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Super Smash Bros. All-Star Smackdown coming to NX in 2016.


  • Smash
    • Special Smash
    • 8-Player Smash
  • Solo
    • Classic Mode
    • All-Star Mode
    • Vault
  • Challenges
    • Sakurai's Week Challenges


Starter Characters

Character Name Moveset
NSM Mario Mario
90px-Luigi SSBU Luigi
Peach-1 Peach
BowserSmoosh Bowser
Rosalina MP10 Rosalina & Luma
Bowser Jr Smash Bros Bowser Jr.
OoT Link PM Link
Zelda OoT PM Zelda
NSM Samus Samus
Captain Falcon Smash Bros Captain Falcon
SonicAnarchy2 Sonic
480px-Ryu SSB4 Ryu


Character Name
Shy Guys Shy Guy
Fig 20 excitebike Excitebiker
LucinaAnarchy2 Lucina
Inkling-0 Inkling
Shadow rivals Shadow


News Stages

Stage Name
BattlefieldAnarchy Battlefield
Hyrule u Hyrule Field


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