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It will be released August 23rd, 2007. A Classic Mode was planned for the game, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.



The Gameplay is like every other Side-Scrolling Platformer, each character can jump and duck. However, each character will have a Special Ability that only they can use. This will help them get through the many dangers in the game. They will also have a Final Smash, which can only be activated when a Smash Ball ic collected. This creates a massive amount of power, that can devastate opponents. Additionally, each character must traverse a different world, rather than their own world. The game will have a total of 7 Playable Characters. It will also have Two Bosses for each World, one in the Half-Way Point, and another one at the end of the World. At the beginning of each world, the character will gain a sidekick who will act as the second player.


  • Jump: A Button
  • Duck: Down on the D-Pad
  • Attack: B Button (When the player has a Power-up)
  • Final Smash: C Button (When the player has filled the Smash Gauge)
  • Wall Jump: A Button (When touching a Wall)

Playable Characters


Very Good (Best)
Good (Pretty Good)
OK (So and So)
Bad (Not Very Good)
Very Bad (Terrible)
  • King Tut/PL
  • Attacks
  • Special Move: Along the Line
  • Final Smash: Large Arrow
  • Abilities:
  • Jump: Very Good
  • Power: Good
  • Speed: Very Good



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