side B: Peach rams at the fighters with her bottom.
  • Up B: Peach uses her Umbrella to glide to safety.
  • Down B: Peach pulls a Tirnup (or a Bob-obm) out of the ground.
  • FS: Peach makes everyone fall asleep, then heals herself with giant peaches.


  • B: Bowser starts breathing fire for as long as you hold the button.
  • Side B: Bowser grabs the opponent, then body-slams them.
  • Up B: Bowser tucks into his shell and starts spinning like a copter.
  • Down B: Bowser jumps up, then does a butt slam.
  • FS: Bowser turns in Giga Bowser for a short time.


  • B: Wario charges, then rams, forwards.
  • Side B: Wario Hops on his motorcycle.
  • Up B: Wario farts, launching him upwards.
  • Down B: Wario punches the ground, making a small quake.
  • FS: Wario turns into his alter-ego, Wario-Man, for a short time.



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